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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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An in-depth, 4-week reverse dieting course for women who feel like their metabolism has slowed down, think they might have hormonal imbalance and can’t lose weight no matter what they do.

The first half of Saturday went like this: breakfast, Reebok presentation, WOD, lunch. It was sort of like a WOD sandwich with a little bit of Reebok mixed in between meals. Ok, that was a totally weird sentance. Did it even make sense? Let’s just go with it, ok?


Bright and early on Saturday morning, Reebok hosted a continental breakfast at the hotel where I was staying. Since my body was on East coast time, I woke up ridiculously early. I was hungry, so I ate some trail mix and drank an iced coffee before heading down to breakfast #2 of the day.

IMG_8197 (640x480)

On the menu: bagels and fruit.

IMG_8199 (640x480)

Potatoes and bacon.

IMG_8200 (480x640)

Cheesy eggs.

IMG_8201 (640x480)

Juice, yogurt, and coffee.

IMG_8198 (640x480)

I grabbed a Mighty Mango Naked juice and then filled my plate with eggs and potatoes. (Sorry, forgot to snap a “before” photo of my plate.)

IMG_8202 (480x640)

After breakfast, we headed into a nearby conference room to hear an hour-long presentation from Reebok about some of the new CrossFit gear they are coming out with in the next few months.

IMG_8208 (640x480)

Chris Froio, Head of Global Fitness and Training, told us they’ve listened to feedback from both elite athletes as well as the CrossFit community in general to create their new product line, which includes lots of bright colors, compression gear, and fabrics that move with you. Reebok even took into consideration common tattoo placements on people’s bodies when designing some of their athletic tops. A number of styles allow side or upper back tattoos to peak through when doing upper body movements. That’s kind of cool, right? It’s really great that Reebok is listening to what the CrossFit community has to say.

IMG_8209 (480x640)IMG_8214 (480x640)IMG_8219 (480x640)


After the presentation, we all got on a bus and drove to CrossFit Marina in Huntington Beach for a workout.

IMG_8222 (640x480)

IMG_8237 (640x480)

I love visiting new boxes.

IMG_8224 (640x480)

Once we all got settled, Blair and Lauren (CrossFit coaches) gave us a brief overview and then took us through a warm-up.

IMG_8225 (480x640)

The warm-up included the Samson stretch, shoulder pass-throughs, walking lunges, high kicks, and push-ups.

IMG_8228 (640x480)

IMG_8229 (640x480)

IMG_8230 (640x480)

Then, we learned how to properly do Burpees.

IMG_8231 (640x480)

And Air Squats.

IMG_8232 (640x480)

And then it was time to WOD!

IMG_8241 (640x480)

I loved this workout because everyone could do it (there were a number of people who had never done CrossFit before) and you could really push yourself for the entire 12 minutes. I finished 8 rounds + 15 (7 air squats, 7 kettlebell swings + 1 Burpee).

Fitfluential ambassadors post-workout: Joe, me, Jess, Heather, and Scott.

IMG_8238 (640x480)

Just the ladies!

IMG_8235 (640x480)

Check out those guns!

IMG_8242 (640x480)


After the workout, we drove back to the hotel for lunch.

IMG_8246 (480x640)

IMG_8247 (640x480)

IMG_8250 (480x640)IMG_8251 (480x640)

There was a fun seating area with a couch at lunch, so Jess and I took advantage of the photo opp.

IMG_8249 (640x480)

IMG_8259 (640x480)

IMG_8257 (640x480)

On the menu for lunch: beet salad with red cabbage and celery and a broccoli salad with sliced almonds, raisins, and bacon. Both were excellent.

IMG_8252 (480x640)

Also, protein: ribs and chicken breast.

IMG_8253 (640x480)

My plate:

IMG_8262 (640x480)

After lunch, we showered up and headed to the CrossFit Games. Part 2 of Saturday is coming up next! Stay tuned!



  1. I love the tattoo idea Reebok has.

    I think that usually when people have tattoos they love to show them off (I have 4 right now and I love it when people notice/ask questions) so specifically designing a workout top that allows you to show them off is definitely an awesome concept in my opinion.

  2. I’ve been hearing SO much about CrossFit lately that I think I need to check out a class. I’m a little bit intimidated by it all, but is it really for a beginner? I’m bouncing back from knee surgery and of course, I want to mix up my routine a bit.

  3. hihi Tina~~can you tell me about what you drink daily?? only water??? Sometimes I think water is too tasteless…

    1. Yep, water and iced coffee. Lots of both! 🙂 What about adding a little bit of sliced fruit (lemon, lime, orange, etc.) to your water for some flavor? Or cucumber slices or fresh mint?

