EP31: Easter, Covid vaccine, bean protocol & what to focus on for progress

If you haven’t lost weight on the scale, but your measurements are down, then what you’re doing IS working!⁠⁠


Let me be frank. The scale is a ridiculous way to measure success.⁠⁠
Yes, it can help you monitor progress. But it’s just one of many tracking tools and it’s certainly not the best tool available.⁠⁠
Oftentimes, fat loss happens, and body composition changes, but the scale stays the exact same. It actually happens with A LOT of our clients.⁠⁠
The scale may not move, but their jeans are getting baggy, their waistline is becoming more defined, and their overall physique is tightening up.⁠⁠
If you’re waking up in the morning, getting on the scale, seeing the same numbers day after day BUT you’re also noticing your clothes feeling looser or catching glimpses of abs or arm muscles you didn’t see before, what you’re doing IS working.⁠⁠
I recommend using multiple methods to track physical progress such as:⁠⁠

▪️Taking measurements⁠⁠
▪️Progress pictures⁠⁠
▪️Using a specific set of clothes as a guideline⁠⁠
▪️Looking at yourself naked⁠⁠

Then the scale.⁠⁠
Because the scale cannot show you overall health improvements, fat-to-muscle gains, or physique changes. It will only show you a number. And you’re SO MUCH MORE than a number.⁠⁠

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