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Mal, Q, Murphy, and I finally got out of the house this weekend! Hooray! Since I’m breastfeeding and Q eats every 1-3 hours, I’m basically on his schedule, which means we’ve stuck close to home since he was born (except for a couple of trips to the park and the pediatrician). Mal and I were both feeling some serious cabin fever (and getting cranky about it), so we made ourselves get out of the house and, man, we needed it!

On Friday morning, we swung by Marylou’s for iced coffees and then took our boys (the furry one and the not-so-furry one) to the park for a walk.


It was a beautiful morning, and I loved being active outside in the sunshine!


After the park, we re-grouped (I worked, Mal did a driveway WOD, Q slept, and Murphy crushed pillows on the sun porch) and then we drove to the Hingham Shipyard for lunch at Hingham Beer Works.

photo 1


We fed Q right before we went to lunch, so we hoped he’d sleep while we ate. He ended up waking up and getting a little cranky, but some rocking and burping did the trick. And, thankfully, the restaurant was big enough and not too crowded that a fussy baby wasn’t too stressful for us or other patrons. You could barely hear him in a big, noisy restaurant! Thank goodness!

photo 2

I ordered the Shrimp & Chicken Stir Fry for lunch, which was awesome. I actually always order it when I go to Beer Works. Mmm!

photo 3

On Sunday, we got out of the house again for Matthew’s first birthday party!


I can’t believe his little guy is already a year old! Where does the time go?!





Proud parents!


I love his enthusiasm for cake. We are definitely related.

photo 1 (4) (640x640)



Q met his great grandmother for the first time at Matthew’s party. And, of course, she loved him!


photo 2 (1) (480x640)

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Question of the Day

Did you get out of the house this weekend? What did you do?



  1. What a fab weekend! I was able to have a night with just my husband and no baby Quinn (thanks to his mother) so we could attend a wedding. We had a blast and it’s not often we get special time like that 1) we are parents 2) he is an officer. You look so happy to be a mommy! Although right now it feels like your whole day is run by his nursing schedule and it will get old by month 6, it will be over so fast and you will miss it!

  2. What a great weekend! I love that you and Mal have time together in these first months of Q’s life. What beautiful memories.

    I finally spent some time IN my house this weekend and did some much-needed cleaning, along with some back-patio-wine-drinking. It was fantastic!

  3. What a nice weekend! Little Q is so precious 🙂 Your sister looks great, what a cute picture of her family with your nephew! We did a sign just like that at my newphew’s 1st birthday party! So cute, and fun having those milestones written down.

  4. Glad you got out and enjoyed yourselves, it can be challenging with a newborn! And yes, take that baby out to restaurants before you hit the restless toddler stage (where we are)!

    We packed up and headed to Nantucket this weekend 🙂

  5. Your nephew is adorable! He’s also the size of my 7 month old, who does not want to stop growing. My weekend involved a playdate for my giant baby on Saturday and a BBQ with friends and their kids on Sunday.

    Getting out of the house gets easier! You have to plan ahead and consider the timing of Q’s eating, changing and napping. But it’ll start feeling second nature after a few months and far less stressful. Well, until he’s a toddler – then all bets are off.

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