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Hello, hello!

I’m driving out to my grandmother’s house in a little bit to set up for my sister’s baby shower, which is tomorrow morning. (I can’t wait!!) I needed to buy a bunch of last-minute items for it, so I did our grocery shopping for the week while I was out running errands. Mal and I totally winged it last week after being in Ireland, so I was all about meal planning this week. We have a bunch of yummy meals planned!


Here’s what’s on the agenda this week:

  • Sunday: Ham and provolone wraps with lettuce and tomato
  • Monday: Vegetarian Cottage Pie
  • Tuesday: Garlic Mustard Drumsticks with roasted broccoli and rice
  • Wednesday: Pepper and sweet potato hash with bacon
  • Thursday: Homemade pizza with peppers and onions
  • Friday: Out to dinner
  • Saturday: Out to dinner

Question of the Day

How was your morning? What are you up to today?

Meal planning: yay or nay?



  1. Dang, girl! That’s some serious grocery shopping – and a delicious sounding weekly menu πŸ™‚ I’m all for meal planning, though admittedly I’ve been slacking a bit lately.

  2. I’ve just begun weekly meal planning as well as weekly grocery shopping trips and honestly, it has revolutionized my life. And my grocery budget. It’s fantastic! It takes away the stress that comes with a glance at the clock at 4:30 pm and then the dreadful thought, “what am I going to make my family for dinner?”. I’ll never slack πŸ™‚

  3. Always meal plan but I’m a “night before tend to come up with a new masterplan” kind of girl unfortunately…it’s goes to plan about 50% of the week! πŸ™‚ Was working today, presentation tomorrow followed by the 10k run along the streets of Dublin at 9 tomorrow night!

  4. How exciting! Have a fabulous time at the shower. For some reason your brocolli and rice mention had me excited. Clearly I need to get out more!

    I always meal plan – partly for budgeting purposes and partly because eating Paleo means I need to be more organised as it’s harder to grab and go when I can’t rely on convenience foods.

    This morning I had a lovely walk along the seafront and have got lots of stuff done today, including a life plan for the next few years. Big tick!

  5. Wow! I think that’s the most food I’ve ever seen you purchase-it all looks yummy. I prefer to meal plan too but I’m not very consistent. Things sure are easier when I do though. You have been a good influence on me!
    Today I kayaked for an hour around a lake, biked 5 hilly miles, then did a 2.5 mile run/walk (the first time in 2 1/2 months-healing an ITB injury). It felt really good to get back out there again. I feel good right now. We’ll see how it is tomorrow-ha!

  6. I ran my first official 5k today! So it was a good day!

    I need to start meal planning. I definatley think it would help me stick to my budget and stay healthy! Thanks for the post!

  7. What do you plan on using the bag of kale for? I have a bag and don’t want it to go to waste but have no iedas.

  8. Today started with a trip to Petsmart to drop off Roco for grooming. After that I had a softball game.

    As far as meal planning, I really wish I could stick with it. It would make things so much easier. I do plan on my snacks and lunches for work so that’s a start.

  9. Had a killer workout at CrossFit, got a very much needed deep tissue massage for my neck and shoulders, and baked some AMAZING M&M cookies… actually it’s been quite an excellent day!

  10. I really should be better at meal planning, since I’m a college girl on a budget. BUT I’m really good at saving my money for weekend festivities instead :).

    I have the Dam to Dam 20k in a month, so I’ve begun to kick my training into high gear. Today however, I needed to give my legs a rest, so I just did a flat 4.5 mile run this morning. I feel fabulous!

  11. Somewhere in the middle of yay and nay?? I like the concept of meal planning, and I would be happy to put in the work for it {I am a huge fan of weekly food prep}, but it doesn’t work so well for my lifestyle right now. I live by myself, so making a whole meal is often tedious and then I have to eat it a bunch of times. I prefer to prep all my ingredients in the fridge, then pick and choose what I’m going to throw in a pan for dinner!

  12. We started meal planning and it makes a huge difference health and timewise! As long as Ben plans things out (I am so recipe dumb) I avoid going back to my “staples’ of homemade pizza, turkey burgers, etc and branch out. It is time consuming but worth it.

    We spent the day getting ready for my big girls 5th b-party…can you believe it!?

  13. I try to meal plan because it keeps me on budget rather then running to the store daily. But, with my work schedule I sometimes don’t get it done. I prefer to preplan before I shop.

  14. it’s so hard for me to meal plan because i never know what i’m going to feel like that week! i usually buy my usual staples then make sure i have a bunch of fruit and veggies on hand to create with. proteins (chicken, fish) i buy the day i use them, but it’s easier for me since i live in italy and i have my daily market i can run to! i love seeing what you buy though! it gives me great ideas! πŸ™‚

  15. A good day, so far. Three days a week hubby and I do a HIIT workout together. Got it done this morning.

    Meal planning? For sure! I never go to the store without a list. I’ve learned that lesson the hard way. πŸ™‚

  16. I plan our meals just like you, it’s a must in our busy household and in my opinion the best way to ensure we’re eating well balanced meals! I enjoy reading your weekly menu, great ideas…thanks!

    Enjoy the baby shower today!

  17. Impressive.

    I have my usual weekly buys: salmon, organic greens, carrots, unsweetened coconut milk, sweet potatoes, sardines, eggs, but I don’t do any meal planning.
    I eat a lot of salads and change up the veggies and different oil and balsamic based salad dressings to add variety.

    I think its awesome you have it all planned out though! its great to come home and have a plan when you are famished and wondering “whats for din”

    Today I am getting in a good sweat, pool party, and Killers concert woop woop to it being Sunday!

  18. I love meal planning! I try to do it as much as I can right now, but since I am still in college it is kind of hard. But I fully plan on meal planning once I get married in June!

  19. I love meal planning, it makes the week so much easier! You make me feel normal because Jon and I normally go out for dinner on Friday and most of the times Saturday. Ha-ha. This week I have “Healthy” Chicken Enchiladas, TR Butternut Squash Raviolis with Cream Sauce, and your Chicken with Olives recipe with TR roasted potatoes! πŸ™‚

  20. I don’t usually meal plan unless there is an unusual recipe that I really want to try! I go to the farmers market down the street from me and just buy whatever looks the freshest, then go to the grocery store and buy whatever is on sale, and just wing it! It sounds a little odd but I usually come up with some unusual and yummy meal combinations from what I end up with!

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