Throwdown at CrossFit 10 {Day 4}

On Day 4, Mal and I woke up to pouring rain, which might seem like a bummer since we were on vacation in Cabo, but the timing of the inclement weather worked out perfectly”¦

IMG_3286 (600x800)

Because we had a (indoor) throwdown with CrossFit 10 on the agenda! The four-hour throwdown included twelve 2-person teams and four workouts.

IMG_3287 (600x800)

Four workouts?! Yep, but all of them were short (5-8 minutes each) and a couple of them didn’t seem like workouts at all because they were so darn fun. Ty told us she has “workout ADD” (I have it too), so she tries to think “outside of the box” when she’s programming workouts, which definitely showed at the throwdown. We had a great mix of workouts!

IMG_3288 (800x600)

Here’s the Destino crew ready to throw down!

IMG_3290 (800x600)

For the 2-person teams, each of us was matched up with a member from CrossFit 10.

Mal was paired with Arturo.

IMG_3293 (600x800)

And I was paired with Mariela, who was incredibly sweet and an awesome partner. We became instant friends””and now Facebook friends!

IMG_3294 (800x600)

The first workout of the day was by far the hardest for me (and my quads). Listen to this workout”¦

IMG_3309 (800x600)

For 7 minutes, you and your partner squatted “n-sync” for 50 reps with a barbell between the two of you on your shoulders (95 pounds for men, 65 pounds for women).

IMG_3308 (800x600)

Then, you tossed a medicine ball back and forth over your racked barbell to your partner for another 50 reps””of course, making sure you went “below parallel” on each of your squats. (Oooh, baby, feel the burn!) Once you finished the med ball tosses, you started with the barbell squats again and tried to get as many rounds as possible of the two exercises.

IMG_3316 (800x600)

Holy goodness, my quads were smoked after this workout!

IMG_3315 (800x600)

IMG_3326 (800x600)

The second workout was the most “out of the box” of the bunch. The goal was to move a load (a bunch of plates) through an obstacle course as fast as possible in five minutes.

IMG_3365 (800x600)

I found this workout especially fun because I had never done anything like it before. I love new challenges, so the “newness” of the workout definitely motivated me.

IMG_3340 (800x600)

I grabbed two or three plates (depending on the weight) at a time and boogied over and under the obstacles as fast as I could.

IMG_3352 (800x600)

Mariela also carried multiple plates at a time, so we managed to move our load from one end of the gym to the other and back again, plus a half dozen plates, all in five minutes.

IMG_3351 (800x600)

IMG_3353 (800x600)

We were hauling ass and having a blast a the same time!

IMG_3356 (800x600)

After the second workout, everyone took a quick 20-minute break to rest and refuel. I drank some coconut water and snacked on a pecan & date bar from Whole Me, which came in our swag bags from Destino. It was made from pecans, dates, eggs, almond meal, and coconut oil, and it tasted really good. It was also satisfying, but not too filling, so it was the perfect snack between workouts.

IMG_3367 (800x600)

For workout #3, we had 5 minutes to work up to our heaviest weight for Push Press with our partner. (The guys did strict Presses just so we’d have enough plates for everyone.) After the 5 minutes was up, we did as many Dumbbell Ground-to-Overhead Presses as possible in 3 minutes. Our total score was both people’s heaviest Push Press + the number of Dumbbell Ground-to-Overhead Presses.

IMG_3369 (800x600)

Push Press is not my forte. I have horrible form and push out instead of up, which means I waste a lot of energy. Long story short, I only push pressed 105 pounds and was thankful to have Mariela as a partner.

IMG_3371 (800x600)

She put up 125 pounds and made it look easy! She could have easily kept going if we hadn’t run out of time.

IMG_3376 (800x600)

The final workout of the day was my favorite. It was a five-station relay of exercises (Burpees, sit-ups, kettlebell swings, Skaters, and plate push) that both you and your partner completed as fast a possible. It was basically a sprint through all of the exercises.

IMG_3401 (800x600)

IMG_3406 (600x800)

IMG_3413 (600x800)

Plate push = so hard.

IMG_3417 (800x600)

After the first three workouts, Mal and Arturo were only a few points behind the first place team. The final workout would determine the winners of the throwdown, which meant there was some serious competition going on””shirts even came off for the final WOD!

IMG_3424 (600x800)


IMG_3428 (800x600)

IMG_3434 (600x800)

It was a close relay between the two team, and Mal and Arturo gave it everything they had, but, ultimately, the other team won.

IMG_3437 (800x600)

After the final workout, CrossFit 10 broke out some celebratory beers!

IMG_3446 (800x600)

And then the winners received their golden kettlebell trophies! How fun are these things?

golden kettlebells


IMG_3457 (800x600)

The winners also received women’s t-shirts as prizes.

IMG_3460 (800x600)

There was a little mix up with the sizes, so the guys had some fun with it! Haha!

