When My Fittest Friend Asked Me For Motivation, Here’s What I Told Her

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One of my friends—she just happens to be my fittest friend—recently asked me for some workout motivation. She started a new job, so her workout routine changed from a group/class setting to working out mostly on her own. She’s usually the one who motivates ME, but I know how it goes. Life changes. Priorities change (i.e. babies). Hell, sometimes you just lose your fitness spark. I absolutely love exercise, and I’ve found myself there a number of times over the years, so I totally get it. I gave her these three pieces of advice below, which always help me get my workout mojo back. I hope they help you guys, too!

Just do it

When it comes to fitness, those Nike people know what it’s alllllll about. Haha! But, seriously, when you’re just not feeling it, don’t think about the reasons why you can’t or don’t want to exercise. Too tired? Not enough time? The house is a mess?

If you let your brain wander to all of those cants and donts, you’ll never work out. Instead of talking yourself out of it, JUST DO IT. Don’t think about anything else, except for getting your butt in gear!

Related: Remind yourself that this might be the ONLY time you can work out today. Now or never, baby! When I’m dillydallying about a workout, this thought always forces me into motion!

Put on your workout clothes

Getting dressed is sometimes half the battle, so I make it a priority. If you’re working from home, your job likely allows some flexibility in your attire. Personally, I’m almost always wearing workout clothes, but my friend has a much more rigid schedule, so I suggested a couple of ways to make this work: (1) Wearing her workout clothes to bed or at least some of them (I mean, it’s fairly comfortable to sleep in leggings and an athletic top, but sleeping in a sports bra… uh, no thanks), so she’s ready to go for her early-morning workout. No excuses! (2) Wearing her clothes home from work, so she’s motivated to drive right to the gym. I feel like once you’re wearing your workout clothes, it’s hard to back out. I mean, you made the effort to put them on, so you might as well put them to good use!

Find a workout that makes you excited

Recently, I started working out at home in my basement gym on my own. It’s super convenient, so it’s easy for me to pop in for a quick workout. Having a workout picked out and ready to go makes me excited to try it out. My friend and I share new workouts with one another all the time to keep us motivated since we’re often exercising on our own.

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  1. Putting on my workout clothes is the best way to stay motivated. I’ve even slept in my running clothes just so I have absolutely no excuses when i wake up at 6am. I’ve also been planning work out dates with friends. It’s super hard to skip if you know someone’s counting on you to be there!

    Juliette | Namastay Traveling

  2. Great tips! Usually if I make my workout game plan the night before, its a success in the morning since I have no decisions to make. I decide beforehand if I’m running, taking a class or going for a long hike. If I’m running, I plan my route ahead so I don’t wimp out and cut it short. Then I pick out the appropriate clothes. And BAM, successful workout.

  3. Awesome tips! I also save a bunch of workouts from my fav bloggers on my phone. Most of you guys make these fantastic pinnable/saveable images of workouts, so I save the image right to my phone and flip through them to gain some inspiration. I usually workout in the mornings, so the night before (or sometimes the morning of) I flip through the pictures and pick one I’m in the mood for.

  4. Just doing it is the best piece of advice. Sometimes we try to think of excuses or we overanalyze why we aren’t motivated and at the end of the day, we just need to effing DO IT. Once you get going, it’s hard to stop, right?

  5. There are some great suggestions. I find that if I make plans with a friend to workout, I’m much less likely to cancel or skip it. Knowing that someone else is waiting on me gives me the extra motivation I need to be active.

  6. I love working out, but there are days when you’re super tired and unmotivated to do it. I always remind myself how much better I’ll fell after I do it. It’s so true. Once I do, I always feel better. I follow Alexia Clark on Instagram and she always has unique workouts so that helps me get creative so I never feel bored!

  7. Sounds terrible but sometimes I just don’t fight it. If I am unmotivated I’ll just give it a week. Maybe I needed the break. I just make sure not to let the break last too long.

  8. One of the big things I’ve started incorporating into my mindset – and something I know you’ve said before – is that I GET to workout. I still go to CrossFit 4-5x/week, but my schedule is such that I’m usually doing workouts after the 6PM class has already started or finished. When things get tough, I try to remind myself that I GET to put myself to the test. Ben Bergeron’s podcast talks about just that!

  9. I always start with my ‘why’ – why do I work out (or want to). Once I know that, my motivation stays a lot higher (workout to finish a 5k, to be healthy for my kids, etc.). And I always plan out my workouts on Sunday and then put them in my calendar.

  10. Maybe it’s just me, but sleeping in workout clothes makes me cringe! I see others do it in the comments tho, so glad it works for some. I love how comfy pajamas are- the thought of squeezing into jogging tights before bed sound horrible! Lol

    1. My motivation is mainly to get outside and enjoy the fresh air! Being cooped in an office all day is rough so I can’t wait to get out and get some vitamin D on my lunch breaks.

