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I traveled a lot last year. I visited Hawaii, drove all over Ireland, enjoyed a fitness-inspired vacation in Mexico, plus many more trips. It was definitely an amazing and adventurous year!

Obviously, I love to travel, but I don’t always love what traveling does to me. Long days with limited nutritious food options, dehydration, and lack of sleep are just some of the not-so-fun parts of traveling, which can easily derail my normal lifestyle, but I do my best to fight back with some healthy habits. Here are just some of the things I do when I travel to ensure a more healthy experience!

Bring a reusable water bottle

One of my healthiest habits when I’m at home is drinking water throughout the day, but it’s not always easy or affordable when traveling. In the past, I found myself purchasing multiple bottles of water, which was neither budget- nor environmentally-friendly. Instead of wasting money and natural resources, I always pack a reusable water bottle that I can refill as many times as I want. And having a fresh bottle of water with me at all times encourages me to drink up to help prevent dehydration!

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Plan healthy snacks

I’m a huge fan of packing healthy snacks when I travel, and I’ve learned that with a little advanced planning, eating nutritiously really doesn’t have to be a challenge. Sure, I can typically find healthy options at the airport or train station when I travel (my favorites: bananas, KIND bars, yogurt parfaits, Starbuck’s Protein Box), but not every location offers these healthy choices. So before I travel, I always look online to see what food options are available, and if they’re not the healthiest, I pack my own. Looking for some ideas? Here’s a post that features a number of my favorite healthy, travel-friendly snacks.


Pack sneakers and workout gear

Even when I think I won’t have time to exercise, I always pack my sneakers and a pair or two of workout clothes just in case I can squeeze in a quick sweat session. Sometimes, a quick run before breakfast or a CrossFit-style workout in the hotel gym (or my room) is exactly what I need to boost my energy and keep my healthy habits at top of mind. Plus, having my sneakers encourages me to walk more in general, so it’s easy to stay active when I travel.


Schedule a fun workout

Traveling doesn’t mean that I take a break from my workouts, and I almost always plan a couple of fun ones into my trip. I enjoy exercising in the morning, such as running with friends, because it sets a healthy tone for the rest of my day. It also prevents me from skipping my workout later in the day when fun plans pop up. Additionally, I’m an avid CrossFitter, so I always look for local boxes when I travel. Even if you’re not into CrossFit, you can search for your favorite classes when you travel. It’s fun to mix things up, meet new people, and explore my new surroundings!

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Prioritize sleep

Getting a good night’s rest is definitely a priority for me when I travel. If I’m sleep deprived at any point in my trip, I get cranky and easily frustrated, so I’m no fun to be around. My cravings also get a little out of control when I’m tired, so it’s difficult for me to make healthy choices with what I eat. When I am well-rested, however, I’m able to make better choices and feel good about them!

Question of the Day

What are some of your healthy travel habits?

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  1. Sleep. Normally I get super excited when I’m traveling so I never sleep well the night before we leave. I’m too anxious for the trip, afraid I’ll miss the alarm, etc etc. So I plan on sleeping on the plane or in the car so I can rest up and not miss a beat when we get to our destination. ps.. I NEED that gym bag with a spot for my shoes!

  2. I always travel with a foldable yoga mat as well as a fitness band (for hotel workouts). If I have a layover or some time before my flight, I can get in a quick seated yoga session in a quiet corner of the airport. I also do yoga every morning in the hotel. A quick run through sun salutations leaves me feeling centered and ready to take on the day.

  3. i LOVE a good hotel gym. it also gives me a chance to check out equipment my gym doesn’t have and mix up my workout. the sauna and pool are nice bonuses!

  4. I always bring my own snacks. You just never know what will be available. I also try to get in at least one of two workouts… I always feel better when I do, unless I’m already doing tons of walking. Disney World this year with the kiddos = no additional workout needed!

