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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Good morning and a very happy Monday to you!

How was your weekend? What’d you do? Who’d you see? What’d you eat? We had another busy weekend. It was all fun stuff, but, whoa, I feel like I need another weekend just to relax! But, hey, that’s what summer in New England is all about. You take FULL advantage of the nice weather and pack as much in as possible while you can because before you know it, you’ll be buried under 7+ feet of snow. (<— the photos in this post still blow my mind a little!) Anyway… onto the weekend!


KFIT celebrated its 4th birthday with a workout + party + shopping, so, of course, I couldn’t miss it. The workout was really hard (holy, wallballs), but I had an awesome partner and an awesome group of women exercising right along with me, so it flew by.

IMG_4276 (800x600)

IMG_4272 (600x800)

And then it was time for snacks, sangria, and shopping at The Chic Stop, a traveling boutique on the South Shore. You can book the truck for events, parties, and other get-togethers and it comes right to you.

IMG_4277 (800x600)

The KFIT ladies had a blast shopping all of the adorable and affordable (some dresses were $23) clothing, jewelry, and other accessories at The Chic Stop.

IMG_4280 (800x600)

KFIT crew!


After the KFIT party, I put Quinn to bed and then I had girl’s night in since Mal was out with his buddies. I made dinner (roasted potatoes with melted cheddar + ketchup) and a cocktail (coconut pineapple seltzer + vodka) and then gave myself a mani-pedi and caught up with The Real Housewives of OC. It was awesome. Sometimes, a girl’s night in is exactly what you need.

IMG_4285 (800x800)


On Saturday morning, I joined some friends at CrossFit Factory Wood Road to celebrate our friend Amanad’s birthday and, holy cow, the workout was tough. Even though it was done with a partner, it was basically 3 workouts in one. Yowsahs.

IMG_4287 (800x800)

Happy birthday, Amanda! (She’s the one wearing the amazing Little Mermaid tank top!)

IMG_4292 (800x600)

After the workout, we all met up for brunch at Hingham Beer Works. Watermelon Mojito? Yes, please!

IMG_4289 (800x800)

Yay, brunch!!! (FYI: There isn’t much of a brunch menu at Beer Works, but the food was tasty and there was a nice view of the water.)

IMG_4291 (800x600)

Saturday night, Mal and I went on a double-date at Ester, which had an incredible outdoor patio. I honestly could have sat there all night.

IMG_4323 (800x600)

The food at Ester was excellent too! We started with oysters, which came with the spiciest hot sauce ever. My mouth and lips were on fire after I ate it. I’m guessing it was probably homemade? Holy wow.

IMG_4324 (800x600)

I ordered two appetizers for dinner: Yucca fries + meatballs. Both were delicious.

IMG_4328 (800x600)

And, of course, I saved room for dessert. Mal and I shared a homemade ice cream cookie sandwich, which was THE BEST. Holy yum for sure.

IMG_4330 (800x800)

IMG_4332 (600x800)


Sunday morning started with an epic breakfast, complete with blueberry pancakes, bacon, and plenty of iced coffee.

IMG_4333 (600x800)

Later that afternoon, we celebrated my nephew’s 2nd birthday. His party was construction-theme!




I love how he decided to eat his cake. Haha!


Our weekend concluded with Sunday night dinner.


And cuddles on the couch.

IMG_4354 (800x800)

The end.

Questions of the Day

Tell me about your weekend…

The best thing you ate.

Something you celebrated.

Your favorite moment. 

Me: Ice cream cookie, more June birthdays, laughing with friends

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  1. A Watermelon mojito sounds really refreshing!!

    Let’s see, my boyfriend came home from a two week work trip so we celebrated with date night at a Japanese Hibachi restaurant. <<— which was also the best thing I ate!

  2. How fun is the construction theme? It was our son’s second birthday party this weekend too and his was fire engine theme and concluded with a trip to the fire station. Love kid’s parties!

  3. Killer workouts, prettified nails, awesome food and birthday party…sounds like the perfect weekend! I treated myself to a mini pedi, just €20 in a new salon, so good after working on my feet all day Friday!

  4. We were celebrating our marriage in our honeymoon this weekend so that was pretty awesome!

    I just have to saw that I really wish I lived in New England sometimes. KFIT boot camp looks like an amazing community and one I would love to be a part of. I enjoy reading about it all the things you do with these ladies.

  5. Had plans for a fun weekend with my 14 year old niece coming down for the weekend so she could have fun at the farm. It rained all the time and I got hit with a stomach flu Saturday afternoon …so no bueno.

  6. Ice cream cookie sandwich? YES I’d be all about that! Best thing I ate this weekend was peanut butter and strawberry frozen yogurt with tons of candy toppings – usually I just do sprinkles but the candies were an excellent choice!