  11. I worked out on my own for years and years, but now I’m all about fitness group classes. I go to Orange Theory 3x a week and there is another studio near my job that I go on my lunch hours, 2-3x per week. I keep a mental schedule of my workouts for the week and although I also listen to my body, I stick to the schedule. In fact I always try to go as often as possible : over the years I’ve had injuries, a difficult pregnancy that kept me from working out. Now I have a demanding job with a son in day care full time, I always tell myself that I should go because I can, there is nothing to keep me from going TODAY but perhaps tomorrow I won’t be able to go. “Just do it” is the perfect motto!

  12. I’ve learned that I can’t really workout on my own, and that’s okay. I have a couple of friends that I exercise with, and we motivated each other and keep each other accountable. Beyond the exercise, having an hour to talk with another adult uninterrupted (I have three kids) motivates me to get up at 5 or 6 a few times a week to workout. We also help each other past the fear of trying something new by going together.

  13. This probably goes along with just do it, but your “never miss a monday” rule has totally stuck in my head and helped me out when I’ve started making excuses right off the bat.

  14. I use a home gym and it’s mainly by myself so a few of my friends have asked how I motivate myself! I always reply with “It’s tough” and it is at times but I try to remember why I started in the first place – to get fitter, to get stronger, to get healthier. That’s what keeps me going.

  15. I do a lot of 30 min workouts I find on Youtube on my tv right in my living room. I was never an at home workout person but its my only option most days and I can usually eek out 30 mins. Once it’s done I know I feel so good and proud that I at least made an effort. Also realizing that its NEVER easy to make workouts happen – I struggled when I worked a ton of hours and I still struggle being at home with my 1.5 year old.

  16. Getting dressed helps a lot…so does having my workout clothes set out. I recently went on a trip and planned to run. I wasn’t feeling it, but what ended up motivating me was the thought that I didn’t drag that stuff with me for nothing…I was going to use it!

  17. Working out on your own and staying motivated can be can be challenging. Finding a workout or activity that gets you excited is a big factor. When you start to see positive results as you work towards your fitness goals, then motivation turns to passion. Great article.

  18. When I think live is too crazy for working out, I get up and do it first thing. I don’t care if I’m half asleep and would have gotten a better workout a few hours later. If that better owrkout wasn’t going to happen then it’s better to do it first thing!

  19. I am more motivated when I’m working toward a fitness goal! If the only reason I’m going to the gym just “because I should” then I’m more likely to skip or slack. If I have a concrete goal I’m working towards, it feels like it matters more. I used to be a runner, so I trained for races and had time goals. I quit running due to injuries and took up weight training. Then, my goals were things like “5 pull ups” or “deadlift 300.” I’ve taken up hiking recently so my new goals are mountain summits! I really want to complete the goal and I know the only way is with consistent work, so I’m not tempted to skip.

  20. For me the number one thing is having a plan. If I have a schedule prepared I tend to stick to it. It helps if its a little bit flexible, ex. you have three workouts but they don’t necessarily need to be completed monday, wednesday and friday, but you can move them around as long as they’re done by the end of the week. What helps me starting each one is putting on workout clother. Always change first and then decide, whether you’re skipping it/moving it or not.

  21. I really like the change your routine idea. I do that when my motivation starts to drop. If you think your workouts are getting a bit stale, have a hunt on the net for some different exercises that you think you might like, or ask friends for ideas. Changing things up can get you out of that funk.

    I also plan different workouts and put them into my calendar. Once you’ve done a few, it’s really motivating to be able to keep ticking them off!

  22. I agree that being mindful of your goal is extremely important. It’s very interesting that we can in fact convince ourselves of anything. We can come up with enough reasons to not workout just as we can come up with enough reasons to workout. You also have to find something that you love doing. If you’re doing a workout that you hate, then you probably won’t last too long. Sounds like you definitely know how to motivate yourself!

  23. It sure is a struggle i find it really hard to workout everyday after some time i take a long break ! I agree with “JUST DO IT !” approach. At times that is the only thing that keeps me going.

  24. Do you have any bargain tips for buying workout equipment for your home? I have some very light dumb bells but I need to add a few mid-weight ones? Also- what would you say are a few of the must have items for working out at home?

    Thank you!!

    1. Amazon and Again Faster are definitely a go-tos for us. Their prices are really good. As far as equipment, a set of dumbbells is huge – light, medium, and heavy. A bench and/or box and resistance bands would be great too!

  25. Awesome pieces of advice – JUST DO IT is the one that works for me! When working full-time with two kids and a husband, if I don’t “just do it”, I’ll never “get around to it.” In my busiest time, I would get up at 4am, go straight to our garage gym, and knock out a workout – no thinking, no decision, no dilly-dally. My ritual for “just do it”: Get out of bed as soon as the alarm goes off, get directly into workout clothes (put out the night before), turn on your fave tunes, and get moving. I’ve never regretted a Just Do It workout. 🙂

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