  5. I always take mostly carry on luggage and love to balance a bag on each shoulder and walk briskly through the airports skipping any of the moving platforms. If it takes me 10 minutes to walk to the gate that way (from security) that’s 1/2 a mile with weights! And if I’m too early at the gate I’ll keep walking with my carry on bags . As a matter of fact, next time I’ll take my pedometer with me just for kicks. With so many of my connecting flights in Chicago O’Hare I have a good chance of doing a LOT of walking =)

  6. It’s easy to give in to the temptations of airport food when you’re in a hurry, so packing and planning is key to stay on track!! I’m the same when it comes to water intake, I’m all over it at home but once I hit the road I get all screwed up. I’ll have to invest in a good reusable H2O bottle!

  7. I love all of your tips! I do most of the ones you said. No matter where I go, I almost always have my water bottle and plenty of snacks in my purse. My husband gives me a hard time saying my purse is a pantry. 🙂

  8. I always look up running clubs or races in the area I’m traveling.

    A few notes, depending on where you travel since you can’t take fruit out of the country and in many countries, the tap water may be on safe, so just keep in mind about where you travel. For example, unless your hotel has some crazy purifying system, I would be careful about drinking non purified water in Mexico.

  9. Hi! Where is that workout/gym bag from, if you don’t mind me asking?! I love how it has a separate spot for sneakers.

  10. Love these tips! I traveled to Peru over the summer and encountered a lot of the same issues. Since I traveled a lot within the country, I took the time to stop at the local stores and buy either things to make sandwiches or at least some pretzels to snack on. My biggest challenge was that water and fruit that couldn’t be peeled weren’t safe for any tourists. Any suggestions on how to stay hydrated when buying water is the only option?

    1. Go to a grocery store and buy a few big gallons of water and then you can fill up/refill water bottles. Mal and I did this in Cabo and it worked out great!

      1. @Tina: I like that solution! I was going to ask the same thing. I traveled a lot when I was in the Air Force and I would always get a bit sick the first time I traveled to a new location. Once I was “used” to the water, I could drink it whenever though. For short trips, I like the idea of buying gallons of water 🙂

  11. What bag is that? I love the compartment that you have your sneakers in. When you travel do you bring running sneakers also or just your nano’s?

  12. I’ve done all of these things, especially water. I do that in general. I have trouble with snacks, especially since apparently everything I eat melts!

  13. These are solid tips that I also use! I love that you always check out the local Cross Fit box! We ran into a Cross Fitter from England when we were at the top of Jungfraujoch, Switzerland in July. It was fun to speak to someone from Europe who does it.

    My husband and I also made sure to pack water bottles and as many snacks as we were willing to carry on our two week Europe trip. Additionally, we checked out local places to quickly grab food before we left and once we got there to stock up on apples, bananas, and nuts for more on-the-go snacks. This saved us a lot of time and money during the trip. The cafe inside of the Louvre isn’t exactly inexpensive when all you want is a quick snack to refuel before going back to face the crowds at the Mona Lisa. 😉

    Another thing that helped was staying in apartments in Paris and Florence, which allowed us to buy some perishable foods while we were there. Another time and money-saver! We were sure to check out the local cuisine for dinner and sometimes breakfast and lunch. You don’t want to miss out on the local culture!

  14. Bringing my own water bottle is a huge one – I always have it! Another thing I like to do is walk around airports. I hate sitting all day and then when I have I feel even more exhausted by the end of the day. Just getting up and walking up and down the terminals if you have extra time both makes the day go faster and stretches your legs!

  15. I travel all the time for work. I always try to book a hotel with a kitchenette, or at least a microwave and fridge. This way I can go to a grocery store and stock up on healthy snacks and eat some meals at the hotel instead of eating out every meal.

  16. I make sure to get the best sleep I can, drink plenty of water and always bring some food of my own with me (unsalted peanuts, cheese sticks, beef jerky and protein bars usually).

  17. These are great tips, also rather than look for a workout I already like in the area sometimes I like to try something new that I can’t find at home, that way its still sorta like a vacation experience but with exercise.