  7. What an awesome weekend! Mine was a busy one too and I loved every minute.
    Best thing I ate – a GF salted caramel brownie with an iced coconut milk latte. HEAVEN.
    Celebrated – my birthday! It’s not until this Sunday but I’m away so we went out to my favourite jazz/blues bar.
    Moment – having all my beautiful friends in one place.

  8. I am obsessed with watermelon anything – that mojito looks amazing! This weekend I had a slumber party with my three year old niece!

  9. Looks like a busy fun weekend! I love those! And I am loving Mathews cake! So cute! The best thing I ate was the fried plantain from Whole Foods hot bar, we celebrated our 2.5 year anniversary and my favorite moment was my husband telling me how happy he is with us :). Mushy, but it made my heart swoon! 🙂

  10. Best thing I ate were these sea salt caramel chocolate “seagull eggs” from Roccoco – AMAZING. My friend Alicia always brings the best treats to picnics!
    I celebrated SUMMER! I drank rose and cava in the park with friends and my friend Sarah’s new puppy (Bonnie!) before my favourite moment of the weekend, which was going to the Taylor Swift concert in Hyde Park!!!

  11. That looks like a pretty perfect weekend to me 🙂 Best thing I ate would be homemade tacos on Saturday night (totally satisfied a major craving), I celebrated a family reunion on Sunday, and my favorite moment was swinging on the playground in the sunshine with my family! It was a pretty lovely time!

  12. You weekend looked great! You have a “birthday season” like we do in our neck of the woods! All the cousins have birthdays within a few months. Perfectly opposite from Christmas 🙂

    We spent our weekend in New Hampshire at Story Land! I had such great memories going there as a kid that I could not wait until my kids got old enough! I took my 4 and 6 year old and it was the best time ever. We got there after 2, so we got “free” tickets for another day, which means we were there at opening the next day! I can’t tell you how perfect the entire park is for young children. It was clean and not crowded. Plus, there wasn’t a single ride or activity that I had to say NO to. Both kids could do everything. OK, there is one “big” roller coaster that my little couldn’t go on, but my big was too scared to go too, so it was fine. Besides rides, there is tons to do, all without having to pay for extra stuff. It makes me want to go back so many more times!

  13. Damn you make me feel so bad! I had a lazzzzy weekend! I am from MA too and I blame the weather! I just cuddled up on the couch and tried to hide from the gray skies and rain lol. It was great though, very restful. Next weekend I’ll be back at it 🙂

  14. Damn you make me feel so bad! I had a lazzzy weekend. I am from MA too and I blame the weather! I just sat on my couch and tried to hide from the gray skies and rain. It was great though, very restful. I will be back at it next weekend!

  15. I love that Pictures of Mal and Quinn adorable!!! This weekend we celebrated 3 weeks until we get married!!! Yay i am getting excited!

  16. Best thing I ate was a carrot cake cupcake, made them for my friends birthday and favorite moment was swim class with my little boy 🙂

  17. I spent the weekend in PA visiting friends and going to a wedding. Unfortunately the weather was cold and it rained the whole time. It seems like cold rain follows me wherever I go and it’s back again here in Chicago. Where is the summer?!

  18. That ice cream cookie sandwich is amazing … Celebrated my boyfriends dad’s 60th birthday with a surprise party on Saturday which was a ton of fun! Best thing I ate – homemade banana, oat, cranberry vegan cookies. And I was able to run a half on Sunday which was great – really ready to reintroduce some longer runs into my weekend routine : )

  19. Hi Tina! Two good workouts and good food? Yes, you had a lovely weekend. Mine was great too. I went to a fair with some friends yesterday and tried a deep-fried Oreo. It was nothing short of amazing. Wow. Happy Monday! 🙂

  20. The biggest highlight of my weekend was doing the Mudderella obstacle race. My BFF and I did it; it was her first ever run (of any sort). We totally kicked butt and I am so happy I got to do her first race with her. Since I have moved back to CA she has been working out with me so this was a nice way to get out of the box and use our fitness for a fun activity.

  21. I made an epic breakfast sandwich yesterday, complete with hashbrowns, I celebrated Saturday with a 5 mile trail run, and I finally got to see John Butler Trio live! It was the best!

  22. Traveling boutique! Mind BLOWN! That is a fabulous idea! It rained a lot here in Central NY. So there were lots of legos and movies in our weekend. Nice and relaxing!

  23. This weekend was a busy one for us as well! I moved back from Switzerland which makes me SO happy! It was the right time and even though I loved the experience and opportunity so much, I’m glad to be back in NYC with Bo!

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