Baby To Do List {9 Weeks to Go}

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Let the countdown begin!

There are approximately 9 weeks until Baby Haupert arrives, so it’s definitely time to get moving on the things on our Baby To Do List. If I missed anything major, please let me know!


  • Finish baby registry
  • Find a pediatrician
  • Pick up breast pump <— FYI for expectant moms: Call your health insurance company about getting a free one!
  • Take baby education class
  • Install car seat
  • Put together baby gear
  • Wash baby clothing and bedding
  • Figure out Mal’s paternity leave
  • Add Baby Haupert to our health insurance plan



  • Buy storage trunk for bedroom
  • Replace bedroom door
  • Set up home gym in basement
  • Organize kitchen
  • Create weekly chore list
  • Repaint front door
  • Hire chimney sweep

labor & delivery

  • Tour hospital
  • Pack bag for hospital
  • Create labor playlist
  • Line up dog sitter


  • Create wills
  • Look into setting up a college savings account
  • Put CrossFit membership on hold


  • Go out to a fancy dinner with Mal
  • Spa day
  • Buy nursing bras and/or tanks
  • Figure out time off from CNC and/or plan posts ahead of time
  • Make a baby weight loss plan



  1. Looks like you’re ready to tackle the next few weeks….time will fly so be sure to enjoy the experience. One thing I would suggest is buying only one or two nursing bras and tops before delivery bc a few days after birth you’ll likely be bigger as your milk comes in. My favorite were nursing tanks from Target, I wore those the first few weeks when we were camped out at home most of the time and just put a sweater over if we had visitors. Then I invested in bras later.

  2. That’s a great list! We too had our chimney cleaned, but we also looked into getting our vents/ducts cleaned. Stock up on detergent, and nursing pads for your bras!

  3. You are so organized and I love all the lists you made. Nothing helps me accomplish something like a list does πŸ™‚ I am excited to hear and see about all these things getting done, as well as hearing about crossfit after baby πŸ™‚

  4. Hey Tina. I saw that you were planning on making a baby weight loss plan. I’d recommend giving yourself a break for a while. It looks like you’re planning on breastfeeding (you mentioned a pump) and honestly that’s the best way to lose Weight. It’s natures form of a baby weight loss plan. Don’t stress yourself too much over this. Once your little guy arrives just enjoy your time with him, lead a healthy lifestyle and over time you’ll get your figure back to where you want it to be. Just be sure to savor those previous newborn moments because they fly by so quickly!

    1. @Alicia:
      I wholeheartedly agree! They always say it takes 9 months to grow your baby, so give yourself at least that much to get back into shape. It’s different for everybody, but just enjoy Baby H, do your best, and don’t worry if it takes longer than you thought or hoped.

    2. I agree with the idea of nursing is the best way to lose weight! I didn’t do crazy exercise for the first 10 months however I nursed around the clock & my pants fit even better before pregnancy!

  5. When you’re creating your wills make sure your include living wills as well! Those are just, if not more, important to decide what you would do if you were on life support, etc.

  6. I like nursing tanks better than nursing bras because if I ever have to feed in public, I don’t feel so exposed in a tank because my torso was still covered. Also save all your receipts from buying nursing gear (bras, nursing ads, bobby, etc) because you can write up to $1000 dollars a year of breastfeeding stuff on your taxes. Also my lovely insurance purchased breastpump was crap. I would recommend renting hospital grade pump for atleast the first month to help establish your supply. My little guy is 6 months old and we are still renting because it’s such an awesome pump!

  7. My midwife said do NOT buy nursing bras before the baby is born. She said your rib cage expands by 2 inches to allow room for your uterus to grow. Your rib cage will not return back to normal until 2 weeks after the birth. She said she sees too many mothers wasting money on this and she knows new moms don’t have money to waste. Bit the bullet and hold off for a few weeks before you make this investment.

  8. Make sure Mal (or whoever will be driving you to the hospital) actually knows how to get there – especially under pressure. My husband had only been to our hospital once (for the tour) but it was close to our house and he’s generally good with directions. Turns out he panicked and we got crazy lost.

    Also, my hubby needed a list of jobs at the hospital to keep him from pacing and driving me (and the hospital staff nuts), I wish I would have realized this before hand. Things like bring water every half hour, call our parents every hour, etc. even if you don’t actually want or need gave my hubby a focal point.

    Last thing, I had a difficult labor and delivery and the #1 thing that got me through it was talking to the baby the whole time telling him that mommy loved him that I couldn’t wait to meet him etc etc. it focused my energy. I currently have him (now 22 months) curled up on my lap with his stuffed animals. It’s so so so worth it. Congrats.

  9. I hope your “baby weight loss plan” is an april fools joke….give yourself a break and enjoy your new addition to the family!

