Baby To Do List {9 Weeks to Go}

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Let the countdown begin!

There are approximately 9 weeks until Baby Haupert arrives, so it’s definitely time to get moving on the things on our Baby To Do List. If I missed anything major, please let me know!


  • Finish baby registry
  • Find a pediatrician
  • Pick up breast pump <— FYI for expectant moms: Call your health insurance company about getting a free one!
  • Take baby education class
  • Install car seat
  • Put together baby gear
  • Wash baby clothing and bedding
  • Figure out Mal’s paternity leave
  • Add Baby Haupert to our health insurance plan



  • Buy storage trunk for bedroom
  • Replace bedroom door
  • Set up home gym in basement
  • Organize kitchen
  • Create weekly chore list
  • Repaint front door
  • Hire chimney sweep

labor & delivery

  • Tour hospital
  • Pack bag for hospital
  • Create labor playlist
  • Line up dog sitter


  • Create wills
  • Look into setting up a college savings account
  • Put CrossFit membership on hold


  • Go out to a fancy dinner with Mal
  • Spa day
  • Buy nursing bras and/or tanks
  • Figure out time off from CNC and/or plan posts ahead of time
  • Make a baby weight loss plan



  1. I would suggest NOT washing all of your baby clothes, especially if you have a lot of newborn sizes. Depending on the size of your baby, he may not be in those clothes very long. (Mine children were born too big for some of the newborn sized clothes!) Anything you don’t use, but have already washed, can’t be returned. Might be best to have a few things ready to go, and wait and see what Baby Haupert needs / fits into.

  2. So well organized! Can’t believe he will be here in 9 weeks! Just a little side note on the baby weight loss plan especially since you are nursing… I would enjoy the time off and take it day by day on what your body can handle 🙂 Last year after I had my little guy I remember thinking of all the fitness things I wanted to do & in the end I need more rest time than anything!!

  3. Oh man. This list is overwhelming me and I don’t even have to do it all.
    I haven’t been there, so I can’t speak from experience, but a lot of the weight will come off in the first few weeks between what you lose from baby and delivery and all that extra fluid you’re carrying. If you’re nursing, you’ll tend to lose the weight a bit more quickly (though I hear you tend to hang on to about 5 pounds that won’t go away until you’re done breast feeding as the body needs a little extra something to help produce the milk). I really wouldn’t be worried and just roll with the punches at first.

    1. @Stephanie @ Whole Health Dork: I’m actually 5 lbs less than I was pre-pregnancy and I’m still nursing. HOWEVER, I lost the first 30 (I gained 40) in the first 6 weeks, then stalled for 6 more weeks, and then at the 3 month mark I started losing quickly again. Apparently breastfeeding moms report the greatest weight loss in the 3-6 month period, and during that time breastmilk shifts to have a greater fat content.

  4. I’m right there with you! I’m almost at 35 weeks (eep!) and have spent the last few weeks feeling like we have SO much to do. Luckily, my husband is amazing and has picked up on my need to finish nesting and we’ve made some really great progress.

    I’ve been trying to focus on the things that definitely need to happen prior to baby getting here: Getting diaper supplies, having a place for him to sleep, having a good little place that’s set up for nursing, making sure we have enough clothes for him to wear. Ultimately, I know that if our new floors aren’t finished being installed the day he arrives that baby won’t notice at all, but that sure would be nice to have done.

    Trying to finish the To Do List while also remembering to stay calm and not stress out might be the hardest part… I’m at the point where I’ve decided to work 4 day weeks in an effort to keep the balance. Making this baby is hard work and if I need a bit of extra downtime every week, then I deserve it, dammit! haha!

  5. Good luck and get going! My 3 all arrived between 37-38 weeks, that tends to happen when you’re active 🙂

  6. Don’t buy nursing bras until your milk comes in. Trust me. You have no idea what size you’ll actually be. For the first two months you may be one suez and then after that they will regulate themselves. Trust me.

    1. Totally agree! I suggest nursing tanks while in the hospital instead… Speaking from mommy and labor nurse experience. Have a fabulous time checking things off the to do list, so exciting!

    2. @Jessica g: Totally agree with all these and would add to get some nipple cream and nursing bra inserts. The cream made a huge difference for me. I was living overseas and they don’t seem to carry that same brand here but there should be some similar ones. You got this!

  7. If you are going to do a fancy date night in Boston, here are two great spots: Deuave or No. 9 Park. Both are amazing!

