“Everyone Loves CAVA” + GIVEAWAY

Hi, friends!

We’re at that point in winter when I’m so OVER IT. We got a few random glimpses of nice weather in February, which made me think maybe we’d get an early Spring, but now we’re getting dumped on by snowstorm after snowstorm. March is always such a blah month because it drags on and on with winter. Wahhhh. I’m sorry to start this post with such a buzz kill, but I promise to turn it around with a fun CAVA giveaway! 🙂

Example A of how over winter I am: Holy salt on my car! Quinn actually thought it was bird poop and didn’t want to touch my car. Haha! That’s how bad it was!

Of course, we immediately headed to the car wash.

After that, it was time for swim lessons at Goldfish!

When we were waiting for Quinn’s lesson to start, he saw a highchair tray on the floor. He asked me to “take a photo for Dada” and then proceeded to run and jump over it. Ha! He thought the photo below was so cool!

Swim lessons went really well, and Quinn is learning to turn over onto his back mid-swim. By the end of the class, he almost got it! I feel like he’ll have it down, no problem, next week.

After Goldfish, we headed to the “hummus place” for lunch. We were both psyched for lunch at CAVA. I swear we’d eat there everyday if we could. Quinn asked for “all of the orange hummus” on his kid’s plate! 🙂

I got my usual salad bowl, but with lamb meat balls this time. It was deeeelicious!

Quinn tried feeding his hummus to Tiny Eagle because, according to him, “everyone loves CAVA.”

With that, here’s your chance to win a $50 credit to CAVA!!!

To enter: Just sign up for an account here (you’ll also get a FREE $3 credit) and then leave a comment on this post about your favorite CAVA topping. I’ll randomly pick a winner on Wednesday. Good luck!


  1. I’ve never been but I think I will have to go try that orange hummus next time I head to the south shore!

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