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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

Hey there!

I'm Tina

I’m the owner of Carrots ‘N’ Cake as well as a Certified Nutrition Coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P). I use macros and functional nutrition to help women find balance within their diets while achieving their body composition goals.


An in-depth, 4-week reverse dieting course for women who feel like their metabolism has slowed down, think they might have hormonal imbalance and can’t lose weight no matter what they do.

There’s no hiding my baby bump this week!


I think I’ve finally popped? Popped-ish?



Egg sandwiches, toasted English muffins with nut butter, smoothies, green juice, fresh fruit (especially clementines and pineapple), yogurt, ketchup on everything, white wine. (Side note: I tried alcohol-free wine. Eh. Not a fan. However, alcohol-free champagne + orange juice tastes just like a real mimosa!)


Same as before, but no new ones. Thank goodness!


Frequent urination: I’m still a peeing machine, but I’m also drinking a lot more water now, especially compared to my first trimester when drinking a lot of liquids made my stomach queezy. I’m also really thirsty lately, so I am making a conscious effort to drink up.

Morning sickness: Almost completely gone! Late at night, I still don’t feel great, but I am almost back to my old self during the day.

Itchiness: I am still a little itchy, but better. I bought  some Belli Elasticity Belly Oil to help with stretch marks (just in case) and the oil seems to help with the itchiness too.

Restless sleep: I am still waking up between 3:00 – 4:00 every morning, but now I can’t fall asleep. My brain just won’t shut off. The pink elephant trick works most of the time, but I still let my mind wander for too long. Maybe I am more stressed out than I realize?

Weight gain: 20 pounds! I’m still ahead of the typical weight gain, but, again, my doctor is not concerned. And Baby Haupert is ahead of the game too and measuring a whole week ahead! I wonder if that means that I’m 19 weeks? There was some confusion in the beginning as to when I officially conceived. I dunno, but Mal would be pumped about a May baby!

Last week was especially exciting because Mal and I got to see Baby Haupert during my 18-week ultrasound.

photo (14) (600x450)

Check out those little feet! OMG, so cute.

photo (12) (600x450)

During the 18-week ultrasound, you usually have the option of finding out the sex of the baby. Before I got pregnant, Mal and I were all about being surprised and waiting to find out until he or she was born. Well, as soon as we had a bun in the oven, we wanted to know immediately, so, of course, we opted to find out.


And we’re having a”¦

IMG_9942 (450x600)

IMG_9948 (450x600)

IMG_9926 (450x600)
[Jesse Pinkman hoodie!!]

IMG_0152 (450x600)

IMG_0160 (600x450)



We couldn’t be more thrilled about Baby BOY Haupert! Now, I really have to learn to love football!



  1. I am 15 weeks. I had an ultrasound on the 30th as well but I won’t find of the gender until 20 weeks. Question: did you feel one way or another anytime before you found out the gender what it would be? I have felt boy since day one.

  2. Congratulations!! I was so happy for y’all when you got Murphy (he is the cutest!), and I am really excited for your new baby boy! I’ve been following your blog for years now, and it’s wonderful to see all of your wonderful life transitions! 🙂

  3. YAY!!!!! That’s so awesome!! Congratulations. Your nephew and your little man will be best buds!! I had my little man last July and there’s an amazing bond between a mom and her boy. Just you wait. And you’ll save money on clothes in the long run because you won’t be tempted to buy all the cutesy stuff. Plus you could inherite your nephew’s things. Babies grow way too fast, if the hand-me-downs are good take ’em!

  4. cannot even stand the excitement for you two!! congrats on your little boy! I’m loving this new journey, and the posts are all so great 🙂

  5. Congrats! That’s so funny because I wanted to be surprised until I was pregnant. Then I NEEDED to know. I just had my first baby, a little boy. Boys rock!

  6. Congratulations Tina!! I haven’t been following your blog as regularly as usual since I’m home on maternity leave and not in front of my computer all day. Our son is just over 7 weeks and having a boy is SO FUN!! The first few months are tough, tougher than I was prepared for. But our little guy is starting to turn into a real person now and it’s so fun to watch. No need to get ahead of yourself though – enjoy your pregnancy!! It’s such a fun time.

    And regarding the belly band vs. maternity clothes question: The belly band is pointless and moves far too much. Instead I wore normal jeans (with a rubber band and maternity shirts – never had a problem with them falling down) and maxi skirts since I was pregnant over the summer and fall. I didn’t wear maternity pants until I was 7 months pregnant since my normal clothes weren’t uncomfortable until that point as a first timer. But if you’re uncomfortable, check out Target’s maternity jeans. They have a couple different options and aren’t too expensive. Good luck and enjoy!!

  7. Congrats! Boys are the best! But just a word of caution–I think a lot of moms will be following your blog, and not a lot of them will be happy to find the word “abnormal” thrown in to describe a baby with chromosomal abnormalities. Yes, the chromosomes may not be normal, but that’s not a word those who raise developmentally challenged children appreciate being used to describe such babies. I am sure you did not mean it this way, and probably typed it without a thought, but the point is everyone *should* think about the language they use and how it might not be the best choice.

  8. Congrats Tina! We find out the sex of our first baby in…12 days!!! I CAN”T WAIT! We both think it is a boy because the nurse pointed something out during our 13 week nucal testing ultrasound…she said it was too early to tell for sure…but we all saw what she was talking about. 😉

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