Failed Attempt at the Filthy Fifty

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Whomp whomp.

Filthy Fifty

I was pumped for the Filthy Fifty last night, but, unfortunately, things just didn’t go as planned with my performance. I was obviously happy to just be able to CrossFit (a chronic illness definitely changed my perspective), but I still wasn’t thrilled with my time, especially since it was 3.5 minutes slower than my previous attempt. Whomp whomp indeed.

I love the Filthy Fifty because it’s all things CrossFit””10 different exercises that just scream “CrossFit” to me. This type of workout is why I love the sport so much.


I love long, endurance workouts with tons of variety, so I was totally jazzed and feeling good when I grabbed all of the different equipment needed for the WOD.


Things started out great. I flew through the box jumps, jumping pull-ups, and kettlebell swings with no issues at all. Mal was right next to me, so I tried to keep up with him. We were neck-in-neck up until the Back Extensions, and then I had a total brain fart: I skipped the Wallballs and went right for the Burpees. I have no idea what happened, but I made it to 39 Burpees before my friend Colleen pointed out that I had skipped the Wallballs. Crap.

I went pretty hard on the Burpees because I thought I was almost done, so when I finished them and went to do the Wallballs, I wanted to curl up on the floor in the fetal position and just die. I honestly felt terrible””nauseous even””when I was doing them, so I kept missing the target, which slowed me down a ton. At this point, I really should have scaled down to the 10-pound medicine ball (I used a 14-pounder that basically crushed me on each rep), but I was too stubborn to switch. Looking back, it was pretty dumb to stay with that weight, especially since I was struggling so much, but, hey, live and learn, right?

I finished in 27:07. *Sigh* Not a great performance for me. Again, whomp whomp.


When I got home last night, I thought about what happened with the Filthy Fifty. Obviously, going hard on the Burpees and not scaling on the Wallballs slowed me down, but instead of focusing on everything that I did wrong during the WOD, I thought about what went right and the good things that came from the workout:

  • I only stopped once to rest during the box jumps
  • I did the jumping pull-ups, KB swings, and walking lunges unbroken
  • I didn’t quit and finished the workout
  • I hung out and laughed with my CrossFit friends
  • I worked out with Mal
  • I got a great, full body workout

I have to admit, actually typing out those bullet points made me feel even better about the situation. I know it’s just one workout and, obviously, not the end of the world, but I think it’s important to take a step back and focus on the positive when you don’t meet the expectations you set for yourself. Accept and adjust.


This morning’s breakfast was a Trader Joe’s Brown Rice Tortilla with sunflower butter and banana slices, which I put in the toaster oven for a few minutes, so it would get all soft and gooey inside. Yum!

012 (600x450)

When I first bought these brown rice tortillas, I hated them. They were dry, crumbly, and totally broke apart when I tried to roll them into enchiladas for dinner one night. They were actually the catalyst for my new gluten-free product reviews on CNC””they were so terrible, I felt the need to warn other people about them! Haha!

When I asked you guys for your recommendations for your favorite gluten-free products yesterday, Maureen specifically mentioned these tortillas in the comment section of CNC. Obviously, I was a bit surprised considering my experience with them, so I emailed her to see if maybe I got a bad batch or something because she really liked them. Well, it turns out, if you nuke them in the microwave for 15 seconds, they become soft, bendy, and much easier to use. Genius. (Obviously, I’m still getting used to this gluten-free stuff.)

The Trader Joe’s Brown Rice Tortillas taste delicious, but the texture definitely takes some getting used to. They’re a lot chewier and not as soft as a regular tortilla, but I liked the texture. It’s firmer and stiffer and, as Maureen suggested, makes a great base for a pizza. I didn’t think I’d ever buy these brown rice tortillas again, but I’m going to give them another chance, especially since they have the potential to become pizza. I’ll be sure to report back about that!



Today’s lunch was an egg white scramble with chicken sausage, onions, red bell pepper, and Light Garlic & Herb Laughing Cow Cheese mixed in. Mmm! It tasted so good!


