5 Healthy Lunches to Pack for the Beach

You’d think packing food for the beach would be easy-peasy, but sometimes it’s a bit difficult, considering there are some important outdoor factors to consider. In particular, sand and heat can totally ruin a lunch at the beach. Sand in your sandwich? Warm chicken salad? Nope. That’s why we keep it simple when it comes to the meals we pack for the beach. Introducing: 5 Healthy Lunches to Pack for the Beach! 🙂

5 Healthy Lunches to Pack for the Beach - eating a salad on the beach

Ok sure, you can always pack the basics, like chips, crackers, fruit, and trail mix, but if you’re spending the day at the beach, you probably want something a bit more substantial. And, of course, you always want to keep in mind that some items hold up better than others in a cooler. I mean, the last thing you want is a huge, soggy mess when it comes to lunchtime at the beach. Oy. Been there, done that! It’s not fun at all, so these healthy lunches are mostly mess-free as well.

As you might remember, we are huge fans of the beach and often spend long days there, so here are 5 Healthy Lunches to Pack for the Beach. These are definitely our top favorites that we bring again and again. I hope they give you ideas for your own packed lunches on the beach this summer!

5 Healthy Lunches to Pack for the Beach

  1. Buffalo or BBQ shredded chicken – Make a batch of shredded chicken in your instant pot or crockpot or simply buy pre-made chicken or a rotisserie chicken at the store if you don’t have time to cook. Mix it with buffalo sauce or BBQ sauce and serve inside tortillas or lettuce wraps. It’s also delicious eaten with rice crackers or plantain chips!
  2. Homemade snack boxes – The options are endless with snack boxes! Make up a couple of different options ahead of time and then just grab them from the fridge when you’re ready to go to the beach. Kids love “designing” their own, so be sure to get them involved!
  3. Vegan “Sloppy Joes” – A great option for vegetarian or vegans! Mix lentils (you can always buy pre-made to make life easier) with chopped walnuts and marinara sauce or BBQ sauce. Serve cold in tortillas or lettuce wraps. They’re also delicious topped with guacamole!
  4. Mal’s pasta salad – We like to use a high-protein pasta like Banza in this recipe. You can pretty much use any veggies you like along with your favorite Italian dressing. Make ahead of time and then just grab and go when it’s time to leave for the beach!
  5. Hummus chicken salad – This recipe is so versatile. Use your favorite flavor of hummus and chop up any veggies you’d like. I personally enjoy celery and red bell pepper, but cucumber, carrots, and red onion work great too! Mix up a big batch and serve in a sandwich, wrap, lettuce wrap, or with crackers or plantain chips.

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