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Hi, friends! Happy, happy, happy Friday!

I’m not sure if you noticed, but I did a little less blogging this week. After my digital detox over the weekend, I realized that I really need to take care of myself and not work so much and, well, sleep, so that’s exactly what I did. I actually went back to bed a few mornings this week after feeding Q instead of starting my day at 5:00 AM (well, technically, 3:00/3:30 AM), and it was awesome.

I realized when I get enough sleep, I am a totally different person. I’m focused and present, less high-strung, and just more upbeat and positive. I also felt more balanced than I ever have with regard to work-life responsibilities. Basically, this past week was a real wake-up call for me. Anyway, I haven’t checked in with you guys very much, so here is a little update to tell you what we’ve been up to lately!

Mal and I worked out together this week. Just like old times! Mimi and Papi came to visit on Tuesday, so Mal and I hit up a lunchtime class at 781. It was so fun WOD-ing together!

photo (8) (800x800)

We finally hung the dinosaur prints in the nursery. It only took us two months, but they’re finally up! FYI: The prints are from Etsy and the frames are from Amazon.


Q is doing great! He’s growing like crazy, smiling and laughing everyday (OMG, so cute)…

photo 2 (5) (800x800)

And pooping like a champ! Yep, that’s drippy mustard poo and it went EVERYWHERE… down the front of my tank top and sweatpants, on the floor, up Q’s back and even between his toes. I still have no idea how it happened. It’s not like he wasn’t wearing a diaper!?! #poopexplosion

photo 1 (5) (600x800)

Murphy developed some weird growth on the side of his foot. Gross, right? It randomly popped up out of nowhere about three weeks ago. It hasn’t gotten any worse, but it definitely hasn’t gotten any better. It doesn’t seem to bother him, but we still thought he should get it checked out, so I took him to the vet earlier this week.

photo 3 (800x800)

The vet did a fine-needle aspiration to test the cells inside the growth, which Murphy hated (he even yelped), but he was pumped about the treats afterward. I’m pretty sure he forgot about any pain once he was chowing down on Milk Bones. Thankfully, the growth is benign, and the vet said it should go away on its own in 3-4 months.

photo 4 (2) (600x800)

I started training for a fall 10k. I am pretty excited about getting back into running again. I really missed it. I thought about training for a half marathon this fall, but it’s so time-consuming even without a newborn, so I’m not sure I can fully commit to it. Plus, I really want to run my next half with Team Challenge and none of their fall/winter races worked for me, so maybe I will train with them next spring. My training plan is: run more often, increase my distance, run faster, have fun.


My UC symptoms came back. Whomp whomp. Between changing hormones and not sleeping, I think my body just spazzed out. I started experiencing symptoms a few weeks ago, and I called my doctor as soon as things started to get weird. Right now, I’m on a low-dose of steroids and PRAYING they chill out my immune system. Otherwise, I’ll start Remicade (the best option while breast feeding, according to my doctor), which scares the crap out of me. I know it helps tons and tons of people, but the thought of going to the hospital every other month and getting a 3-hour infusion does not sit well with me. *Sigh*

photo 1 (800x600)

I did yoga on the rooftop of The Colonnade Hotel, and it was glorious. Every Wednesday morning until the end of the summer, The Colonnade Hotel offers a Vinyasa class from 7:00 – 8:00 AM on the rooftop. How cool is that? The class is free to hotel guests and just $15 for non-guests. You just need to sign up beforehand. It was quite an amazing way to start the day!


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Question of the Day

How’s life? Tell me something cool that recently happened to you!



  1. Q is so cute!! Maybe you are already but make sure when his new diaper is on you pull out all the edges around his legs and such. Our baby’s newborn diapers leaked constantly then the size 1s never once leaked still have no clue why! Poor Murphy!

  2. Awesome! Which 10k are you training for? And good for you for taking some breaks. You deserve some rest mama! I become a completely different person without sleep too, so I feel your pain. Can’t get over how cute both Murphy and Q are 🙂 I’ve never done yoga, but I think I could be enticed to do it in a setting like that!

  3. So glad you are finding balance, that’s what life is all about. I hope Murphy gets well soon! Coolest thing that has happened lately was taking my pregnancy photos. It was so fun to celebrate this time in our lives and know how soon things will be changing. I loved capturing that moment of just the two of us and the pure anticipation and excitement.