Health News & Views

CrossFit is all the rage right now and, with its Open competition (aka CrossFit Games) starting just last week, there’s even more of a reason to give it a try for yourself. To further entice you and give you a taste of what CrossFit is all about, here’s a WOD (“Workout of the Day”) that will work your entire body in just 4 moves.

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Questions of the Day

How do you deal with failure when it comes to your workouts/fitness performance?

Have you ever had a “brain fart” during a workout/race/competition? What happened?




  1. I am not a regular CrossFit attendee, but my husband is. I’ve done the Filthy 50 with him a few times, and it is KILLER! Nice work just completing it 🙂

    I’m going to have to give those brown rice tortillas a try. Thanks for the tip about warming them up!

  2. Those are my fav. wraps, but they did take a little getting used to! They are especially good with eggs (not as big of a fan when used with sweeter stuff).

  3. I use the brown rice tortillas all the time for tortilla pizzas! I’ve never found a good GF pizza dough (still looking though) so it’s a decent substitute and makes a really fast dinner. I’ll throw on some cooked shredded chicken and add buffalo or barbecue sauce, cheese, and veggies. It bakes up nice and crunchy!

  4. Yes, I brainfart all the time during WODs! I just circle back to what I missed. If I failed, I say “oh, well” and move on. I’ve gone through phases where I failed for weeks and then I tell myself I need a break and slow down with WODs and focus on other forms of activity. When I go back, I am back to awesome again 🙂

  5. Tina – have you ever hit the box? Just wondering. I did it last night on Adrian.
    Jamie 62. Box. 1.Ouch.
    First time since high school (1997) that I had hit a jump box. I played basketball and we did box jumps in conditioning. It hurts even worse at 32. I started CrossFit in January. I made it till March. I just slip on the edge and wham.

  6. Love your attitude! That is one tough WOD, that I’ve yet to do. You should be way proud, especially all the skills you did unbroken!!

    Curious, how does the 12kg KB relate to lbs? Is that a 35lb. bell?

    You rock, Tina, and remain to be my #1 CF inspiration 🙂

  7. I like your saying that ” I hate feeling like I wasted my money when I buy a crappy product” in that post–>
    I have same feeling with you,especially when I buy something I thought they would surprise me but actually makes me disappointed. I was wondering what you usually do if you buy something doesn’t tastes good as you expected or tastes bad? will you still eat it??

  8. Those wraps are really tasty! You definitely just have to accept that they won’t necessarily wrap and roll like a burrito. They are also good just put into a saute pan maybe with a little oil, but they do more or less end up folding up like a taco. The crispy chewy texture is yummy though 🙂

  9. Girl, you rock, in my book. I love how you ended your “failed” post with the positives 🙂 great way to look at it.. Even if you didn’t do it as fast as last time. You finished and got a GREAT workout. Keep smiling 🙂

  10. Great perspective! Everyone has off days, and that’s ok! Way to turn it around and see the positive. You’ll crush it next time! 🙂

  11. Try Rudi’s wraps, they’re more like regular ones (usually at whole foods). And you are WAY too hard on yourself! Sometimes we just have bad days, things go wrong! Especially when you’re being timed! You did GREAT, be proud of yourself! It’s just like with running – not every single run is going to be great, or your fastest, you just try your best and get out there!

  12. Way to stay optimistic after a disappointing workout! Although, from my perspective, it wasn’t disappointing at all! That is a super intense, long WOD and being able to complete it in under 30 minutes is amazing.

  13. You have a lot to be proud of. That WOD was biggie. When I have subpar work-outs, I always say even a bad workout is better than not working out at all.

    Dumb question as I don’t xfit, but I’m interested to try. Does 50 mean you have to do all 50 in one set?

  14. Totally agree about brown rice tortillas. If I pack them for lunch they’re pretty dry and bland but if you heat them in a skillet they’re soooo good!

