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Hi, I'm Tina!

I’m the owner of Carrots ‘N’ Cake as well as a Certified Nutrition Coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P). I use macros and functional nutrition to help women find balance within their diets while achieving their body composition goals.

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Hi, guys! :mrgreen:

How adorable is this photo of Murphy cuddling his lobster stuffed animal? I just had to snap a photo! 😉


I feel like I have all sorts of following up to do on the blog. I saw all of your questions and comments over the weekend, but I never had a chance to reply. So, here’s a quick follow-up!

Rent the Runway

RTR worked out really well. I ended up receiving 3 dresses in the mail: 2 different sizes of the teal dress and one size of the purple dress, which was my “back-up” dress. Having all of these options available to me on the day of the wedding was really nice, especially because I was so worried about my bra issue! I knew at least one of the dress would work.


As far as the ease of the whole RTR process, I was pleasantly surprised. A couple of days before the wedding, I actually started to second-guess my decision to rent a dress. (I wasn’t sure if it would arrive on time and fit!) But, the dresses arrived on time and they all fit– some better than others, of course. 😉

Returning the dresses to RTR was also really easy. They sent along a postage-paid envelope with each of the dresses, so I just packed them up and dropped them in the mailbox this morning.


I really liked using Rent the Runway. I loved the dress that I wore and the process was so simple. I would definitely use their service again.

The Bra Issue

As far as the bra issue goes, I ended up buying the U-plunge backless push-up bra from Victoria Secret. I wasn’t able to try it on in the store because it has sticky, adhesive sides and cups, but it seemed like it would do the trick.

Unfortunately, this thing was a total waste of money. I guess it was better than no support at all, but it really didn’t stay put and kept coming unstuck from my body if I moved too much. Fortunately, my dress held me in pretty well, but I basically felt like I wasn’t wearing a bra most of the night!


Axxium Gel Manicure

And, finally, my manicure! It lasted almost a week and held up pretty well. It didn’t chip at all, but the gel started to pull away from the top of my nails, near the skin, after about 4 or 5 days. Eventually, the gel bubbled up and looked sort of weird, so I just peeled it off. I’m really rough with my manicures, so I’m actually sort of surprised it even lasted that long! Marie’s nails, however, still look like a brand new manicure! Maybe this stuff works better with longer nails?

Ok, onto the food!


Before I left for Healthworks, I snacked on a mini Larabar.


Lose the Dough: March Check-In

If you missed my previous Lose the Dough checkin-ins, here they are:


And, here’s March’s check-in:

  • Weight: 130.0
  • Body Fat: 21.5%
  • BMI: 22.3

(We forgot to take my measurements! Oops! 😳 Next time!)

As you can see, my numbers increased in all areas, but I’m not really surprised. Last month was really stressful for me (moving, writing crunch, etc.), so I found myself overeating and indulging more than usual. I know that eating isn’t the best way to deal with stress, but I’m working on finding other ways to manage it.

So, looking at the numbers, it seems like I didn’t make much progress last month. But, I feel so much more fit than I have ever felt. Last month, I increased my weight on every track in Body Pump and I ran my fastest 5K ever! Even still, I want to look great for my 30th birthday, which is just 2 months away, so it’s time to really buckle down with my challenge!


When I got home from Healthworks, I immediately made myself some lunch. I was famished! I actually cut my workout short because I was so hungry. Working on an empty stomach is just not fun.

For lunch, I m必利勁
ade an egg white omelette with broccoli, pesto, and Romano cheese. Holy yum!



On the side, I had a Sandwich Thin with melted cheese.


This was SUCH a good lunch!


After lunch, I downed half of a Scharffen Berger chocolate bar. Um, yea. Not sure how that happened? 😳 Why does Scharffen Berger have to make the best chocolate ever?!? WHY?


Back to work I go. Hope you’re having a nice Monday! :mrgreen:

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