  18. Indulge but don’t OVERindulge is always my theme, especially during holiday travel. Make it count. You want a chocolate chip cookie (yes, please!) make it Mom’s homemade cookie, not a chips ahoy that you can have anytime!

  19. Love this! I have been traveling a lot these past few weeks and heading to Boston (eeeeek yay!) on Friday. I love planning fun workouts in new cities but I also try to pick and choose my eats. If I know I am going out for pizza in the evening, I don’t have pancakes for breakfast.

  20. I try to find hotel rooms/places to stay with a kitchen. This not only helps you stay on track with nutrition but it makes trips much cheaper! Of course part of traveling is eating out and trying new places, but it is nice to have the option to at least make some of your meals.

    My number one tip though is just walk! Explore new cities on your feet rather than in a car. Pick a hotel that is close enough to walk to different attractions. Walking is the best way to explore a city and stay active without even realizing it.

  21. I’m studying abroad in London this semester and I have to cook for myself. Any tips for healthy eating? It’s expensive over here!

    1. Hi Kate. Funny, for me coming from New Zealand, food is CHEAP in London! Most other things are more expensive though so maybe we just pay way too much for groceries back home. I’ve found that Morrisons supermarkets are the cheapest and they’re good for the basics. They stock a good range of wholegrain pastas, breads, wraps, etc. as well as fruits and veges. They don’t tend to stock things like quinoa, chia seeds, etc but you can pick them up at Waitrose or Holland and Barrett. There’s an amazing Whole Foods store on Kensington High Street but it’s fairly expensive. Other than that I just try to get a head start on food prep in the weekend because I’m usually to exhausted to make dinner after getting back later from the gym! Oh and I always bring a packed lunch. Hope you’re having fun in London 🙂

  22. I travel a lot and those are great tips.

    If I get up early I make sure to have a big breakfast… you are not sure when you are going to eat again and if you are going to be able to find something half decent, so I always make sure to eat well before leaving, and pack healthy snacks.

    and I always choose hotels that have a gym. For once, you don’t need to wait for equipment and its often brand new.

  23. I always bring my running shoes when I travel, I love discovering new places and going for a run in a new area is a great way to do this. I also make sure to bring plenty of healthy snacks, when I am on a long flight I tend to be bored and think of food way to much. If I didn’t have healthy options to munch on I would be much more likely to buy something from the usually not healthy options on the plane. Being healthy while traveling definitely takes work and planning in order to do it but is so worth it to come back from a vacation and not feel terrible from the unhealthy habits you had on the trip!

  24. When I’m traveling and can’t find a place to work out I’ve been known to use the patio furniture. I will do front raises with them, dips, overhead squats, etc. Yes, people think I’m crazy, but I sure get a good workout.

  25. i think bringing healthy snacks, drinking more than enough water, and getting workouts in (no matter how formal they are… hotel gym or merely walking around site seeing) are all the most important!

  26. I’d say get up and move while en route. I’ve been known to get up and walk up and down the airplane aisle a few times during a flight. I also walk all over the airport before I board.

    And +1 to finding a gym where you are. I was in New Zealand for 4 months/ will be going back in a week and I go to a local CrossFit box in whatever city I’m in. It’s extremely popular over there. Everyone is always really friendly, I don’t have to program my own workout, I get to socialize a bit and sweat a lot. Winning all around. Plus! for a lot of gyms if it’s just for 1 workout they’ll wave the drop in fee.

    Also +1 to planning an active vacation. I went standup paddle boarding in New Zealand and Australia. I could have spent that money on a museum entry or a lunch but I enjoyed the physical activity a lot more, so I prioritized accordingly.

    Yes yes yes to bringing your own snacks/ meals. Once you’re out of the airport it’s a lot easier to find healthy food but in the aiport or on long flights (8+ hours of travel) it gets tough. I often bring leftovers with me for lunch or dinner on a flight.

  27. I love to bring my own food to stay on budget. The airport can really make a dent in my wallet. I also make sure to bring lots of reading material when I travel to avoid frustration from possible travel delays!

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