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I definitely felt pregnant this week with regard to my workouts, especially earlier in the week. I had zero energy and some morning sickness during the day (and night), so I took it easy for the most part. Now that I’m officially in my third trimester, I’m really trying to listen to my body as much as possible. That said, here’s a recap of last week’s workouts.

Sunday: Off

Monday: Off

Tuesday: Snowshoeing


Wednesday: CrossFit

Wednesday’s WOD was a repeat of one that we did back in September. I was only a few weeks pregnant back then, so I knew my time would be slower in week 28, but I did the workout as prescribed and just had fun with it. I finished in 14:11, which was about 3 minutes slower than my time in September. The box jumps definitely slowed me down. I’m still using a 20” box, but I took my time between each one to make sure I landed on two feet each rep.


Thursday: Off

Friday: 45-minute walk + CrossFit

Murphy and I met Kerrie and Bentley for an afternoon walk at the park and then I headed to CrossFit later that evening. Our box was doing Open WOD 14.3, so I didn’t want to miss it.


This workout was no joke and, honestly, not the best programming for an Open WOD. Fast, heavy deadlifts that increase in weight and work? Ugh. I’m not going to get into it, but I made sure to be extra careful with my form on this workout, so I didn’t hurt myself. I actually had an appointment with my doctor earlier that morning, so I specifically asked her about heavy deadlifts and she was totally fine with me doing them. She did, however, advise me to pay close attention to my form so I didn’t hurt my back, which, of course, is good advice for anyone doing heavy deadlifts.

For the workout, I paired up with my friend Maryann, so we could count each other’s reps. We gathered all of the equipment needed and then warmed up our deadlifts. We started with 95 pounds and worked our way up to 185 pounds. (Neither of us throught we would get to the 205-pound deadlifts.) Maryann asked me what my goal was for the workout, and I told her I’d be more than happy to get through the set of 20 deadlifts at 155 pounds. Well, I guess I was feeling pretty good because I got through them and then another 14 reps at 185 pounds! Not too shabby, especially considering how slowly I went on the 185-pound deadlifts. I took my time on each one to reset my form, so I didn’t do anything terrible to my back. I actually feel pretty good today, so I guess my slow and steady approach to the deadlifts was a smart one!

photo (2) (480x640)

Saturday: 45-minute walk with Mal and Murphy

photo (11) (640x480)

How were your workouts this week? Do you ever have blah weeks when you’re just not feeling exercise? How do you deal? Embrace it? Make up for it the next week? Something else? 



  1. ahhhh… 14.3…the worst programed Open WOD to date so far. I’m doing it tomorrow and I’m aiming for the same goal as you. Just finish the entire 155# set. If I get to 185? Slow and steady since my deads are my worst lift. I follow a lot of boxes on FB and almost all of them have posted that this is a pretty horribly programmed wod and if they see anyone entirely losing form, they’re going to pull them from finishing the 8mins. It’s not worth it unless there’s a 100% chance you could go to regionals. And even then…still not worth the injury. The entire Open is still fun but these workouts aren’t doing anything in terms of getting the average CrossFitter excited about competing. 🙁

  2. My workouts have been pretty good lately. I have been making an effort to take some classes and do my own thing, which seems to keep me interested and motivated, as I am not doing the same thing all the time

  3. Sometimes if you feel blah and you otherwise workout regularly and stick to it then you should embrace it I reckon! I always ask myself if I’m truly feeling not in to it or if I’m simply just a little tired…if it’s the latter I go for it and always feel better after. A good walk in the fresh air is the best bet just to stay active!

  4. My workouts went pretty well this week! I did more during the week than this weekend simply because I’ve had to work a lot this weekend, but overall feeling good!

    Looks like you had a great week!

  5. I would say for being in your third trimester, you’re pretty much killing it! I did lots of strength training this week and then today I ran 9 miles and then went to Body Pump….. made me feel pretty accomplished! 😉

  6. You are a machine! 14.3 was brutal and definitely poorly designed, and I can’t believe you made it that far being preggers!! 🙂

  7. You are fantastic! I hope next time we are pregnant I can be as kick ass as you! My first two babies I was a lazy bum and I sure paid for it. You rock!

  8. This past week’s workouts were all over the place. Plans kept changing, my body wasn’t cooperating. I decided to just give myself the weekend and start a new plan of attack tomorrow.

  9. I had one of those weeks this week because I have been sick all weekend. This coming week I am just going to slowly get back into my workouts but I can already tell they are not going to be great because I am still not feeling 100%! Great job on your workouts and listening to your body and baby!

  10. Snowshoeing looks so fun! Way to go on 14.3, you’re incredible. I did it on Friday and got 58 reps Rx’d. I wasn’t sure if I could make it to the 155 round, since even 135 is heavy for me. But I took them one at a time and then had over 2 minutes left on the clock for the 155. That’s more than I’ve ever pulled before, and with 3 coaches encouraging/watching me…I did it! Then pulled it two more times. Oh hi PR’s in the middle of a metcon 🙂

  11. Incredible job! I’m curious to know since I have been following you since well before you started Crossfit — what was your beginning 1rm for a deadlift and what has it been most recently? I’d love to see a post on how much progress you’ve made since your beginning Crossfit days!