  8. I’m not sure how all plans work, but we couldn’t add our little guy to insurance until after he was born (because we needed his SSN, which isn’t issued until after birth).

    1. @Rachel Mc: I work in HR and you definitely can’t add a baby until it’s born because you need the date of birth! 🙂 We will allow employees to add them without the SSN but they must provide it to us as soon as they get it.

  9. Great list of things to do!

    Just IMO — I wouldn’t wash everything”¦.especially since you’ll probably take stuff back if he’s bigger than you think, or goes into other sizes quicker than you think. Personal story: I actually only washed clothes other people gave me (from their baby’s closets–because baby clothes hardly get worn), but never washed clothes from stores and stuff. It’s a personal thing of course! My mom never washed any of the new baby clothes or used special baby detergent”¦and not one of us (I have 9 siblings!) has a single allergy or skin problem. 😉 My sister who washed every piece of everything in special stuff–all her kids have allergies & special problems”¦.just a thought 😉

    The less you stress about the baby weight coming off, the better you will feel. I am sure you won’t stress much, but it helped so much to focus on my fitness & strength ability rather than weight loss or ‘skinny’ ness. 😉

    Can’t wait to ‘meet’ baby Haupert!!

  10. Stock up on diapers and wipes!!!!! Not too many newborn size, more size 1’s I would suggest. Can’t wait to meet BH. 🙂

    1. I did this before my son was born and he was ALLERGIC to the kind of wipes/diapers I bought, go figure! 🙁

  11. Just chiming in on the nursing bras and tanks….. wait until he is born! Trust me, you will have no idea what size you need. I am normally a smallish C, and needed E cups the entire year I nursed!!!

    1. @Lauren: Omgosh! I was 34C pre-pregnancy, 38C/D at the end of my pregnancy, and was pushing 38DD while nursing the first few months. But now at 8 months postpartum I’m back to 34C and still nursing. I haven’t stayed at any size longer than a few months, so nothing reliably fits!

  12. Echo the nursing tanks as opposed to nursing bras.
    Echo the hospital grade pump for at least the first little while.
    Echo the Mother’s Love Nipple Cream. Got mine at Whole Foods; that stuff is bomb.

    One thing I didn’t see above: a book on sleep training. You’ll want to start reading it a week or so before he arrives (before you’re sleep-deprived and you can’t focus as well) and then you can take another pass at it once he’s here and you really know what you’re dealing with. Everybody and every baby is different. Not every word of anything will be exact gospel for you. But the book On Becoming Babywise was so helpful for me…just instilled the confidence in approaching the whole ordeal. Since baby’s eating and baby’s sleeping are really the only two things that happen for a while, more weapons in the arsenal to help master those are really helpful.

    Good luck to you!

  13. I just wanted to add a little tip for your hospital bag. The absolute best thing I packed was a water bottle that had a built in water filter and a straw top. Mine was Brita but other brands make it too. It was great because we could fill it up anywhere (specifically the bathroom in my room) whenever I ran out, without having to call a nurse for a new pitcher every time. Nursing hormones make you CRAZY thirsty, it’s nuts. My baby is 11 weeks old and I still get this overwhelming thirst as soon as he latches on. Good luck!!!

  14. Two tips – all my kiddos came 37-38 weeks. The more active you are they tend to come earlier. Good news is recover is usually a lot better too!
    Second, but WAY more important – don’t blow off selecting a pediatrician or take it too lightly. One of THE most important decisions, in my opinion. You will rely on this person a lot with your first baby, and you really want to have a good relationship with them (and know they agree with your stance on things like breast feeding, medications, etc).
    I relate it to planning a wedding for months and months and not really thinking through some of the big issues of marriage.

    You’re almost there!

  15. I saw someone else mention it, but I wanted to “second” it. Find a lactation consultant that will be “on-call” for after the hospital. I know with both my kids, by week 2 I was desperate for some professional help! I figured with my second I knew everything there was, but every baby is so different!

    And I found this book awesome for explaining lots of stuff about breastfeeding, I give it to every expecting mom friend I know!

  16. I agree with a sleep book but also recommened a breast feeding book. Several of my friends recommened to me ‘Brestfeeding Made Simple’. It was the most helpful book to read before I had my son. If you are serious about breastfeeding, read this before, it will help you understand what is going on with your baby, help you when you get frustrated or think something is wrong because all they want to do is nurse, for like hours on end. I had 9 week at home with my son, I think I sent 8.5 of them sitting on my couch breastfeeding.

