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I have a cool new running/fitness product for you guys! Introducing the Flip Belt!


The Flip Belt is a “single tubular pocket” that carries everything you need for your workouts. Each one has four openings (two in the front + two in the back) where you can easily insert your cell phone, Gu/fuel, keys, ID, cash, etc.

IMG_5541 (750x563)

The folks at Flip Belt sent me one to review, so I’ve worn it a number of times on my runs to test it out. I thought nothing could rival my beloved Spibelt, but the Flip Belt is putting it to the test!

IMG_5544 (750x563)

What I like best about the Flip Belt is that it doesn’t bounce, which is my #1 gripe with the Spibelt. Once I get going on my runs, I don’t notice my Spibelt bouncing around, but I always think it’s kind of annoying for the first few minutes, especially if I pack it full. The Flip Belt is flat and even all around, so it doesn’t bounce at all.

IMG_5550 (563x750)

The Flip Belt can be worn low on your hips or higher near your waist. Both ways are comfortable, but the Flip Belt inched up when I wore it low on my hips during a couple of my runs, so I’ve been wearing it closer to my waist where it doesn’t move around.

IMG_5559 (563x750)

The Flip Belt makes it easy to access my iPhone or whatever else I’m carrying (no zippers to fiddle with) during my runs. I worried that small items, such as a key, would pop out, but I just flip the belt inward to lock in my items so they stay put. I haven’t had any issues so far!

IMG_5564 (750x563)

I love this product so much, I asked my friends at OpenSky if we could offer a deal on it and they agreed. Check it out! If you’re not following me on OpenSky, be sure to sign up, so you can get the deal. AND here’s a chance for you to WIN a Flip Belt!

IMG_5560 (563x750)

To enter: Just leave a comment on this post about your favorite piece of running/workout gear. I’ll randomly pick a winner tomorrow morning.

Good luck!



  1. Having just run a marathon on Saturday and carried most of my stuff in pockets, this would be great! My favorite gear is my garmin 10 (green!)

  2. My favorite piece of running gear is probably my chocolate lab, Kitty. She keeps me motivated! I’m fairly new to running and struggle with a comfortable place to carry my key, id and phone so I’m not distracted by them. I think the flip belt is just what I need!

  3. I love my iphone, not really running gear but without it I would not be able to nourish by body with exercise and my mind with balanced bites pod casts

  4. I’d love to try the Flip Belt, such a cool idea! My favorite work out item is my iPod, I can’t run without it!

  5. Favorite running gear: my old school garmin. This belt might give my garmin a run for its money though – looks super cool and useful.

  6. I love any running device that will hold my iphone (haven’t found a good one yet….maybe this one will work!). I can’t put it in my pocket because it makes my pants fall down!

  7. I love my music for sure, but the arm bands are so uncomfortable! This looks like a great solution! I also love my nike’s that track my run, I always push myself to try to beat my PR!

  8. I would be lost without my Garmin which i use for all of my Ironman training (swim bike & run!!) I am always looking for places to stash my key, this would be perfect! thanks for sharing!

  9. I don’t really run with a lot of gear, but a good pair of earbuds are priceless. I’ve had others fall out, and now that I’ve got a good pair it makes listening to music on my runs so much better.

  10. I really love my ipod shuffle. Having good music makes the time go faster. I also love my Garmin. I like to know my details. The boucing of the spibelt is my one gripe about it too.

  11. Welcome to Des Moines, IA!! I live here, and came across your blog a few weeks ago as I begin my transition to Paleo. Your pictures and story are amazingly motivating. I’ve been toying with joining my husband at CrossFit as well although I do have a personal trainer that would give Jillian Michaels a run for her money. http://www.cfprimal.com/gclid=CO_etubVybMCFexFMgodM1MAjQ.
    So, before I ramble too much, I wanted to put my name in the hat for the opp to win a Flip Belt. I just completed the Des Moines Half Marathon and would have loved to have something like this along for the trek. While I managed without a Flip Belt, I cannot reach my Level 10 without my IPod. It keeps the intensity up there, and brings me through times when my mind says quit.

    Enjoy your stay here in the great city. I look forward to your email telling me I won!! Tee. Hee. Look forward to learning more from you in future great posts.

  12. I can’t run without my armband for my iPod, but I get annoyed when it slips down. The belt sounds like a nice way to hold stuff and I love that it doesn’t bounce.

  13. I recently entered the technology generation with my first iphone! So my new favorite running equipment would have to be the app I use to log my runs on in addition to the music I have access to now.

  14. My German shepherd is my favorite running accessory. She loves it so much which makes it more fun for me. I would love to try the flip belt, my kids tease me about the belt I have looking like a fanny pak 🙁

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