  10. Don’t forget a nursing bra that is made for sleeping in. You will have to wear a bra 24/7 and it is much nicer to sleep in a soft bra. πŸ™‚

    You might also want to make a few meals to put in the freezer for after the baby comes.

    Don’t forget to enjoy your new baby! It goes by way too fast.

  11. Whew, sounds like you’ll be busy the next 9 weeks! Great comprehensive list πŸ™‚ You are much more organized than I am. With 5 weeks left to go, I’m focusing on having diapers, wipes, a clean onesie and wine (for me, of course ;)). I think being that it’s #2, I’m feeling more relaxed this go around.

    Enjoy the rest of pregnancy! <3

  12. The final stretch!! I second the suggestion to hold off on nursing bras until your milk is in. Sizing is so unpredictable. A few nursery tanks should do the trick. Also, many insurance companies won’t give you the breast pump until after delivery but I had mine delivered right to my postpartum room through a medical supply company. Your hospital will know exactly how to arrange this!

    Also, and I know this is unsolicited — I would really hold off on the baby weight loss plan until you have your feet under you. It’s impossible to know how your labor will go, what recovery will entail and how unbearably tired you will feel in those first months. Yes, there will be adrenaline urging you to go go go and, yes, you will feel like you NEED to lose the weight. But if I had to do it again, I would have napped and snuggled more in those early months instead of feeling pressured to “get back to normal”. Life is simply not normal for a long time. Cut yourself some slack to recover and acclimate. Especially, if you’re nursing, you will be ravenous and retaining fats (a good thing!!), and it may be hard to get the body you want until your body is really yours again.

  13. I just had my first baby 2 weeks ago, and I am a labor & delivery nurse but still learned a ton going through this myself. here are my suggestions: I would make some ice pads to have when you get home from the hospital! You may or may not have any tears, (I hope you don’t!!! But I did and they are tough for the first week or so) but after using these around the clock in the hospital after delivery, I sent my mom out to make some so they were ready for me when I got home. Just lightly wet a maxi pad and freeze them, pure heaven on sore lady bits!!!
    Also stock up on nursing pads and make sure you have lanolin!! Be sure to work with a lactation nurse befor you leave the hospital to ensure you have a good latch with the baby, otherwise breastfeeding can be really tough once you’re home. If you leave with a good latch and you feel comfortable, life will be so much better!
    Make sure you have a good plan, but be open to change. Babies come when they want and how they want, we are just along for the ride!

    1. @Kaleigh: The lanolin is a great tip!! I loved the mother’s love nipple cream. It is the type of thing you want, stat! You don’t want to make a special trip for that.

      I think nursing bras are good to have on hand, at least a few. Everyone is different with how their size changes, but my band went down a bit and my cup size went up one from where I measured at 37 weeks.

    2. Google post-partum pads – basically just take a maxi pad, add about 5T witch’s hazel (you can find some that have aloe vera as well), and freeze. Use for first 48hrs after birth – so so soothing. I did this with my 2nd (not 1st) and noticed a big difference in comfort after delivery. Worth a try!!

  14. Very well-organized list! Just a little food for thought:

    1. I don’t know how you are planning on giving birth (natural vs. epidural), but if you are trying all natural, I made a playlist for labor and that was the last thing I wanted during it. I ended up getting an epidural, and after that music would have been fine. My advice would be not to get too stressed out about music.

    2. I second what others have said about a baby weight loss plan. You aren’t supposed to do anything for 6 weeks anyway so coming up with a plan now should be a priority. Just appreciate everything your body has done bringing a new human into this world!

    1. I don’t think I’d ever get stressed out about music. I just thought I’d be a fun thing for Mal to do! Γ°ΕΈΛœβ€ž

  15. Even though we will miss you, that’s great that you plan on taking time off. My baby is 7 months old and one thing that I found really helps with milk supply is making sure he really dictates the feeding schedule, especially for the first 6-8 weeks. It made for many “unproductive” days early on, but really, all I wanted to do was spend time with the baby then!

    Against many mamas recommendation, I tried a minimal diet after 10 weeks. I did lose some weight very quick, but my supply dropped within a few days. I didn’t want to get in a bad way, so I dropped my diet very fast. I do have to say that breastfeeding has not been a miracle weight loss tool. (Everyone is different.) I am not at all calorie restricting and am probably eating more than when I was pregnant, and I am losing weight slowly, about 3 pounds a month. My hunger and eating has been strange, I get very hungry at mid day and then I don’t really want to eat much at night. However, if I skip dinner or eat too little, my milk supply can drop too much. Based on what I see from sister, I am expecting that these last 7 pounds I am carrying will drop once I stop breastfeeding. She is at her lowest weight ever now after two kids

    Oh, and great tip about the breast pump! That is how I got mine. I am not sure how it is at your hospital/delivery center, but mine had me pump to establish my milk supply within a few hours after delivery. They told me to take the pump-related accessories that the hospital provided. Definitely ask about that, if they forget to mention it!