  15. Tina, I’m glad you found the positives in your workout and listed them here on your blog. I get wanting to push yourself and achieve your goals, but sometimes when I read your blog it feels like you are *sooo* hard on yourself about Crossfit! I know it’s important to you and your livelihood, but it seems like you are doing a great job and it’s truly no reason to get down on yourself if you have an off day. Maybe you are beginning to realize that, and are trying to focus on the positives, which I really appreciated about today’s post. ‘Cause honestly, when I come here and read a post about how disappointed you were with your body during a Crossfit workout and how much you were thinking about it after and “whomp whomp,” I find it really off-putting. Maybe it’s just hard for me to relate to, since I have different fitness interests. Other readers– does anyone else notice that a lot of blogs have this very perfectionistic bent to them? Let’s just all have fun and work out and eat yummy food! It doesn’t have to be so serious! Glad you are starting to see that, too, Tina.

    1. I’m really not that hard on myself. CrossFit is FUN, which is why I do it. But, like other sports, CrossFit is something I want to get better and better at and continuously improve. (Maybe it’s just my personality that pushes me, but it’s my own expectations that motivate me.) I honestly don’t think there is anything wrong with trying (and caring) about my performance at something I find so much value and happiness in! 🙂

      1. @Tina: Definitely don’t think there’s anything wrong with trying and caring! I just think it might be nice to read less negativity on your blog about your body and its capabilities when you haven’t met your crossfit goal. There were a lot of negative words in this post and it’s definitely not the first one you’ve written like it. As far as being hard on yourself, you mentioned that you were struggling and should’ve gone down to a lower weight but that you were too stubborn, and then you felt bad about not succeeding. That’s just how it read to me, but like I said, I really appreciated you wrapping it up with the positives! It seems like you are continuously improving and congratulations on that!

        1. I guess I’m a little confused with your comments then. You don’t like the perfectionism on blogs, but you don’t like reading about my fitness and health challenges either? I guess I’d much rather be honest than sugarcoat a workout that I struggled with.

          1. @Tina: I don’t think she is trying to say that you shouldn’t write about how you feel, she was saying that you shouldn’t be so hard on yourself in general. I think its ok to Want to suceed, but the post sounded sort of like you were berating Yourself.

          2. @Tina: I also can’t help but feel like…well, it’s just a workout. I can understand being that upset about not getting a job you were applying for or if it was a big race you had been training for. But to get down on yourself after one normal weekly workout? Bad workouts happen and are not the end of the world. Your reactions to bad workouts just makes it seem like your workouts are the BIGGEST thing you have going in your life and you live or die by how they go. The fact that you have to list positive bullets to perk yourself up after them seems a little ridiculous.

            I’m all for trying hard and doing your best, but come on. There are more important things in life than your daily crossfit performance.

          3. @Tina: *butting in* I for one like seeing the “real” you and find that is the one thing I appreciate about your blog more than any other one I read. (that and I have a pug). You keep it real. You keep yourself challenged and you are super honest with yourself and us, your readers. I also don’t think that because you were down on yourself a bit that you carried it with you the entire day. I think of your posts as a snapshot of what’s going on with you at that one moment in time. I love it all and you have inspired me to try that workout at home. It’s 15 min right? I can do anything for 15 min.


  16. I usually try and do what you did and think of the positives, but if that doesn’t work, then I start each new day with a fresh slate. This helps me to just keep my fitness in the big picture and to not get hung up on one day.

    I haven’t had a brain fart about a workout recently, but I did have a brain fart on Saturday at the ATM and forgot my PIN, thus getting locked out of the ATM and had to request a new one on Monday. Oops!

  17. I have to say as much as I love Trader Joe’s I’m not really a fan of those tortillas, even after heating them. They’re too…rubbery? I just tried the Engine 2 brown rice tortillas at Whole Foods (in the refrigerated section) and liked them much better. They still require 10-20 seconds in the microwave first though.

  18. Love the bullet points. You finished the workout and clearly gave it your all.
    Cross Fit takes mental energy and focus to keep up with the counting and remember where you are in the workout!

