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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Good morning, friends! How was your weekend?

So, on my final night with the Ben & Jerry’s team, everyone went around the table at dinner and shared their high point, low point, and high point (gotta end on a high note!) from their experience in Vermont. I loved this idea so much, I decided to use it for my post this morning. Here are my high, low, high (x 2) for the weekend!


This photo/cuddling with Murphy. It took him a solid two minutes of pug circles and missteps before he finally got comfortable on me. He’s still not used to the baby bump. Haha!



My grocery shopping experience at Stop & Shop on Saturday morning. Ugh, it was awful. Besides going there to stock up on certain foods, I probably won’t shop there very much in the future.


(Murphy hates that Ristorante Pizza commercial with the guy singing opera in it. It upsets him every time he hears it. Haha!)


Sunday breakfast! Mal made pancakes! Yummmm!



Shopping and lunch with my sister! She helped me find a dress for my baby shower and then we went to lunch together. It was so nice to hang out and catch up. We’ve both been so busy lately!

IMG_2107 (675x900)


Trying to find a dress for my baby shower. Things definitely fit differently nowadays! Haha! I had a gift card to Destination Maternity that I got for Christmas. I saved it so I could buy something nice for my baby shower, so I was pretty set on finding something there. They had a ton of dresses and, not kidding you, I probably tried on every single one in my size. I eventually decided on a dress that like, but, man, it was a lot of work!

IMG_2112 (900x675)

Eating pizza and cupcakes with my sister! After all of our hard work shopping for a dress, we grabbed lunch at the California Pizza Kitchen and then swung by Crumbs Bake Shop for a vanilla funfetti cupcake to share. It was amazing!


Question of the Day

Your turn! What’s your high, low, high for the weekend?



  1. Love this! So fun. High – all the amazing movies on the flight from Zurich to NY!!!, Low – leaving Greece and ending vacation, High – snuggling our dog Harrison after 10 days away in our own bed!!

  2. Great idea!
    High – Pinkberry (duh)
    Low – Temps back down in the single digits
    High – St. Patty’s day fun with friends and a traditional Irish meal.

  3. I seriously have the same feelings about Stop & Shop all the time…sometimes I really hate it and will avoid going for a few weeks, but my options are limited and unless drive pretty far their produce is my best option 🙁

  4. My high of the week was getting my resident permit and attending my work annual ball. My low is being stressed still about my status of my job.

  5. High: joining a bachelor party on their trolley driving around Chicago for St. Patty’s – such a blast! Low: being hungover on Sunday… High: meeting some great new girls at my Junior League brunch on Sunday!

  6. Im sure whatever dress you ended up with will look great on you!

    High – fun day out with my mom
    Low – movie we wanted to see was only playing at a late showing so we couldnt go
    High – unexpectedly finding a great pair of flare jeans (which I love but sunce they aren’t currently the trend are really hard to find!)

  7. Seems like you are still coming out on top!
    A single high from this weekend is difficult to pin down–I have to say that one would be meeting and hanging out with Danielle of Trex Runner all weekend as a rep for Ramblen, but also the fact that I feel like in the past 3 weeks, I have made more progress to becoming who I am meant to be (at least for the next stage of my life) than the past 6 years of trying to find a job in another career path.
    Low would be feeling like I was perpetually behind the clock all weekend and then getting all rushrushrush.

  8. Oh what a fun idea! Here are mine from the wknd:
    High: The weather Saturday was in the 50’s, yay!
    Low: Went maternity clothes shopping and barely found anything
    High: Running the St Patty’s Day 5K in Davis Square yesterday 🙂

  9. High: coming HOME for spring break!
    Low: saturday was too windy for a proper run 🙁 but still a beautiful day!
    High: last night for dinner it was just mom, bro and me but we had a delicious DUCK feast 🙂

  10. High was an awesome pesto omelet and subsequent noodles for dinner on Sunday, low was having no pesto left! High is having today off for Patrick’s Day…low is having had an amazing weekend of sunshine while I worked it’s cloudy and drizzling rain today!

  11. High – Great long run, lunch, shopping and gorgeous weather on Saturday.
    Low – Cold temps, north wind and sore muscles on Sunday.
    High – Lazy day Sunday.

  12. We play this at the dinner table each night. We call it thorns (the low!) and roses (the high!) I have a 9 year old and a 6 year old, and it opens up nice dialog! Of course when I ask them about their days when they get off the bus they say we didn’t learn “anything” and our day was “good” but with thorns and roses it helps! Fun fact, the first family plays thorns and roses each night too!

  13. High: starting the paleo diet this weekend for health reasons.
    Low: having to drink black coffee.
    High: already feeling really great after eating super clean for 2+ days!!

  14. High-feeling soo much better from this aweful, long-lasting cold/sinus infection.
    Low-discovering that I broke out in a rash (viral?!) Dr app tonight
    High-weather warm enough to play for hours outside with my dogs! And they are grateful to take long sun baths too!