    I also recommened Healthy Sleep habits happy child. Its a little science based of a pediatritian but it was really helpful to me and my husband, I pull it out every so often even at 2, just to be sure we are ensuring he gets enough sleep, since that is when their brains grow.

    Happiest baby on the block is another great book on infant development and how to sooth them in the early days. But my biggest advice is what my pediatritian told us ‘babies are smart and won’t over eat, so nurse them when they want’ and ‘you can’t spoil a baby, so if the only way they will sleep in those early days is in the carset, put them in the car seat and get some sleep yourself

  17. I am making my notes ; as this is my first pregnancy so I can’t help much with your list, but sounds like you got things covered!!
    so excited for you.

  18. don’t know what your birth plan is etc”¦ but whatever it ends up being, its so important to be prepared for birth and know your options and know what experience you want, because to be honest, as a soon to be doc, i know that you need to educate yourself if you want to be in charge of your experience. so my advice is to read Ina May Gaskin Guide to Childbirth (#1 recommendation) and Henci Goer’s The Thinking Woman’s Guide to Childbirth (good for hospital birth). Above all, Ina May’s book left me with confidence and my husband loved it too, very informative and empowering.

    second”¦i’ve got my 2 wk old on my chest as i type so i’m no expert by any means, but I suggest buying some nursing bras ahead of time”¦you will definitely buy the ‘right’ ones once milk comes in and you find your preference etc”¦ but I think it was SO helpful to have a few nighttime nursing bras for those first few days. I just got 1 size up so they were comfy and worked. also, grab some nursing tanks so you can jump right into it.

    lastly, i think the last ones on that list are super important”¦the ones where you spend some time with hubby and doggy 🙂

    so exciting!!!

  19. For birthing class I highly recommend the bradley method and even if you don’t take it I recommend taking it soon. If you can afford it hire a doula if you are interested in natural birthing, mine was amazing and helped me so much!! She guided me through the whole process and made me stay at home as much as I could so that I could be comfortable because once you get to the hospital some nurses just really want to monitor you and I couldn’t stand for my belly to be touched while having a contraction. When you tour the hospital ask questions to find out if its a good fit for your birth plan. Get tons of breast pads because once your milk comes in it you leak a lot and everyone is right about waiting on nursing bras. Buy different kinds of baby detergent, rash cream, and diapers so that you find out which one you and the baby like best. Buy packaged snacks for your nurses and put them in your hospital bags because they really do help a lot during labor. You mentioned the breast pump from your insurance, make sure you know which one they give out. My insurance offered a crappy one so I decided to buy the one that would make the whole process faster. Good luck!!!!

  20. Are you using a specific birthing method? I didn’t see classes for labor and delivery on your list. I highly recommend at least taking a tour and asking questions about the process at the hospital you are going to use. I am not a fan of sleep training, perhaps because none of it worked for my twins, LOL. But there is no sleep training you can do with a new born, just roll with it. I also recommend buying your own L+D gown and taking some cheap but pretty PJs for receiving your guests. I am a nurse practitioner and you don’t want to know what has happened to the hospital issued gowns…

  21. You are so organized! I had no idea insurance plans had to cover breast pumps (although it sounds like a couple people didn’t really care for the ones they were provided, it’s still nice). Good luck in the home stretch!

  22. You can’t actually add the baby on your insurance plan until the baby is born because the insurance company needs the name and the date of birth. You should have 31 days following the date of birth to add the baby to the plan and the baby will be covered retroactive to the date of birth so everything will still be covered. You can have the form all filled out and signed and such and then the day the baby is born add the name and date of birth and send it in right away.

  23. The hospital should give you some, but you may also want to pick up some spare hydrogel “soothie” pads. These helped me so much in the first few weeks of nursing. Some ladies don’t experience sore nipples, but I did, and these were so soothing. I also thought that the book “Breastfeeding Made Simple” was a wonderful intro to nursing. I read it before I had my daughter and the pictures and descriptions were very helpful. I also really like the reusable nursing pads called Bamboobies, they are super soft. I love nursing and it really helped with my post baby weight-loss. Make sure to drink lots of water and rest as much as possible. Also, this might be TMI, but one thing that really helped my postpartum bleeding was to eat more red meat. Good luck mama! You will do an amazing job.

  24. I would say to definitely remember to bring nursing pads to the hospital. I didn’t and they were definitely needed! Also, I’d try to get some groceries close to your due date. My baby came early and when we got home from the hospital our cupboards were bare because we hadn’t gone grocery shopping.

  25. I would make some meals to freeze because cooking will the last thing you have time for when you get home!

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