  4. You look awesome! So true that sleep matters so much. Having had some sleeping disorders, I really value a good sleep.
    I earned my NASM personal trainer certification some days ago. Can’t wait to put it into use and actually take a step towards a new job (and life:))

  5. Good for you for taking care of yourself! As a new mom I’m sure you need as much sleep as you can get – and getting back to WODing with Mal must have been a blast. Have a great weekend! 🙂

  6. I am so proud of you!!!! It seemed like you were trying to do it all. I think that’s something ALL new moms struggle with but sleep is so important. I have been so refreshed by your posts this week. I was starting to not relate to you. You seem normal again! In a good way 🙂

  7. I honestly didn’t notice you weren’t posting as much but I’m glad – proud of you for taking care of yourself and going back to sleep! No blog post warrants starting your day at 3am 🙂 looks like you had a great week. Q is adorable. Have a great weekend!

  8. So glad you are taking time away from blogging (although it hardly feels like it). I have 3 little ones but I remember our first and showering was a huge task for me–could not imagine keeping up a blog like you do as well. You are a rock star but please continue to take time for your family and you. Your readers will wait for you 🙂

    Life is good here. We are having our 4th in November so I’m enjoying this little boy kicking me and moving around like crazy in there!

  9. Q is so flipping cute. 🙂
    Nothing that exciting has been going on with me. We’re moving this week and next, so I spent the better part of last weekend painting my new bedroom. It’s a dark purple color, but works because it’s an attic room, and the ceiling is still white.

  10. OMG, I had to laugh (and gag) at the poop explosion. It reminded me of when I went to my SIL’s house when her triplets were 3 months old and having a check up at home. (I was helping rotate the proper triplet in for check up then taking the other one as they finished up) She was holding her daughter and she was nekkid. I told her that probably wasn’t a good idea and she said she’d be fine. Two seconds later, a turd shot clean out of her across the room like an air gun and she peed all over her mom.

  11. I think you should really reconsider the glass frame (or even plastic) about the crib. I see it’s pulled out aways but you just never know. The frames might look great if they were stacked in a 2 x 2 configuration.

  12. Q is adorable! Love the explosion pic!!!! I once had the same experience but it was winter so my daughther had more layers on and it went on all of my layers includeing my underwear! All I could do was laugh. I am due in 15 days with my second daughter. It has been very fun to follow your experience and love to see that you are back to working out. I just suspended my membership at my gym and already miss it. Keep up the great work Mama!

  13. really cool? i did “airplane” with my two and a half year old niece and we put baby william on top of her (totally and completely spotted of course!) made for a fun picture hehe

  14. Oh the poop explosions!! I swear sometimes I wondered how a little body could produce so much! I love that you took (and shared) a picture of it- laughter is definitely the best medicine. Except sleep. Sleep is better.

  15. I’m sorry your symptoms have come back. My grandmother in law developed UC in her 70’s and about a year ago she started remocade. Though I know it’s time consuming, it has definitely been life changing for her. Speaking as a mother of two boys (age 2 and 5), you might appreciate the 3 hours of quiet, alone time soon. 😉

  16. I have Crohn’s Disease and Remicade has changed my life. I have been living symptom free for 10+ years. My last colonoscopy even showed that I’m currently in remission! While going every 8 weeks, hooked up to an IV for a few hours isn’t ideal, it has been a life safe. Don’t be afraid 🙂

  17. I’ve had a crazy week. Nothing great has happened except too much work and not enough sleep. I’m looking forward to the weekend resting and doing quality workouts vs the rushed ones I had to squeeze in this week.

  18. Sleep is so important, I feel way better with a solid seven hours a night than I do with less than that. A couple of cool things as of late for me: I got certified in Kettlebell Athletics ramping up a new personal training job at a brand new Equinox gym in San Francisco. Happy Friday!

  19. Sleep is so important. I totally agree that I’m not myself when I’m sleep deprived! It sounds like you did what was right for YOU this week 🙂 🙂 Nothing exciting happened this past week, but next week we are closing on our first house! YAY!

    Also, I love the dinosaur prints 🙂

  20. Haha I remember not being at all prepared for explosive poop – especially the kind that strikes at 2am and winds up all over the walls of the nursery! My first born literally had explosive poop every time we changed her up until 3 months old. Luckily the other 2 lasted only a few weeks with it!