    I also dont have alot of options for Groceries unless I drive 26 miles to the closest TJ’s. So I opt to drive 10 miles to S&S instead of the gross Shaws close by.
    Can I ask what problem with their meat you discovered? I actually was very disappointed with them this weekend when I had the hardest time locating organic apples. They have such limited organics for produce.

    1. The meat selection at Stop & Shop isn’t great and even their Nature’s Promise line is kind of gross. We buy it on occasion, and we’re just never 100% happy with it. It just seems like a waste of money.

  15. high! sticking to my plan and running a solid half marathon as part of my long training run yesterday.

    low! realizing after the race that I didn’t want to run anymore and walked the last 3.5 miles back to my car.

    Lesson learned: ALWAYS run extra mileage before a race because once you cross the finish line and get your medal and water and apple you won’t want to start running again =)

  16. Preggo brain- you called it your bridal shower 🙂

    I love the dress you picked out! I won’t buy produce from s&s anymore. I realized I eat more produce when I buy great quality food from whole foods. I rather spend a few extra dollars and eat lots of healthy food to feel good!

  17. High: my best friend got engaged to a guy I really, really love. Nothing better than seeing your best friend happy!
    Low: I have a cold, which is lame.
    High: I had a super fun workout on Saturday and didn’t humiliate myself in front of the hot guy (like I did on Thursday when I literally FELL OVER).

  18. High – Spending the weekend with my lovies snowmobiling!
    Low – Now my whole body hurts. lol
    High – Turning 35 this weekend wasn’t so bad after all! 🙂

  19. Good idea!
    High: The SUN being out at last. We moved just before Christmas, so this weekend was the first time I’ve been able to sit out on our patio with my laptop to work. Lovely.
    Low: My card getting declined in the supermarket, even though it was FINE. Bit embarrassing.
    High: New shoes!

  20. My dog used to hate anything with opera, he would howl at the TV. Also the beggin strips commercial would drive him crazy and make him bark, actually he would do that anytime he saw another dog on TV, all he wanted to do was play with them.

  21. High: My baby girl slept in until 8:20 Saturday morning which means I slept until 8:20. It was incredible.
    Low: My husband is sick and was grumpy yesterday.
    High: On Sunday afternoon, I met up with a friend and her baby boy for some delicious Orange Leaf. They have my favorite flavor right now: pistachio!

  22. High: My birthday,even though I’m now 33 😉
    Low: Having one drink and getting sick, guess my crohn’s is in a flare no more drinks for awhile 🙁
    High: Our winters farmers market, getting the best wild blueberry’s I’ve ever tasted!

  23. I live in NJ and the Stop&Shops here are actually pretty decent. That sucks that you have had such bad experiences. 🙁

  24. I had my baby shower at 36 weeks and I remember trying to figure out a dress to wear and it was atrocious! I ended up wearing jeans because I couldn’t find anything that would work. It was also in February in the cold, so that didn’t help either!

  25. The high was a super long hike in the redwoods! The low was being super sore from said hike 🙂 I should probably do that more often, then.

  26. High: Running the Catalina Marathon!
    Low: Mile 4 already walking some of it…
    High/Low: “Ice” bath in the Pacific Ocean.
    High: Margaritas & onion rings post race.

  27. High: Snuggles with my pup and hubby all weekend!

    Low: The onset of “morning sickness”. Just started getting it. It fluctuates all day! One minute I want food, the next I’m completely repulsed and queasy. Any suggestions for dealing with it?

    High: Vanilla Milkshake at SmashBurger!

  28. High point of my weekend my daughter, Emily home for spring break! She is in school in MA and we are in Seattle.

    Second High point running 21 miles in the rain! My first 20 miler for Boston is done and I felt pretty good during and after.

    Low point it rained all day on Sunday.

  29. definitely a fan of the “high/low” posts. my highs were having my brother visit me in NYC for the weekend and running the NYC Half Marathon, which was an amaaaazing race (and i felt wonderful throughout the entire thing, which is a TOTAL high!). lows were…? maybe the post-race exhaustion and tummy problems yesterday?

  30. High-3 hour nap on Saturday
    Low-Last night’s episode of Walking Dead
    High-Spending Sunday afternoon with my 2 yr and 3 yr old nephews

  31. High: Running a 5K with my husband saturday and finally beating him LOL

    Low: having to shop at Kroger for some items that werent at Trader Joes…I cant stand kroger because their produce always looks like crap and they never seem to be stocked up on any of the items I need! ggrrrr

    High: Finally having a saturday off to spend all day with my husband!

  32. That is a gorgeous dress! I bet you will rock that baby shower 🙂

    My high was trying new restaurants in Portland and eating some amazing (and decadent) food.

    My low was feeling quite rolly-polly after the gluttony. Good motivation to get moving this week though!

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