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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Check out what Mal did to our fireplace yesterday afternoon!

Really nice, right? I like it so much better than before (pictured below). It’s amazing what a coat of paint can do!

IMG_7370 (563x750) (563x750)


A couple of hours before dinner, I wanted a snack, so I ate some Pretzel Crisps and then shared a carton of pineapple-flavored coconut water with Mal.



Dinner was a good one!

(Did you know my dog was spoiled? Murphy had a bite of freshly grilled chicken before even Mal or I did!)

IMG_7400 (563x750)

My friend Lindsay at Whole Foods hooked me up with some cherries, so I made one of their chicken dishes with them: Brown Rice Salad with Cherries & Chicken. But, instead of brown rice, I used Israeli couscous, which turned out amazingly!

IMG_7406 (750x563)

I had no idea how delicious cherries would be in a dish like this. I can’t wait to eat the leftovers!

IMG_7408 (750x563)

Check out the pouty lip on this dog! LOL!

IMG_7415 (563x750)

For dessert, I whipped up a batch of banana soft serve with dark chocolate and sliced almonds mixed in. Holy yum! Why don’t I eat this every day?!?

IMG_7416 (750x563)

Now that it’s officially the second half of 2012, I thought I should review my goals for 2012 and see how I’m doing on them. Thanks for the idea, Monica!

My goals for 2012:

  • Run a sub 24-minute 5K – Working on it. I need to register for a 5K.
  • Redo my officeCheck!
  • Fix the fence in our backyardCheck!
  • Do three unassisted pull-ups – Check!
  • Complete the NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist certification – I need to get moving on this one.
  • Run more than 735.62 miles – Considering it’s July 3rd and I’m only at 235 miles, I don’t think this one is going to happen, which I’m totally okay with. Goals change!
  • Read and comment on at least 3 blogs each day – I haven’t been commenting on 3 blogs every day, but I’ve been commenting more in general. I need to step it up!
  • Prescribed Fran – I’m getting closer!

Question of the Day

How are you doing on your goals for 2012? Have any of them changed? What achievement are you most proud of this year?

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  1. The cherries look amazing in that salad! I didn’t start with many concrete goals this year, but I’d love to run 1000 miles for 2012. Right now I am at 478.8 miles. I’ll need to average 89 miles a month til the end of the year to get there, but I think I can do it!

  2. Your fireplace looks awesome – it really brightens up the whole wall!

    Congrats on doing so well on all your goals! I definitely need to work on mine. I’m doing a good job of meal planning and being more decisive, but I still need to sign up for a race this year!

  3. I adore the fireplace – making it white really makes the blue accents on top stand out.

    I’m definitely finding my goals for the year have been changing – I started out the year wanting to run a half marathon. But, lately I’ve realized how much I enjoy weightlifting – my goals have changed to involve gaining more muscle and upping my weights. I still feel as fit as ever – interesting how it changes though!

  4. OMG! I cant’ believe the year is half over. I don’t even remember my 2012 goals. Not sure how much progress I am making. Will have to check that out after I make it through this week!

  5. Love the fireplace. Lucky you, having a man who actually does stuff around the hosue πŸ˜‰

    I didn’t make any goals per say, but I did make a New Year’s Resolution of learning to cook properly which I’m happy to say I’m well on my way to achieving!

  6. I never thought to use cherries in a dinner dish…maybe I should give it a try! I’ve been on a HUGE cherry kick for the past 2 weeks. It’s not a fruit I eat often at all, but my dad randomly bought 2 bags of cherries a few weeks ago & since then I’ve just been downing them like they’re candy!

  7. crossfit will really help your 5k goals. I’ve never been able to run less than a 22:55 on a 5k, and I ran one yesterday and ran it in 21:01! I credit it all to cross fit…

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