Too Many Carbs on Plant-Based Diet

Hi, guys!

After a nearly 6-month hiatus, I decided to bring back my weekly Instagram Lives. I received a number of inquiries about them (apparently, some people actually like the watch me on video), and I honestly just kind of missed doing them. I get so many questions from followers, and it’s a great way to share my responses with totally honest feedback + a bunch of random details and side tangents that you might appreciate! 🙂 Plus, I just think so much more comes across in a video compared to a blog post. Obviously, there will still be daily blog posts on CNC, but I’ll also mix in a weekly Instagram Live video for your viewing pleasure. And I linked lots of relevant blog posts, so you can still read pertinent information! 🙂

[adthrive-in-post-video-player video-id=”HixEXP3a” upload-date=”2019-03-04T12:46:27.000Z” name=”Instagram Live – 3/3/19″ description=”Too Many Carbs on Plant-Based Diet, My Go-To 30-Minute Meal Plan, Picky Eater Tips”]

This week’s episode covers:



  1. Just wanted to share, I’m a dietitian and share regularly about picky eating on my instagram @mamaknows_nutrition if anyone is looking for help with that!

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