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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Good morning! I hope you all had a very merry Christmas!

I just wanted share my recap of this year’s 24 Days of Togetherness. I did a pretty good job of documenting each activity that we did together (the corresponding posts are linked below), but there were a number of moments that never made it onto the blog, so I included them below so Mal and I can better remember those times in the future.

And here are the ones from the days leading up to Christmas:

December 17: Two truths and a lie

I can’t remember what all of our truths and lies were, but I tricked Mal with one of mine, which included a lie about “almost crying because he beat me at Words with Friends.” (We’re still playing.) Haha!

December 18: Buy a Christmas tree

Um, I have no idea why this one was in there, but we did it”¦ back on December 3rd.


December 19: Tell each other 3 things are excited about

  • Mine: Baby Haupert, Christmas, and our Babymoon in February (we’re going to Savannah).
  • Mal’s: Baby Haupert, his school vacation, and seeing ONCE next month.

December 20: Have a fire

It was like 50 degrees outside on Friday, so we never had a fire, but we had plenty of them this holiday season!


December 21: Write Christmas poems

December 22: Wear red and green all day

I’m so happy we picked this one on Sunday morning because it worked out perfectly with the Jingle Bell 5K! (My sports bra was lime green!)


December 23: Make a Christmas drawing

On occasion (such as long plane rides or waiting at the doctor’s office), Mal and I play this drawing game where one of us draws a crazy shape and the other person makes it into something with their drawing skills. We decided to play this game for “Make a Christmas drawing” on our kitchen chalk board while cooking dinner. (My shape is on the top and Mal’s is on the bottom. Doesn’t his look a lot like mine? What a copy cat.)

IMG_9769 (450x600)

IMG_9770 (450x600)

The final product:

IMG_9776 (450x600)

Mal is quite the little artist, isn’t he? My gingerbread man is just weird. Haha!

December 24: Buy something for Baby H

(I’ll show you guys next week!)

Questions of the Day

Did you and your family do 24 Days of Togetherness this year? If so, what were some of your favorite days?



  1. Merry Christmas! You guys are both pretty clever, I don’t think I would have come up with that, let alone draw it so well. I am impressed.

  2. How exciting that y’all are coming to Savannah! I live there 🙂 You should try out The Green Truck Pub. Lots of craft beer (for mal of course) and local produce and beef burgers. Includes homemade pickles and ketchup too! Y’all should stop by Crossfit Shear force too if y’all are looking to get a workout in during (I know y’all like trying out boxes in other cities/states).

  3. I just wanted to let you know I got a few junk headbands for Christmas, and I’m obsessed already. Thank you for posting about them! Excited to use one in a WOD today 🙂

  4. We made a good effort but some days we missed. My favorite was a planned evening, but we went to see It’s a Wonderful Life at an old theater that plays it for free one day during the season, even the concessions were free (my bf’s fav part). Seeing that movie made me really remember what we should be focusing on, I’m sure I’ve seen bits and pieces of it before but never really sat through the entire movie. The whole night was magical 🙂

  5. There is a show in Australia called Mr squiggle which is basically the game you were playing. I also really like that game

  6. Tina, you kindly gave me recommendations when I had a trip to Boston so I’d love to share my favorite spots from my former hometown, Savannah. Forsyth Park is a must and a great place to run/stroll. There’s an excellent natural foods market at the end of the park, called Brighter Day, next to it is a great coffee shop, The Sentient Bean. My favorite restaurants are Green Truck (just saw someone else recommended it above) and Cafe Florie (both use local foods). You might enjoy a trip to Back in the Day Bakery for something sweet or lunch. Fancy restaurants that are great: local11ten, noble fare or alligator soul. Some folks like Mrs. Wilkes dining hall for a southern food experience. Most of the restaurants near the river are to be avoided. Hope you all have a great time!

  7. We got married on November 15th, so before we left for our honeymoon I made my own jar. We had so so so much fun doing each of our little things (I think we spent way to much at Walgreens though!) As a pretty new blogger I also had a blast writing about all of it! Thanks for the idea!!!!

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