How Murphy Got His Name

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This dog”¦


I love him more than anything and, boy, does he make me happy. I honestly can’t imagine my life without him. I also can’t imagine him with any other name than “Murphy.”

When Mal and I took Murphy to the dog park this past weekend, we met another Murphy there (an older Yellow Lab), which got us thinking about his name. We agreed that “Murphy” is the perfect name for our dog. It fits him so well, and no other name would make sense.

pug after the park

Before we got Murphy, Mal and I almost named him “Barney” because, at the time, we loved the show How I Met Your Mother, and Barney Stinson was our favorite character.

[image source]

Well, when we told a few of our friends about our potential pug name, quite a few of them made jokes about Barney, the big, purple dinosaur.

Orginally created in 1969 by Dallas native Sheryl Leach, the big purple dinosaur existed mainly on video tape until Public Broadcasting System began airing the show. Suddenly parents found a new babysitter for their toddlers, and the sing-along creature spawned a merchandizing boom, prompting some criticism of using public television to promote toy sales.<br /><br />
[image source]

Uhh, crap. We definitely didn’t want to name our dog after an annoying purple dinosaur, but we didn’t have any other names we liked… until we picked up Murphy from the breeder: Gloria Murphy of Murphy’s Pugs.


Ok, it wasn’t the most original name, but it fit our little pug puppy so well. He’s definitely a Murphy. And he’s definitely not a Barney.


Health News & Views

The other day, I had a serious craving for a cookie. But the weather has been so hot lately, there was no way I was about to turn on my oven to bake a batch of cookies.

Instead of giving up on my craving altogether, I decided to challenge myself to make a delicious cookie from whole ingredients without turning on the oven. The end result was a sweet and nutty, no-bake cookie made from mixed nuts, coconut oil, shredded coconut, almond butter, honey, and sea salt. They turned out great!

If you’re looking for a cool, summer treat that requires minimal effort and no baking, here’s the cookie for you!

sweet & salty no-bake cookies

A Recipe for Sweet and Nutty, No-Bake Cookies

Question of the Day

How did your pet get their name?



  1. Aww, I love the name Murphy! One of my best friends named her black lab puppy Murphy as well. 🙂

    We have two cats:
    1. Bateman – named after Patrick Bateman – the character from the movie American Psycho
    2. Dahlia – named after a band my husband and I listen to called Black Dahlia Murder (she’s a black cat with silver stripes)

  2. Sadly I can’t remember if we named Aspen after the town in CO or the tree. I know that we were looking at the road atlas on the drive up to get her but then I know we also were talking about names of trees and random things. So Aspen it was! It’s funny how they just sort of fit into their name, right?

  3. My dog’s name is ‘Momo’ – that’s the name he had when we adopted him. It fits him SO perfectly – he is SO cute and sweet! I guess his ‘real’ name is ‘Almos’, which is an older name (my dad had a friend named Almos when he grew up in West Virginia in the 50s!), but it’s ‘Momo’ for short. He’s a Vizsla…such an amazing dog!

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