  16. Quite the list. I wanted to say, install the base of the car seat, but not the car seat itself until you’re going home from the hospital. In the highly unlikely event you’re in an accident with the car seat in, prior to the birth, you’d need to replace the seat before it was even used.

    Other food for thought, I may have missed it, but have you taken a birthing class? Now with two births under my belt, I still think they are really helpful with equipping you with various pain coping techniques. Loved Birthing from Within and Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth, but there is something about practicing with others to guide you through that helps. It’d also be helpful for Mal. It’s scary for them too!

    I second what a lot of people said, no need to focus on what you’re weight loss plan should be now. You shouldn’t be trying to lose weight for at least 6 weeks post-birth and be careful when introducing exercise back in. You also definitely don’t want to cut calories if you’re breastfeeding. It takes nine months to put on the weight and, regardless of what Hollywood says, can take 9-12 months to take off.

    1. @Jess: Also, pick up some witch hazel and a sitz bath. Both are great for treated inflammation post-birth. I didn’t have any tearing but it’s still quite sore and they help.

  17. So exciting! From experience – I say get a few nursing tanks and maybe one bra – your size can change a lot in the first few weeks! Also – many insurance co. don’t let you add a baby until after they’re born. Then they just retro everything and cover the bills that way.

  18. Wow i feel so under prepared!! I have 14 weeks left and feel like my list is never ending. I finally finished the baby register over the weekend and picked a paint color for the babes room. Little by little things will come together!

  19. Honestly, I didn’t feel myself until I was back at my prebaby weight. Don’t get me wrong I gave myself a break but back fitting into my prepregnacy clothes was flipping awesome.

  20. Hi don’t know if I missed this in another post but when doing your will think about a legal guardian. It’s a topic no one wants to think about but it’s an important one for Baby Haupert!

    1. I have no idea. It depends on when I go into labor and when my doc gives me the okay to exercise again. I’m planning to go back as soon as possible! Γ°ΕΈΛœβ€žΓ°ΕΈβ€™Βͺ

  21. 9 weeks; so close yet so far away. For me, the last month went SO slow. I hit 36 weeks and just got super uncomfortable. I was limited to yoga, which was fine by me.

    -My insurance picked my pump for me.
    -You have 30 days after birth of baby to add to insurance plan; can’t do it before.
    -I took a breast feeding class which was super beneficial. I’d skip the baby class; it’s not rocket science to bathe or diaper a baby.
    -I’d hold off on buying nursing tanks/bras. You’ll get bigger when milk comes in and it takes awhile to stabilize. I lived in tanks for awhile then bought bras a couple months in.
    -Hospital bag; I loved having hard candy to suck on during labor. They didn’t let me eat anything so Werthers were my best friend.
    -I’d add make freezer meals. It’s so so helpful to have prepared meals.
    -Newborns are only tiny for a short amount of time. Do not stress about the baby weight. Give yourself time to rest, heal, and enjoy that baby. Those first 3 months are so so tough and you never would have thought such a tiny thing can turn your world upside down.

  22. How exciting!! It’s getting so close! I remember when you brought home Murphy like it was yesterday! πŸ˜‰

  23. I hope everything goes great for you and Mal! Good luck. πŸ™‚ As you’re taking care of some of these tasks, I’d love to read blog posts about them. Especially packing your bag for the hospital, creating wills, and looking into setting up a college savings account. Even if you only give some basic info, as a pregnant reader, it’d be so nice to get some advice. Thanks for all your great posts.

  24. Definitely hold off on buying nursing tanks until your milk comes in — I bought a couple that were WAY too small!
    LOL @ “baby weight loss plan” — April Fools! πŸ˜›

  25. I would definitely recommend looking into a lactation consultant for after discharge-it’s all good when you’re in the hospital, but then you get home and it can be tough! (plus you’re soooo tired) Also, I’m a pediatric nurse in Boston, and one of my good friends is a wonderful pediatrician on the South Shore right near you, affiliated with South Shore Hospital-email me if you want her name. I can’t believe it’s so close!

  26. After you install your car seat, call your fire department and see when they are doing car seat checks. I got in a car accident (with my baby!) when she was four months old. I was so glad my car seat was installed well so she’s didn’t get hurt.

  27. It sounds like you have everything covered. What I have noticed other bloggers do when they are on vacation or away from the blog is have other bloggers guest blog! It not only keeps your website and readers active, but it also highlights other bloggers readers may have not known about before!

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