  12. You are amazing! My workouts were pretty blah last week. I work out 5-6 days a week and when that doesn’t happen I get down on myself. I just push myself the next week. Looking forward to a successful week of workouts!

    P.S. Can’t wait to hear about your Soul Cycle experience!

  13. I can’t believe it, but I actually managed to work out 6 days this week! I’m usually a 4-6x/wk, with the 6x being less likely, but it somehow happened. I was just really feeling it this week. There are definitely some weeks I’m not feeling it, like you were this week, and like you I tend to listen to my body. Perhaps I haven’t gotten enough sleep or there’s too much else going on with my life. I try to fit it in because I know I usually feel better after I work out, even if it’s quick. The fact that you still managed to work out at all, let alone as hard as you did, is an accomplishment!

  14. That is awesome! My workouts this week were a lot of walks and runs, with some circuits mixed it. I was on Spring Break, so I got up to workout before everyone else in the morning. I didn’t stress about it too much though, it was break after all!

  15. I’ve had a really “blah” week for workouts too. I did some strength training/lifting, which was good, but anything else just did not sound appealing. I like to think that means there’s an upswing coming up and I’ll be all for moving soon?!

  16. My Pure Barre studio is holding a March Madness challenge (21 classes in 31 days) so I’ve been devoting a lot of time to that for my fitness. I’m going out of town for five days the week after next so I’ve been trying to get as many classes in as I can. I did a total of 6 classes this past week, which was more of a time challenge than it was a physical one. Towards the end of the week though I was struggling with some soreness, so I’m looking forward to getting through my last midterm, five more PB classes, then I get to go to San Diego 🙂

  17. So I got a nasty nasty case of food poisoning this past week when I tried to cook some sea scallops for dinner, and woke up that night with the sweats, and you can guess what else. Needless to say, I really wanted to work out that day, and I couldn’t, for the simple fact that I was so dehydrated that I really couldn’t even dream of hoisting my butt up off the couch. I felt so guilty, but I just continued on the rest of my week with my workouts, and I think my body was grateful for that barfy day of rest.

  18. My workouts were awesome this week. I’m finally getting my strength back from my foot injury. Today I did 10 miles, but I won’t lie. It was hard. Even though I’ve maintained my fitness while my foot was healing, it was hard. Different muscles are working together in a different way. I can’t imagine how much harder it would be if I had not worked out during recovery.

  19. I had a couple of those blah days last week. I like to embrace them. I think it’s my body of saying I need to take a break. I like to get back to it stronger!

  20. I def know all about blah weeks…and I’m not even pregnant. I try to listen to my body and figure out why I am feeling blah. Most of the time it has to do with a crap diet so I get back to my regular whole foods and then my workout mojo comes back.

  21. I’m switching it up this week. I’m 4 months postpartum and I’ve been doing T25 dvds for about 2 months. I have a wedding coming up on Saturday and I’m just kind of getting bored. I could move on to the second round of T25 like I’m supposed to but I wanted to repeat the first round. This week, I decided to just focus on cardio and triceps instead. I want to look good in my dress and I feel like some low impact cardio might get me there. Plus sometimes it just feels better to switch it up and regroup. I felt soooo heavy and weighed down my third tri. It goes by so fast though.

  22. I’m having one of those days right now! I have a slight cold and it is just wiping me out. One thing I do in situations like this is change up my cardio. I row instead of run…I still get my cardio in, but it’s not quite as intense, which is just what my body needs!

  23. 14.3 was a killer! Although it pushed me to my limits and I got up to 12 reps at 61kg – so pleased as my 1RM was 45kg!
    The open really had showed me what I can achieve! But goodness knows how much more crazy the open WODS are going to get :-S

  24. Nice work on 14.3! =) I got through the 155# and 11 box step-ups. Considering my max deadlift is around 148, I was stoked to get through 155#. It’s been a tough season of workouts, but I’m loving the challenge. And the Triplet Tester?! I just shared it with my coach – hoping he’ll have us do it soon. =)

  25. I did you ‘Triplet Tester’ Crossfit workout you completed last wed and it killed me this morning! I’m slowly incorporating crossfit type workouts to my routine and I completely poop out with those wall balls! sheesh! Looking forward to improving my time. I didn’t pay too close attention to the clock but I think I finished in just under 15min….mind you, I am not pregnant, just weak! lol. Thanks for posting your workouts! I hope to incorporate more of your workouts in the future! I’m too poor to join a crossfit gym so these are helpful to bring to my ‘globo’ gym:)

  26. Hi Tina. I’ve been a long-time, off-and-on creeper of your blog. After a lengthy hiatus from reading it (not because of you, but because I was limiting my web time), I came back to it a few months ago, very shortly after you announced your pregnancy, which was around the same time we found out we’re expecting our first, too. Congratulations! And props to you on keeping up with CrossFit the whole time, especially attempting the open WODs during your third trimester! I’m not as far along as you, and I don’t belong to a box (just do CrossFit-style workouts at my regular ol’ gym), but I aspire to keep it up throughout the entire 9 months. I’m blogging about it to keep me accountable. Thanks for the inspiration and keep doing what you do!

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