Friday —> Sunday

What a weekend. It was definitely awesome one (house stuff + surprise birthday party + baby shower), but, holy cow, I am exhausted. Our little family didn’t stop moving from Friday to Sunday! That said, here are some photos from our jam-packed weekend. Let’s do 4 words per picture, so you guys can play along too!

Target fun with Dada!


Long run at Southfield.

IMG_6526 (1024x1024)

Looks different without snow.

IMG_6529 (1024x768)

First time playing Frisbee.

IMG_6536 (768x1024)

Surprise 30th birthday party.

IMG_6540 (1024x768)

My two favorite guys.

IMG_6542 (963x1280)

“Little Maniac” strikes again!

IMG_6546 (1024x1024)

I love you, Murphy.

IMG_6551 (1024x1024)

Adorable baby shower idea.

IMG_6554 (1024x768)

Too small to escape.

IMG_6558 (768x1024)

Question of the Day

Your turn! Share your weekend in 4 words. Ready? GO! 

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  1. That time of month

    Your weekend sounds like so much fun! I love how you guys pack a ton of stuff into your summer. That’s how you makes memories!

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