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We made it! Twenty hours of travel and we’re here! I AM SO PSYCHED! A HUGE thank you to the Oahu Visitor’s Bureau for sponsoring my trip and making one of my dreams come true.

Aloha Honolulu airport

Yesterday started bright and early at 4:00 AM. Mal and I spent the night at the Hilton Airport Hotel, which is literally right next door to the airport. We actually walked to our terminal via skywalk the next morning. We didn’t even need to go outside! How cool is that? It definitely made our early-morning travel a zillion times easier.

Skywalk Hilton Airport Boston

At the airport, we whizzed through security and grabbed breakfast, which included a stop at Starbucks where I ordered my decaf iced latte next to Aly Raisman, one of the “Fab Five” gymnasts, who competed in last summer’s Olympics. I actually recognized her voice first and then another woman in line said something to her about the Olympics to confirm. She was also wearing American flag TOM-like shoes to show her spirit for the USA.

I usually manage to muster up some courage to say hello to famous people””it’s usually a once in a lifetime opportunity””but I chickened out yesterday morning. I dunno, it looked like Aly was on vacation with her family, so I didn’t want to bug her. It was still really cool to see her in person!

Rise and shine Logan Airport

Our first flight of the day took us to New York City. We had a quick layover and then we were off to Los Angeles.

This is New York City JFK airport

Thanks to multiple episodes of Homeland (love it!!), I kept myself entertained on the long flight.

IMG_9904 (640x480)

A bunch of Biscoff cookies kept me happy too.

IMG_9909 (640x480)

Mal and I had a nearly 3-hour layover at LAX, so we sat down for lunch at Skewers. I ordered chicken skewers with white rice and veggies, and it was awesome. Sticky white rice is the bomb. It’s sweet rice cooked in a rice cooker, right? Mal and I Googled it while we were eating lunch because we want to try to make it at home.

Lunch at LAX Skewers

Are we there yet?

IMG_9897 (480x640)

Our final flight took us from Los Angeles to Honolulu. Again, I watched multiple episodes of Homeland, ate a bunch of Biscoff cookies, and before I knew it, we were preparing to land in Honolulu. (It looked like LOST as we approached the island.) We made it! It’s definitely the farthest I’ve ever traveled from home.

IMG_9910 (640x480)

Mal and I have a busy day ahead, which includes some hiking and a surf lesson. Stay tuned for more adventures!

What’s the farthest you’ve ever traveled from home?



  1. Yay, you made it! The farthest I have traveled is to Paris which was about a 9 hr flight. My boyfriend has flown to Beijing which was close like 22hrs in the air. No thanks! We live right outside San Fran so Hawaii is only a 5hr flight from here. Ahhh, must go to Hawaii!!

  2. Hey Tina.
    Welcome to Hawaii! I have been reading your blog for over a year now and I am so excited that you are visiting the island that I live on! I work at The Wine Stop, a boutique wine and spirit store in Honolulu. We have free tastings every saturday from 1 to 5 if you happen to be in town then!

    Enjoy your stay!

  3. My first international flight ever, was to Italy… which was about a 12 hour flight! Holy moly was it long and tiring! Have a blast in Hawaii!

  4. Homeland was our pastime on the long flights and train rides in Prague and Berlin last December! It’s hands down the best way to travel (with TV and an iPad). I’m jealous you’re in Maui! It’s dreary and overcast here in Portland.

    Make sure to eat Polynesian food! It’s SERIOUSLY good.

    Niven at Pancakes & Cardio!

  5. I’ve been following your blog and was ecstatic to see that you’re in my home state! Have fun and enjoy the weather, scenery and experience. Farthest I have ever traveled was from Hawaii to Germany. It was such a long flight but well worth it. :). Aloha!

  6. welcome to hawaii!
    the farthest i’ve traveled was hawaii to europe!
    which was insanely long! i just came back from florida, which was actually pretty long as well!

    hope you enjoy your stay!

  7. My furthest flight was to Tokyo, Japan. We were stationed there for three yrs with US Navy. Quite an experience. 16 hour flight from Detroit.

  8. The furthest I ever traveled was when I flew to Australia for the first time in 2005. Little did I know that 6 years later I would move there. Life can certainly take you on some crazy adventures.

  9. The farthest I’ve ever traveled is London. I went the summer after my freshman year of high school. I’m really hoping to make it to Ireland and/or Scotland before I turn 40. I have ten years to make it happen 🙂

    Hope you’re enjoying your time in Hawaii!

  10. I’ve been to several cool and faraway places, but Hawaii is one of my favorites!! If you feel like committing “glutenicide”, you MUST get a Puka Dog 🙂 You won’t regret it!!!

  11. Wow-you mentioned three of my favorite things in this post! Homeland (we JUST watched the first season this weekend), LOST, and Biscoff cookies. Hope ya’ll have a blast!

  12. YAY! Glad you made it safely! I’ve been to Hawaii, but it was for 3 days for work. Obviously it wasn’t NEARLY enough time so I totally want to go back. But flying to Japan was my furthest trip away from home…and it was SO worth it!


  13. OMG.. so exciting. can’t believe it took 20 hours to get there, i’m sure you appreciated it even more. hmm.. furthest I’ve been from home is India to visit my relatives. it’s a 14 hour flight nonstop from JFK, but 17 hours with a layover. 🙂

  14. Umm, Homeland is my FAVORITE TV series in all the land! I hope you’re enjoying it…Well, I hope you’re enjoying your vacation more! Cheers!

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