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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Good morning anda very happy Monday to you! Also, CONGRATS to the NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS for winning this year’s Super Bowl! Holy cow, what an EPIC game. I don’t even like football, and I was cheering and celebrating like a lunatic last night!! 🙂

Ok, so I love a good High Low High blog post, so here’s a recap of our weekend that shares both the high and low points from it. I always like to focus on the positive side of things, so there’s typically more highs than lows. With that, here we go!

HIGH: CrossFit + donuts = favorite kind of Saturday morning. I paired up with a friend that I hadn’t seen in awhile for the partner workout, so it was fun to catch up. Afterward, Qman and I shared a chocolate-coconut donut from Coffee Shack.

crossfit and donuts

LOW: Mal feeling totally exhausted on Saturday morning and missing CrossFit. Poor guy. 

HIGH: Mal offering to go grocery shopping instead. Whaaaattt? He actually said he felt like going to Trader Joe’s. Well, ok then! My list was already set and ready to go– thanks to my handy-dandy Designed to Fit Nutrition printable shopping list that told me exactly what we needed to buy for the week.


HIGH: Enjoying a “girl date” with my friend Marisa. We got manicures at MiniLuxe and then grabbed some wine and apps at Rustic Kitchen. Marisa and I talk just about everyday (via WhatsApp), but we haven’t seen each other since New Years, so it was really great to hang out.

girl date at derby street

LOW: Mal coming down with a (man) cold. He wasn’t feeling well when I got home, so I took over toddler duties while he went to bed early.

HIGH: Morning toddler cuddles + iced coffee on the couch + Mal waking up feeling much better + almond croissants for breakfast = THE BEST. 

sunday morning iced coffee almond croissants

HIGH: Dominating my food prep for my Designed to Fit Nutrition meal plan this week. I finished everything early, so I relaxed on Sunday afternoon before the Super Bowl.

designed to fit prep day

HIGH: Drinking a beer, which is the first in years. I actually used to drink beer ALL THE TIME. I even used to have a special category on CNC because I blogged about it so much. Then, I got Ulcerative Colitis and it no longer agreed with me. Boo. I’ve actually had a craving for beer for a couple of weeks now, so I decided to give it a try. It was just as tasty as I remembered!


LOW: Falling asleep on the couch and not finishing chores/tasks around the house. Whomp whomp. What a lame-o.


HIGH: Pug cuddles (obviously), which were highly illegal, but Mal thought Murphy and I were cute, so he allowed it. 

HIGH: Going to our friends’ Super Bowl party and eating lots and lots and LOTS of good food! 


HIGH: Lady Gaga’s halftime show, Quinn’s stellar dance moves, and the Patriots winning the Super Bowl! 

Question of the Day

How do you feel about the outcome of the Super Bowl?

What is your high and low from the weekend?

P.S. Be sure to enter my giveaway to win a DTFN meal plan! I will pick a winner later this week!



  1. High was church on Sunday and the low was waking up this morning and walking in to my kitchen and seeing our mess from making superbowl food lol So.Many. Dishes 🙂

  2. My low from the weekend is not accomplishing many of the chores I wanted to knock out. Highs were our awesome Super Bowl teriyaki burgers (c/o Skinnytaste) and PR’ing my jerk at 170lbs!!

  3. LOW: My hubby totally got a (man) cold too! Ha ha we both weren’t feeling great but he has IBS so a lot of meds don’t agree with his stomach, so while I took a nightquill and got better the next day he still didn’t feel great even today, poor guy. HIGH: udi’s pizza Friday night – all my HIGH’s always have to do with food ha ha

  4. High: Lunch in the North End with some good friends – Great food and Great conversation, win! win!
    Low: Staying up until 11pm last night to watch the game and now I’m dragging this Monday Morning – I even skipped my workout, whomp whomp

  5. I love these. And those pug cuddles. They are the best. I don’t have a pug, I have an English Bulldog but almost the same with an extra 20 lbs added for warmth 🙂

  6. high: getting some snowboarding in at Winter Park
    low: the traffic driving up to the mountains and the lift lines at the base
    high: the beautiful weather Denver has been having and going out for a run with my dog
    low: having to get 3 stitches yesterday (first time ever) slicing my hand on a can lid

    dog cuddles are the best… mine is 90lbs, so she doesn’t lay on me like Murph, but she does love putting her head on my lap!

  7. Loved the Superbowl Ending, and loved your post about 3 players as Tom Brady, Aaron Hernandez and Matt Ryan. That cracked me up 😉

  8. The best part of my weekend was definitely yesterday when I did a big shopping spree at Hallmark. They were having a huge 75% sale and I was able to get some excellent deals and Valentine’s Day gifts for my family!

  9. Same here, I used to drink beer quite often but then stopped as I wanted to get rid of my beer belly. Not drank it for a long time.

    I did watch Lady Gaga’s performance, and it was a HIGH for me too. I read that she cried and hugged her family right after.

    She’s been hired as the face for Tiffany & Co, aren’t they happy with that show.

  10. Hi Tina! FYI Beer raises your hemoglobin level. My son, who has UC, was told to drink it when hemoglobin levels were low by infusion center. It works! Abby

  11. My 3yo also loved the halftime show. He “fell in love” with Bad Romance in the movie Sing and watched/danced through the entire halftime. When he heard the beginning of the song, he lost his mind. That made my week!
    I’m not sure if this big storm coming to MA is a high or a low yet. I’m up for one good storm, but it’s kind of messing with a busy work week

  12. I also used to enjoy any popular domestic beer until I had to get rid of that dreaded “beer belly!

    Thanks Tina for the post!

    This made a fun read 🙂

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