Boilermaker Weekend: Part II

Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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On the morning of the Boilermaker 15K, our plan was to leave the house at 6:15 AM to get everyone to the start line on time. I have a whole pre-race routine, so I woke up at 5:15, ate breakfast, got dressed, and did my thing.


Matt’s family laid-out all of the essentials for a great pre-race breakfast: peanut butter, bananas, bread, English muffins, banana bread, and, of course, coffee. I went with my usual peanut butter + banana on an English muffin. I also drank a small cup of coffee with milk.


We arrived at the race just before 7:00 AM, so we had plenty of time to hit the porta-potties/pee in the woods, warm-up, stretch, and get out our pre-race jitters. Surprisingly, I wasn’t all that nervous. Usually, my stomach is a mess before the start of a race, but I was totally cool before this one.

Just before 8:00 AM, everyone started to line up in the corrals, so I said goodbye to Mal, Matt, and his family. (They all had lower bib numbers, so they were in the front corrals.)

IMG_1423 (750x560)

At 8:00 AM the gun went off and about 2 minutes later, my corral was crossing the start line. Woohoo!

IMG_1425 (750x560)

My enthusiasm quickly faded as I trucked uphill for the first three miles of the race. Holy moly, they were brutal. Mentally, this totally crushed me. My goal for the race was an 8:30 pace, but I hovered around 8:40 for the first three miles, so it was pretty discouraging. Although, I have to admit, I smiled when I reached the top of the big hill at mile 3 and saw the mile maker, which said: “Isn’t running fun?” Ha! Love it!

  • Mile 1: 8:45
  • Mile 2: 8:32
  • Mile 3: 8:42


Around mile 4, there was some really pretty scenery along the course. I wasn’t feeling so hot at this point in the race, so I slowed my pace and enjoyed the views.

IMG_1430 (750x560)

Miles 4 and 5 were crazy-fun. Everyone took advantage of the downhills and flew! At one point, a group of 3 or 4 runners yelled “out of the way” as they came barreling down the hill. These two miles definitely gave me some confidence because I managed to keep up my pace for mile 6 too.

  • Mile 4: 9:09
  • Mile 5: 7:58
  • Mile 6: 8:35

IMG_1427 (750x560)

I guess I pushed it too hard on mile 6 because by the time I reached mile 7, I really started to lose my mojo. The hills were kicking my butt, so my legs were tired and heavy, and the sun finally came out, so it started to get hot and humid. I just wasn’t in a good place, so I changed my goal for the race from holding an 8:30 pace to simply not stopping to walk.

  • Mile 7: 9:24
  • Mile 8: 8:52

IMG_1431 (750x560)

The last mile of the race was uphill once again. It wasn’t a steep hill, but it seemed like it lasted forever. I knew I was almost finished, so I picked up the pace as much as I could, but I felt like I was barely moving.

  • Mile 9: 9:21

The final 0.3 of the race was downhill (thank God), so as soon as I hit the 9-mile marker, I sprinted to the finish line. I felt absolutely terrible, but I just wanted the race to be over. I finished in 1:21:50 (8:47 pace). It wasn’t my best race, but I really enjoyed it. Isn’t running fun?!? The crowds and volunteers were amazing (they reminded me a lot of the ones from the Falmouth Road Race) and the post-race party was really great””probably the best I’ve ever experienced after a race.

IMG_1434 (750x560)

There was live music.

IMG_1436 (750x560)


IMG_1435 (560x750)

And plenty of free beer!

IMG_1437 (750x560)

Beer me!

IMG_1439 (750x560)

Good times!

IMG_1441 (750x560)

After the race, we enjoyed a couple of beers and then headed back to Matt’s parents’ house to shower and get ready to go to White Lake.

IMG_7757 (750x563)

It was the perfect way to spend the day.

IMG_7735 (750x563)

IMG_7741 (750x563)


For lunch, I ate a couple of pieces of pizza.

IMG_7736 (750x563)

And some “tomato pie,” which is basically pizza minus the melty cheese + grated Parmesan. It’s really good. I also snacked on some cherries, pineapple, and some tortilla chips throughout the day.

IMG_7734 (750x563)

And I drank some wine.

IMG_7742 (750x563)

This little guy had a blast at the lake.

IMG_7744 (563x750)

So did these guys. Handsom devils, aren’t they?

IMG_7745 (750x563)

Kristin, Matt, and Mal.

IMG_7747 (750x563)


Dinner was potluck style, so there were all sorts of goodies to choose from.

IMG_7751 (563x750)

I went with some broccoli pasta salad, mixed beans, pulled pork, and half of a caramel chip cookie. (I ate several bites before I snapped a pic, which is why the portion looks so small.)

IMG_7752 (750x563)

IMG_7753 (563x750)

IMG_7754 (750x563)

After spending most of the day at the lake, we drove back to Matt’s parents’ house. He and Kristin just got engaged, so we celebrated with champagne. CHEERS! How adorable are they?

IMG_7772 (563x750)

IMG_7770 (563x750)

IMG_7769 (563x750)

IMG_7766 (563x750)

IMG_7767 (563x750)

The evening ended with more champagne and even more cheese and crackers.

IMG_7786 (750x563)

The next morning, Matt’s mom showed us the local newspaper.

IMG_7788 (750x563)

Look who made the front page! So cool! I’m so proud of Mal.

FYI: Mal’s training for the Boilermaker involved running a single 5K in the past year. Um, yea. Imagine how fast he’d be if he actually trained for it!!

Awesome weekend! Thank you so much for hosting us, Mr. & Mrs. H! Miss you already, Matthew and Kristin!



  1. Yum – tomato pie! This was how my Grandmother used to make homemade pizza. She never used mozzarella – only grated italian cheese. So good! I miss it! I’ve never seen a place that makes it like that.

  2. Loved this whole recap!! All of that food looks so yummy, and so worth that 9 mile run :)… which great job for not walking girl even when you felt the worst!

    That’s awesome about the paper… you have a celebrity on your hands 🙂

  3. This year was my first Boilermaker and aside from the killer hills, it was easily the most fun race I have ever run! Loved the post-race party with the free beer and CHOBANI! =)

  4. My goal this year wasn’t to earn a personal best but to work on my running strategy and consistency. I find myself fading at each race I run. I go out too hard and then see each lap get slower and slower. I want to reserve a enough in the tank to finish the race strong. I wanted to feel good with an 8:06 minutes per mile pace. This is the pace I need maintain at a half marathon to earn a spot in corral C in the Chicago Marathon. I accomplished what I needed to get done and headed to the post-run tent to enjoy the food they offered.

  5. Congrats on running the Boilermaker!! Utica is my home town and the Boilermaker is one of the biggest events of then year. I love tomato pie, grew up eating it! I didn’t see a halfmoon on your plate, that is another Utica favorite. Next time try to get one, you will love it!

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