A Better Week of Workouts

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Last week was definitely a better week of workouts for me. I can’t say I’m fully back and 100%, but I’m getting there””slowly, but surely! I’m making a comeback, people!

Sunday: Off

Monday: Track workout + CrossFit

I had a track workout on the agenda for Monday, but then “Michael” popped up on the 781 homepage. “Michael” has a decent amount of running in it, so I decided to combine it with my track workout.

At the track, I ran two miles at a comfortable pace to warm-up.

photo (2)

And then I did a 1-mile time trial: 7:12. Not bad.

photo (8)

And then I did “Michael” with an 800 meter cool down, so the whole workout ended up being 5 miles + 150 Supermans (I substituted them for Back Extensions) + 150 sit-ups.

photo (7) (450x600)

Tuesday: Off

Wednesday: CrossFit (GI Jane)

Thursday: 4 miles

Meh. It was a rough 4 miles. I had zero energy and walked a bunch of times. But, hey, the bad runs make you appreciate the good ones, right?

photo (3)

Friday: End of Summer Classic 5-Miler

photo (15) (600x450)

Saturday:  CrossFit

Saturday partner WODs = the best thing ever.

Saturday’s workout was a butt kicker:

photo (4) (450x600)

8 Thrusters + 6 rope climbs + 11 box jumps? No big deal”¦ unless you do it for 31 minutes and your only “rest” is running 400 meters while carrying a 15-pound plate. Oh, and the weight for the Thrusters was super heavy. 105 pounds for ladies? Yikes.

Clearly, this type of workout needed Zombie Killa socks! How fun are these things!?!

photo (5) (600x600)

I teamed up with Kerrie for the WOD. I started with running while she tackled the Thrusters (we used 85 pounds) and rope climbs. When I finished the 400 meters, I took over on the rope climbs and continued onto the box jumps and then back to the Thrusters while Karrie ran. Basically, as soon as the runner finished, they picked up where the other person left off with their reps. We did this for 31 minutes and finished 5 + 8 (5 rounds + 8 reps of Thrusters).

photo (6) (600x600)

Question of the Day

What’s your most fun/funny piece of exercise apparel? 

P.S. After last week’s “A Bunch of Really Hard Workouts for You” post, a bunch of you guys asked where you can find this post for future reference. It’s housed under ”˜Workouts‘ on the main menu of CNC. There’s also a bunch of other workouts there. Happy sweating!

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