    2. @christine: BTW, I started to drink ice coffee with unsweet almond milk since you told us about your ice coffee~ it still taste good!! Do you also use sweeten soymilk/sweet almond milk??just like original one??

  4. All these crossfit posts are making want to try it! It looks like the type of workout I’d enjoy. Plus, if you get to eat all that delicious food… Yum!!

  5. WOW…Crossfit Marina is literally around the corner from my office. I always see people running around the block and doing crazy lunges with weights….I just started following your blog, and I’m very interested in learning more about crossfit. It seems like a great workout and you make it seem like so much fun (in a kick your butt and leave you for dead kind of way 🙂 Anyways…really enjoying your blog and all the workout tips/meal ideas!!!!

  6. Teen, I request a burpee vid reflecting the technique you learned! Your videos are too few and far between! xo my fit friend!

  7. Random question, Did you try the beet salad with red cabbage? That sounds and looks amazing! I am wondering if they roasted the beets or if they were raw.

    1. Actually, a little bit. One of the coaches suggested jumping in with a wider stance. I guess my feet were too narrow, so I wasn’t as stable as I could be.

  8. I can’t wait for those colorful socks to come out, I was trying to figure out where to buy them when I saw all the athletes wearing them in the games. Love the colors!!

  9. You and your posts have really inspired me to try CrossFit! I’ve always been a little wary of it in fear of gaining weight and looking bulky”¦ you look AWESOME! I’ve tried a few workouts that I’ve found online in the past, but finally got my butt to a box yesterday and I loved every second of it. The atmosphere was something you can’t find at a normal gym and I’ve already purchased my first package for the intro classes. So thank you, thank you, thank you!

  10. Love the pink and yellow work-out top — can I ask what brand it is/where you got it! PS, love your blog! Keep up the awesome work 🙂

  11. hi tina,
    i think i asked about this before the last time you went to a Reebok event, but this Crossfit event seems overwhelmingly white — where are the people of color? Do you think there is a reason that Crossfit or Reebok isn’t attracting more diversity? What do you think could be done to improve this? (I don’t know much about Crossfit, but from your descriptions, it sounds like “the box” is pretty bare bones with a little equipment — which could be ideal for underserviced communities looking for exercise options.)

    1. Hi! Not Tina, but I’ll give you my opinion (if you care!) haha. I know my crossfit box is mainly white men and women. I don’t know why there are so many white people but I do know that x fit sells mainly to people with money becuase it is a little pricey (esp. compared to a gym membership). I know when I was in college I couldn’t afford a crossfit membership b/c of the price. Maybe that is a reason? or maybe where the crossfit boxes are located also plays into the lack of diversity. Just my two cents!

      1. @mel: I think another thing that gets overlooked when these questions come up is that the US is nearly 80% white, so even if CrossFit perfectly represented the US population, it would still be overwhelmingly white. So if CrossFit is 90% (I have no idea if this is true, just using it as a hypothetical), while the seams horribly exclusive, it’s really only about 12% off of what you would get if you took a completely random sample from the US. And if you look at the other countries in which CrossFit is largest (UK, Iceland, Australia, Norway, Sweden, Finland), they are even more “white” than the US is.

  12. I have never completed a WOD. But you guys look great! I might need to look for a crossfit here in st louis!

  13. Hi I have followed your blog for some time and noticed how lean you have become. Can I ask is this just down to Crossfit do you think? Also, would you say Crossfit is similar to a Bootcamp style workout? Im trying to get lean and not binge on sugar so much but its a real struggle!

    1. It’s definitely CrossFit, but even more so, I think it’s my diet. I’ve really cleaned it up and don’t eat nearly as much sugar as I used to.

      Some parts of CrossFit are similar to bootcamp-style workouts, but CrossFit is a lot more involved with Olympic lifts, gymnastics, etc.

  14. Can I be nosey and ask how you changed your diet and do you have any tips on curbing sugar intake? I seem to be fine, then I’ll have a bit of chocolate and before I know it I’ve eaten 2 bars!

  15. I have done crossfit once. It was an unpleasant experience because of the coach. If I did it again I’d go to a different location. The workout was good and I definitely was sweating after (posssibly partly due to the coach making me move too much weight and partly due to my stubbornness), but I race my bicycle competetively and didn’t feel like those 15-min (or whatever) workouts would ever do enough to prepare me to race. I love that they have motivated people who wouldn’t otherwise work out, tho!

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