10 Things Thursday

Hi, guys! Happy Thursday!

Once again this week, I have so many random things to tell you, so I decided to put them in a “things” blog post. This time, I have 10 things from the week to tell you about. I used to write these kind of blog posts back in the day, but somehow got away from them. They’re kind of like a “brain dump,” so there’s a little bit of everything. I hope you enjoy it! 🙂

1. A local pizzeria (Norwell Pizza on route 53) serves the most enormous slices of pizza. Holy cow! We had no idea when we ordered a slice of cheese for Quinn. Haha! He probably only ate 1/4 of it, but it definitely deserved documentation!

2. I’ve eaten Overnight Mocha Oats with Sea Salt every morning this week, and I’m in love! They’re so easy to make (I whipped up a big batch at the beginning of the week), super satisfying (especially with Teddie peanut butter), and taste so delicious! Recipe coming soon!

3. Mal sent me this article the other day, and I’m SO GLAD we use sunscreen from Beautycounter. It’s terrifying to think that sunscreen gets in your bloodstream so easily. Imagine all of those chemicals, especially in babies and little kids! Ughhhhh!

4. Quinn and I made chocolate-covered strawberries from a big chocolate Easter bunny. They turned out so well. He did a great job! And the bunny was much more enjoyable to eat with strawberries! 🙂

5. Quinn and I explored some hiking trails in our town, which was a fun afternoon adventure for the both of us. 

6. We’re actually switching Quinn to just 3 days of school at the end of the month until he starts summer camp. It’s our last chance to have “Quinn and Mumma” days before he goes to Kindergarten, so I figured I should take advantage of the time!

7. I received a ton of questions about the New York Times Custom Birthday Book that I shared last week, so I took a video of it for Instagram Stories (below). It’s SUCH a cool gift, and I cannot wait to give it to my mom. It’d make a great gift for Father’s Day, graduations, or birthdays!

[adthrive-in-post-video-player video-id=”OoB1MNm8″ upload-date=”2019-05-08T18:01:28.000Z” name=”New York Times Custom Birthday Book” description=”New York Times Custom Birthday Book “]

8. Quinn is still loving swim lessons at Goldfish. He’s now rolling over onto his back “like a starfish.” I’m still so impressed by how much he has learned in a short amount of time!

9. I wore this coffee tank for a day date with Mal yesterday and received so many questions about it on Instagram. It’s actually from Target, and it will definitely become a new favorite! #coffee

If you’re local and want to win some Red Sox tickets (I’m giving away 2 sets of 4 tickets), head over to @carrotsncake Instagram for a chance to win!

10. We’re taking Quinn to his first Red Sox game in a few weeks! 🙂

Question of the Day

How’s life? Anything fun to report? 


  1. I love these types of posts! First I love the hand holding walk….my boy mom heart melted when I saw that! Also, how awesome that you get to spend two days a week without Quinn for a few weeks! I totally get how fast time goes! I’ve actually decided to start my own business so that I can spend more time with my son! I haven’t made the full leap yet but hopefully in the next 6 months, I will manage my schedule to be able to be with him more

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