    I haven’t gotten enough sleep at all this week since my 3 year old has a cold and hasn’t been sleeping well, and I’m really feeling it! Makes a huge difference.

  21. Good for you Tina for getting more rest and cutting back on your blogging. I wasn’t sure how you were even functioning AND working out!! 😮 You def need your rest. Hope Murph’s boo-boo heals fast. 🙂

  22. I started a blog! I’ve been with C’N’C since the beginning and I have always loved your blog as inspiration for running, then crossfit, and healthy recipes. It took a few years, but I have finally taken the leap to start my own! Healthy lifestyles are so important so I’m hopeful to be a new influence! Thanks Tina! 🙂

  23. So pleased to hear you are putting you first – sometimes it’s so hard to realise what we need, especially if it involves rest!

    Today is my husband and I’s 5th wedding anniversary! So happy and very excited to go out for dinner tonight and have a glass (or two) of bubbly! 🙂

  24. So glad to hear you were able find more of a work-life balance this past week! It’s definitely more of a balancing act with a baby in the mix. I’m the same way — a totally different person when I don’t get enough sleep.

    Nothing too crazy going on around here lately, which I’m actually loving considering the last few months have been insanely busy. The down time is nice!

  25. My oldest son is 20 years old now. I will NEVER forget the time when he was a newborn, and my bro-in-law was holding him, that he did the biggest blow-out all over his Uncle! (Don’t tell my son I shared that!)
    Congrats to you, and baby Q really is beautiful!

  26. My dog had the same exact type of growth but on his face (!!) and the vet did the same type of examination. We tried to let it go for a while but he must have cut it and then when it scabbed over it looked horrendous so we decided to take him in. When she said it was nothing and just falls off, I wished we had waited but it’s so hard with pets! It’s not like he could tell us, ‘Hey! Guys! This thing? NBD. Move on.’ But, that ability would definitely have saved us money on so many occasions! I am glad that it looks like Murphy’s is going to have the same outcome!

  27. So sorry to hear that your UC symptoms have come back! I’ve been on Remicade for about four years now (I have Crohn’s), and my doc is at the MGH Crohn’s and Colitis Center as well. The infusions in my experience haven’t been too bad, although every person can react differently. Still crossing my fingers, though, that the steroids help calm things down for you!

  28. Poor Murphy! My German Shepard developed something super creepy in her ear that is somewhat similar and we had to have it removed. No one was certain what it was. I hope it falls off! Fingers crossed 🙂

  29. Oh no you poor thing, hope things settle down for you on the UC front. Such a pain! Well done on the run and running in general! 🙂 I can’t think of nething really cool…I do have magic cookie bars up on the blog to day which are pretty awesome! They’re sugar and grain free!

  30. I know it’s not fun but I have a good friend with Crohn’s Disease & Remicade has been a a God send for her. She feels soooo much better. Wishing you well!

  31. Sorry to hear your symptoms came back :(. Here’s sending you good vibes that taking care of yourself, added (needed) rest and the med’s will help!

    And can’t not mention that you still are the Mama of the cutest flipping little guy I have ever seen, that face! Even with the poop!

  32. Oh the Mustard Poo. I Do Not miss that! lol it’s been many years since I’ve had to change one of those diapers (little brother just turned 12) but I can still remember getting Mustard pooped on and FREAKING OUT. My mother and step dad found it HILARIOUS. Fun memories.

  33. I finished 4 weeks of Crossfit (3 x per week) this week!! I’m so proud of myself for committing and I LOVE it! Wish I could go more, but I need to keep the balance between work, kids and exercise, so 3 days works out well. Thanks for the sports bra tips and for all your Crossfit posts. They have been super motivating.

  34. I’m glad that you’ve been giving yourself a little more time off! I 100% agree with going back to sleep when you wake up a 3am… oh my goodness I don’t know how you were surviving! 🙂 The coolest thing that’s happening to me is my bro and his family (8 and 4 year old daughters!) are coming to visit me next week- I AM SO EXCITED! I’m taking them to niagara falls and they’ve never been… can’t wait to see their expressions!!

  35. Congrats on getting back into running! I have been having a hard time really dedicating myself lately since having a baby. I just seem to have no time, and I make silly excuses some days. I still totally love running, but it is just harder now. How do you get motivated to run?

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