24 Days of Togetherness: Days 17 – 24

Merry Christmas, everyone!

I hope you’re throughly enjoying the day with family and friends! 🙂

Once again, our 24 Days of Togetherness “bucket list” was a huge success. It’s truly one of my favorites parts of the entire year – and this holiday season was no different. Here’s a recap of the final days!

DAY 17: Take a family photo. Can we talk about Murphy’s face? Ha!

DAY 18: Write haikus about one another.

For Mal; from Tina

My best friend forever

Laugh until you cry in bed

Your super weird knee


For Quinn; love Dada

Quinn is a nice boy

Santa will bring him a toy

Hopefully, not coal


To Mumma; love Dada

Jokes that make you cry

Are rarely hard to come by

Like “kitty nuggets”


To Quinn; love Mumma

My otter baby

Soft blankets are my favorite

Snuggle time with you


To Murphy; love Quinn

He likes to kiss me

He comes into my playroom

And when he snuggles

DAY 19: Share your favorite holiday memory.

DAY 20: Make a holiday craft.

DAY 21: Make a Christmas drawing.

DAY 22: Get Murphy a gift.

DAY 23: Drink holiday beverages from Starbucks.

DAY 24: Sing and dance to Christmas music.

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