  19. I’ve totally forgotten to start my Garmin when I started a race one time. I had been volunteering for a couple hours before the race and was almost 15 minutes late to the start. I just started running it and then started the time a little into the race when I realized the complete brain fart!

  20. Every day, I look forward to your blog and seeing what you have to post about CrossFit. Ive been doing CrossFit for about a year now and by no means am I close to Regionals/Games competitor, but its nice to see others that are as enthusiatic about it as me. There are times when I am bumed about my times, reps, but I have to see the good in them. Monday, I did Cindi RX, for the first time. My Coach, who is also my bro-in-law, told me no band, your doing it RX, that is the only way you will get better/stronger. I only did 5 rounds, but for my first time RX on Cindi, I was pretty proud, especially since a year ago, I was using the biggest band!

    Keep up the amazing work and good luck on 13.2 (waiting patiently until 7p central for the announcement)

  21. It’s so funny that you mentioned those tortillas today because I saw them in your grocery haul the other day and was thinking “Ugh I bought those once and hated them.” I think I actually wound up storing them in the freezer and buying new ones I like better, so maybe I’ll have to pull them out and give them another try. I totally did not like their texture though- blech!

  22. Tina – have you read Wheat Belly? I’m only a couple chapters into it, but it talks about how wheat is essentially “poison” to your system (as of about 50 years ago, wheat has been genetically modified), and it affects everyone in different ways, some people just become gassy, and other can get UC, etc. I think would be super interested in this book. Message me if you have a Kindle, I know of a deal on this book. 🙂

  23. When I flub a workout, I definitely get disappointed with myself and discouraged. However, I know that if I allow myself to dwell on that, it’ll spiral into a no-workout week or something, so I try to talk myself back up. I remind myself that it’s awesome that I’m out there trying to better myself physically, and it really is meant to be a work in progress (a journey), so setbacks just give us more opportunity to re-build and learn and potentially get stronger and smarter.

    The only kinds of brain farts I can think of while exercising are when I lose count during repetitions of an exercise or if I forget which side of my body to switch to after having already worked the other. I’m about to begin teaching yoga classes for a few ladies in my neighborhood, and I’m sure I’m going to have several brain farts while trying to actively cue and describe what poses I’m doing and how to transition. Should be interesting 😛

  24. We are our on worst critics. However you did a great job turning it around and listing the positives. I will try to remember that the next time I have a whomp whomp workout or run. Thanks for sharing and being so open with your feelings. You are a rockstar in my book.

  25. Cute socks! I love your positive perspectives about your workout! Way to look on the bright side 🙂 There is always room for improvement in the future! You are a rockstar!

  26. Hollyyyyyy that looks hard!!

    I try and do exactly what you did, focus on the positives, congratulate myself for getting out there and start looking towards the next workout. Getting out there and not doing as well as you’d hoped is still better than not trying in my books.

  27. Hi Tina,

    Not sure if this was mentioned previously, but I take my brown rice tortillas and turn on the faucet and pretty much rinse the tortilla on both sides (don’t worry they don’t get soggy) and then put mine in the microwave for 20 seconds or so. They are pretty dry to begin with and the moisture really helps them to become pliable. I have Celiac so I totally concur with you that gluten free breads and stuff are just not the same. But at least the tummy is happier!

  28. I think it’s important to take some pride in just getting out there and doing it, but I’m sure it sucks when you did it faster a few months ago. But everyone has off days. You’ll be more motivated to crush that time the next time Filthy Fifty comes up (and you will).

  29. We use those tortillas here too. They are great in quesadillas! They get a little crispy and are soo good. We makes our in a panini pan.

  30. Hi Tina!
    I’m glad you listed those positives at the end, because they’re impressive! You rock! I’m doing the Filthy Fifty tomorrow, actually… yikes.

  31. Good to know about the rice tortillas–corn tortillas are often the same way for me. Just a quick zap in the microwave and they become much more pliable!

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