What I’m Proud Of [Flipping the Switch on Anxiety]

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Hi, I'm Tina!

I’m the owner of Carrots ‘N’ Cake as well as a Certified Nutrition Coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P). I use macros and functional nutrition to help women find balance within their diets while achieving their body composition goals.

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nutrition workshop at Bodymechanics PT Norwell, ma

Soooo, anxiety has been kicking my butt lately, and it’s so frustrating. What’s even worse is that I have no idea why it’s plaguing me right now – it basically came out of nowhere. It could be related to everything going on in my gut right now. (Mind and body, especially the gut, are highly connected AND vice versa.) But I was in a flare for 5+ years and never felt like this, so I don’t know.

Ever since I had a colonoscopy back in May, I’ve dealt with some (mostly) minor flare symptoms.* I just can’t seem to kick them, and I’ve struggle with seemingly “out of nowhere” anxiety. I really haven’t had crazy anxiety like this since my Designed to Fit/Nutrition House Software days (and, god, life was tough then), so it seems so mysterious to me. I honestly felt like I made great strides with managing my anxiety, but then, boom, it hit me hard. I’ve found myself amped up and worried about things I haven’t thought twice about in months and months. Ughhhh…

Long story short, I decided to focus on a few things that I’m feeling really good about lately. Sometimes focusing on the positive, instead of the overwhelming negativity that anxiety can bring, really does make a difference. Ok, here we go!

I’m slowly, but surely overcoming my fear of public speaking. If you’re a long-time reader, you know I used to avoid speaking opportunities at all costs. I can’t even begin to explain how many amazing opportunities I said no to because of my extreme fear of public speaking. I spoke on a number of panels over the years (FoodBuzz, Fitness Magazine, AOL, Fitbloggin‘), but, even then, I wasn’t contributing all that much to the conversation. I was so scared and basically had zero confidence in myself and what I had to say. Fast-forward to one million Instagram Lives and other videos, public speaking really doesn’t rattle me anymore. Sure, I’m a little nervous at the start, but those feelings don’t spiral into a panic attack like they used to! I’m honestly excited to share what I know and help others.

I recently participated in a nutrition workshop at Bodymechanics PT. I spoke for 20-25 minutes about macros and meal planning, followed by a Q&A session.

Bodymechanics workshop Norwell, Ma

It went really well, and I’m excited for more opportunities like this. I’m actually kind of shocked to even write that… let’s just say, I’ve come a LONG way with public speaking! 🙂

I’ve battled flare symptoms since May, and I’ve been very “zen” about it. In the past, when I was in a flare, the sky was falling. I’d freak out that I couldn’t control what was happening to my body, and I would obsess about everything related to my health. This time, I’m taking things day by day and trying to stay calm about my symptoms. I’m also practicing some serious gratitude for the parts of my body that are healthy, and thanking my lucky starts that I can do certain things, like walk downstairs, go for a run, or eat out at a restaurant. In my sickest moments with this disease, I wasn’t able to do these things, so I don’t take them for granted. Flipping the switch on my thinking has definitely helped!

I’m also really proud of…

My nutrition coaching business. It really is my pride and joy, and I love helping clients find a better mindset and relationship with food. Plus, after DTFN and NHS blew up, I totally felt like a failure, but I took what I learned and rebuilt CNC Nutrition + Coaching, and it’s SUCH a better experience for our clients and myself!

Question of the Day

What are you feeling proud of lately?

How do you deal with anxiety? 

* Here’s a little aside that I didn’t know until recently (thank you, IBD friends), but colonoscopies can really mess up the microbiome and balance of your gut… and you can refuse them. There are other tests (like “pooping in a hat” as my old doctor would say) that can give you similar information (i.e. inflammation markers, signs of blood in the stool). Of course, if there’s something serious going on, you should listen to your doctor and go through with the colonoscopy. But if you’re someone like me, who WAS in remission, but needed a routine colonoscopy, it’s okay to seek-out other testing options. YOU are in control of your health. Obviously, everyone’s situation is different, but I just wanted to share this information since I was completely unaware, and now I’m still dealing with a flare 3+ months later.

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