IMG_3462 (800x600)

Good times with CrossFit 10!

IMG_3451 (800x535)


After the throwdown, the Destino crew headed back to the hotel and chowed down. We were starving! Bar Esquina put together a fantastic, family-style meal for us. On the menu:

Ceviche with sweet potato, beet, and plantain chips

IMG_3467 (800x600)

Salad with avocado

IMG_3468 (800x600)

Salad with mango

IMG_3469 (600x800)

Grilled sole with papaya salsa and roasted veggies

IMG_3470 (800x600)

Grilled chicken with roasted veggies

IMG_3471 (800x600)

And sorbet for dessert!

IMG_3473 (800x600)

A huge meal after a CrossFit competition was a fabulous way to end the day!

photo (25)

A huge THANK YOU to CrossFit 10 for hosting us at the throwdown!

One more recap post to come!


  1. What an incredible time you guys had! I am seriously amazed at what CrosFit has done for you & Mal. Your commitment and enthusiasm has me interested in checking it out.

  2. Even though it was raining, it still looks super awesome. It must be such a cool experience!
    And wow that Lunch after your workout looks so fabulous. I’m sure that meal was much looked forward to after:)

  3. I have a kind of dumb question, what does WOD stand for? I see it on all CrossFit stuff is it Work Out of the Day? Also, you both look amazing as always, thanks for sharing and being such a great inspiration!

  4. Wow my legs hurt reading your post! Those 4 workouts sound like a lot of fun and definitely something I would enjoy. Everyone looks like they are having a blast. You all seem like a great group to train with.

  5. Nice pics and it looks that you people had good time at CrosFit. The lunch looks so sumptuous and hope you guys had a great time

  6. Tina, What shorts do you work out in? I love the look of the Nike Pro shorts, but not how they fit and yours look so cute on you. Do they ride up as you work out? I want some to run in but worry I’ll be at red lights pulling them down 🙂 Thanks!!

  7. Longtime reader, just wondering if the “click to conitnue” to read is going to become a regular part of each of your posts.

    1. It won’t. Just longer posts. I got a few complaints about how long my blog took to load because of all of the photos in my Cabo posts, so I added that to speed things up.

  8. Ah what a fun day! I love that the workouts were so creative and different. We did plate pushes at the gym for the first time about a month ago and it was tough! I hope we incorporate them more!

  9. Loving your recaps! Such a creative competition they came up with to encourage you and your team mate to work as hard as possible. I can’t believe those squats you did! Not sure I could even come close to holding a barbell with a partner while squatting yet. Haha! Great job!

  10. wow you guys kicked butt!!

    I thought of you last night while I was at the Yard House in Dedham-not sure if you knew, they make home made Ginger Beer!

  11. After reading this, I cannot wait for my workout today! I’m always motivated to get moving after reading your recaps…and seeing how awesome your body looks. I know you had a good time, but I bet you are sooo happy to be snuggling with Murphy again. 🙂

  12. That looks amazing – both the food and the workouts. I’ve never done crossfit, but the more I read about it on this blog, the more interested I get. It seems like a fantastic community and a lot of fun!

  13. Wow! I would be dead after that workout!! Great job! 🙂 I have a weird question about cross-fit… does your body stop feeling sore after awhile? I mean being sore is not the worst pain in the world, but I was just wondering how your body feels after a workout like that, cause if I was sore It be super hard for me to complete the next one! 🙂


  14. I’ve been LOVING these recaps.
    I’ve honestly never been too interested in trying Crossfit to date (I’m a runner, and struggle fitting in strength training), but these recaps have made me think about it. You guys seem like you are having the time of your lives, and getting killer work outs in while doing it.
    There’s a box less than a mile from my place in Denver… I’m seriously contemplating if I should go check it out!

  15. Pingback: Easy WOD {Day 5}
  16. This is awesome! You have really made me so interested in Crossfit and I’m finally going to put my big girl pants on and try it! Glad you had such a fun time!

  17. Looks like a blast and the food looks amazing! Plus, you are an inspiration – all that fun work on vacay! But I have a question – you mentioned you were sore. How sore do you have to be to not do a work out? I ask because on Sunday part of my workout was 50 squats with a kettlebell. My quads are still sore and it’s Wednesday! The soreness has gradually gone away but I’ve kept my workouts since then a little lighter. Last night I was supposed to run but since my quads were still screaming I switched up my schedule and headed to the gym this morning instead.

    1. If I’m sore, but have NO energy for a workout, I take a rest day. If I’m just sore and warming up makes me feel better, I’ll usually do a low-key workout (like I did after the throwdown). It’s really up to you and how you feel.

  18. Oh my gosh, I think I would have died with that first workout. I’m sure the soreness after and the knowledge you did good to your body was worth it, but GEEZ! All of them sound like they were adequately challenging and fun. What a great vacation!

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