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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Hi, friends! I’m headed back east and blogging from the flight right now. (I caved and bought the super expensive internet again. What can I say, I really like blogging.)


I was on my own for breakfast this morning (the other Fitfluential ambassadors headed home last night and early today), so I hit up the café in the hotel lobby. I ordered an egg, bacon, and cheese sandwich on an English muffin, a banana, and an iced coffee with soy milk. The egg sandwich was super cheesy and wonderful, but the bacon was a little weird, so I took a few bites and then tossed the rest in the trash. Weird bacon = no bueno. The banana was awesome (obviously) and the iced coffee was amazing (duh).

IMG_7987 (480x640) (480x640)

I spent the rest of the morning writing my Health post and organizing my photos from the CrossFit Games. I took over 400 photos in the past 3 days, so expect a few more posts in the coming days!


My wonderful and amazing friend Monica offered to drive me to the airport this afternoon, so we grabbed lunch at Sharky’s Woodfired Mexican Grill before heading to LAX so we could hang out (and eat).

IMG_8516 (640x480)

Sharky’s is a “fresh-mex grill” with a healthy and interesting menu””burritos, tacos, and salads made with natural and organic ingredients. It’s a take-out-style restaurant, so Monica and I placed our orders and then sat down at a table to wait for one of the Sharky’s folks to bring out our food once it was ready.

IMG_8517 (480x640)

There were a lot of delicious-sounding options on the menu, but I eventually decided on Chicken Lettuce Wraps. (I’m sort of obsessed with lettuce wraps lately. I also ate them for dinner last night.)

IMG_8519 (640x480)

I added fire roasted salsa, hot sauce, and jalapenos to my lettuce wraps””holy hotness! My mouth was on fire and my face was sweating! Yowsahs!

IMG_8522 (640x480)

After lunch, Monica dropped me off at the airport. As always, it was so nice to see her. She’s good people. I think our next get-together is in September for Fitbloggin’. Woohoo!

IMG_8523 (480x640)

I arrived at the airport about two hours before my flight was supposed to depart.

IMG_8524 (640x480)

To pass the time, I bought some Pretzel M&Ms, kicked my feet up, and read WOD Talk, which had a great article about Julie Foucher. After her amazing performance at the CrossFit Games, I am totally in love/obsessed with her… and I may or may not have met her last night. No big deal.

IMG_8534 (480x640)

A little while later, I was still hungry, so I bought a banana to snack on.

IMG_8535 (480x640)

Shortly after I ate my banana, we boarded the plane to Boston. Even though I had an absolute blast in California over these past few days, I am ready to get home. I miss my guys.


I ordered dinner on the plane, which was a turkey sandwich with Havarti cheese, pesto, tomato, and arugula. The pesto totally made the sandwich””what a delicious addition. Dessert was a small piece of dark chocolate.

IMG_8539 (640x480)

I also drank cranberry juice and water with my dinner.

IMG_8537 (640x480)

Question of the Day

What do you look forward to most after coming home from a trip?

Mine are””in this order””seeing Mal and Murphy, sleeping in my own bed, and eating my own food. I miss my nut butter and smoothies!



  1. What a great trip! The first night’s sleep in my own bed is the best thing after being away. It’s closely tied with eating my own food, too. You can only eat out so many times before it gets really old!

  2. When I am on a trip without my kids, they are obviously first!! I get butterflies in my tummy when I am on the ride home to see them, lol! Next up would be my bed. No matter how comfy the hotel bed is, it just isn’t the same as sleeping at home!!

  3. Definitely sleeping in my own bed. My bed is just so much more comfortable than any other. *shrugs* Cuddling with my kitty is a VERYCLOSE second.

    Glad you had fun. That trip looked amazing.

  4. Wait a minute, no nut butter yet??

    Can’t wait for more posts about the Crossfit Games. Between you talking about Crossfit & my Sister In Law talking about it, I feel like I may have to give it a shot at some point.

  5. I no longer travel without my husband, so I think getting back to my bed and food is probably my favorite. I also crave routine after a long vacation.

  6. You met Julie Foucher?! That is amazing! I can’t wait to see the rest of your recaps and pictures from the games! I love that feeling of getting home from a trip and getting back into the routine of things. There’s something about unpacking, getting laundry done, heading back to the gym/CrossFit that is so comforting to me after a trip!

  7. Yeah I totally miss my own food….as much fun as vacation eats are, I’m always ready to get back to my healthy and delicious routine.

  8. I definitely miss that whole sleeping in my own bed and eating my own food. Being lactose intolerant, a vegetarian and just generally having a sensitive stomach, traveling can be difficult on my body so I always look forward to coming home and eating the way I normally do.

  9. Coming home after traveling (i.e. staying in little rooms), makes me appreciate my condo. It’s not the biggest place ever, but I take for granted how much room it really is. Coming home helps me realize this.

    I also love sleeping in my own bed and cooking in my kitchen. 🙂

  10. Welcome back girl. Sounds like you had a great trip :). Hope you and the family enjoyed the first night back together again!

    If I’m traveling without my husband, than obv my husband. But if were traveling together, it’d be our dog Roxy, our bed & just getting back to the normal days.

  11. I always look forward to my dog, my man, my own bed, and my normal routine for sure. It always throws me off when I’m not in my normal routine.

  12. I’m seriously worried about your banana intake girl! My son loves them too, I cut him off at about a bushel a week.

  13. I was just traveling this weekend too and was thinking about the stuff I missed.

    I missed my kale, hot sauce and Greek yoghurt for breakfast. The rest of the day is relatively easy, but I need my solid breakfasts!

  14. Having fun reading your recap!
    After being gone from home, I always look forward to being able to open my fridge and pour a cold iced tea anytime I want!

  15. julie was my pick to win the games. i dont know how she does it, handling training with being in med school and all. i was super bummed she didn’t win, but so proud of her for getting 2nd!

  16. I look forward to just getting back into a routine. When I’m away from my own place of habit I usually fall out of my regular daily routine, and I’m one of those people who needs to stick to one or else I get all discombobulated. I like sleeping in my own bed and eating my own food as well. Wish I had a pup to come home to like you! Someday..

    1. I pretty much delete all of my photos after I blog them, but for the ones I save, I organize them by event (Fitbloggin) or category (Murphy).

  17. I have enjoyed reading about your trip and the crossfit games.. my boyfriend is obsessed with xfit here in CT 🙂 your meals look great, too! Seems like it is not that hard to eat well on the plane these days. That’s is a HUGE plus and seems like we have sure come a long way. I always enjoy getting back home after a vacation.. it’s almost like you “need a vacation from your vacation”, ha!

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