Easy WOD + Were We Hungry? {Day 5}

Hello, hello!

Here’s my final recap of the “WODs and Paleo Retreat” with Destino Retreats and The Trip Tribe. I’ve really enjoyed recapping my trip for you guys, and I hope you’ve really enjoyed reading about it!


On the final day of our trip, I woke up tired and sore (four days of non-stop activity plus a throwdown will do that to ya!), so I was a little slow starting my morning, but once I got moving, I felt better. Breakfast also helped me get going. I fell in love with the baked sweet potatoes and sausage from the Paleo menu at Bar Esquina, so I asked for two orders of each on my final morning. I will definitely miss this breakfast. It’s so simple, but so delicious and satisfying at the same time. It also makes some great pre-workout fuel!

IMG_3475 (800x600)

I also drank some fresh pressed juice with breakfast. This one had all sorts of fruits and veggies in it!

photo (29) (480x640)


After breakfast, our group headed to CrossFit 10 for our final workout. A bunch of us were sore after the throwdown the day before, so instead of having a formal class, everyone did their own thing””some people worked on lifts while others stretched and did mobility exercises. I knew my muscles would feel better once I got some blood flowing to them, so I did an easy WOD with a couple of the ladies from our group.

4 rounds (not for time):

500 meter row
400 meter run

solo remar crossfit

The first round didn’t feel great (at all), but, by the fourth round, I was feeling a whole lot better.

rowing at CrossFit 10




After our final WOD at CrossFit 10, we headed back to the hotel for lunch. I went with the shredded pork sandwich again, which came with sweet potato, beet, and plantain chips on the side.

IMG_3477 (800x600)

I also ordered some guacamole for dipping. (FYI: I ate a ridiculous amount of guacamole on this trip. It was so good, I could not get enough of it!)

IMG_3478 (800x600)

After lunch, about half of our group left for the airport to travel home. It was actually kind of sad saying goodbye to them””we had such a great time and experienced so many awesome things together. I didn’t want our experience to end. Even still, I have a feeling a bunch of us will keep in touch (and stalk each other on Instagram).

I spent the rest of the afternoon blogging, packing up my stuff, and sitting by the pool reading and drinking mocktails with Mal.

IMG_5095 (600x800)


Mal and I had an early flight the next morning, so we planned an early dinner for our final night in Cabo. A couple of the ladies on our trip also had an early-morning flight, so we all enjoyed dinner together at Bar Esquina.

IMG_3480 (800x600)

To start, I had the artichoke salad with arugula, fennel, and lemon juice.

IMG_3482 (800x600)

For my entrée, I went with the grilled sole with papaya salsa and roasted veggies. Mmm! So good!

IMG_3484 (800x600)

Since it was our final night in Cabo, I made sure to save room for dessert (from the non-Paleo menu, obviously): Toffee Sticky Pudding with vanilla ice cream. OMG, it was AMAZING!

IMG_3486 (600x800)

Since I received a lot of comments about the amount of food we ate on the trip, I thought I should address it on CNC. Personally, I thought the meals were plenty of food. I never felt hungry or unsatisfied after eating, and what I ate would typically sustain me through a workout and until the next meal without a problem. Mal, who is a good 25 pounds heavier than me, said the exact same thing. He thought the meals were satisfying, and he was rarely ever hungry between them. One gal on the trip even said the meals were more than she typically eats at home. Maybe my photos didn’t show it well, but we definitely had plenty of fuel before and after our workouts. I should also point out that I only showed you guys the Paleo meals I ate at Bar Esquina (since they were such an important part of this trip), and I occasionally snacked between meals when I was hungry. On the second day of the trip, we all went to a grocery store to buy healthy snacks to keep in our rooms/for the throwdown, so I always had something to munch on if I was hungry.

IMG_3487 (800x600)

During dinner, the four of us chatted about the trip””what our favorite part was (we all said stand-up paddle boarding) and whether it was what we expected. We all agreed that the trip was even better than we expected. We knew there would be CrossFit and adventures, but the food and coaching, in particular, surpassed our expectations. Bar Esquina at the Bahia Hotel went above and beyond with the Paleo menu and accommodating our special requests, and Ty and Josh were knowledgeable, helpful, creative, and motivating CrossFit coaches.

Another thing that exceeded our expectations was the value of the trip. My portion of the trip was sponsored, but what I paid for Mal was well worth it. The cost included accommodations at the Bahia Hotel, three meals a day, six CrossFit workouts with personal coaching, paddle boarding, a throwdown, a margarita night, and a sweet swag bag. Even just considering the hotel stay and meals, it’s already a great deal! Plus, some of the things I experienced on this trip (i.e. pushing myself out of my comfort zone on a number of occasions) were priceless (as cheesy as that might sound). All in all, it was an amazing trip and one I will never, ever forget. A huge THANK YOU to Destino Retreats and The Tripe Tribe for hosting me!

If you’re interested in participating in this same “WODs and Paleo Retreat,” Ty is hosting it again in November. She’s also hosting a similar one in Maui in December!

Questions of the Day

Have you ever taken a fitness vacation? If not, would you want to?


  1. Your trip looked amazing and all of the food looked so delicious. On a side note, I love how you and Mal always match..not in a creepy matchy-matchy way, but a cute, color coordinated, “Sadie Hawkins dance” way…lol

    P.S. I found similar sweet potato chips at Sam’s Club (not sure if you have those in Boston), but they are by the brand “TERRA”, which Sprouts and Whole Foods carries.

  2. Your trip looked absolutely incredible! I don’t crossfit but I do kickboxing and run, regardless I would LOVE a trip like this where workouts and fun beach adventures were included in the price!! Food looked amazing too. Glad you enjoyed yourself:)

  3. Looks incredible!! I’m definitely getting guacamole for lunch after seeing your pics. I would love to do a couples trip that’s focused around exercise… I’d definitely add a spa day at the end 🙂

  4. Wow. that looks like a super fulfilling day. that juice looks so tasty. do you know how to make it lol i would love to be able to try it

  5. Just wanted to say I enjoyed all the recap posts and totally understand how difficult they can be to write. Nice job and loved all the pics. But I would have gone for the food alone. 🙂

  6. Very interesting vacation. This is something that I plan to look into more because as I get older I find how important it is to do things to stay healthy. I’m 55 now and want to be around for all my grandchildren.

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