Valentine’s Day Weekend Recap: Love Is…

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Good morning and happy Monday, friends!

How was your Valentine’s Day weekend? Ours was fairly low-key since Q-Man is still recovering from his surgery, but that meant we had lots of quality time together as a family. This, of course, was perfect timing with the sentiment of love and loving for the Valentine’s Day holiday. That said, here’s what love meant to me this weekend!

Love is…

… a nice glass of wine at happy hour with my favorite boys. We had dinner at Hingham Beer Works on Friday night.

IMG_3265 (640x480)

Love is… this sweet boy. Plain and simple. <3

IMG_3276 (640x640)

Love is… not one, but two straws (aka “a super straw”), to drink your milk.

IMG_3289 (480x640)

Love is… a tough workout that makes you feel badass once you finish. (I almost beat Mal!)

IMG_3303 (640x480)

Love is… donuts from the Coffee Shack.

IMG_3304 (640x480)

Love is… Toasted Almond Coconut iced coffee. I’m so excited and Mal is so… serious. Haha!

IMG_3320 (1280x960)

Love is… Googling bird-related activities in the area because your son loves them so much, only to discover that “Wild Birds Unlimited” has nothing to do with actual living birds, but instead supplies for them. Ha! It’s actually across the street from CrossFit, so I figured it couldn’t hurt to pop in for the chance they had some live birds. No luck. #seedsale

IMG_3322 (640x480)

Love is… falling asleep with pieces of chocolate frosted donut in your hands. (He’s definitely my kid.)

IMG_3326 (640x480)

Love is… saving your cookie dough-obsessed husband some of the batter that you used to make chocolate chip cookies for your neighbors as a way to thank them for snow-blowing your driveway when you were at the hospital overnight for your son’s surgery. Seriously, how nice was that?! We got quite a bit of snow, so it was such a nice surprise coming home to a plowed driveway!

IMG_3264 (640x480)

Love is… a get-well present for your son from your elderly neighbor, who has been married for 60+ years and still refers to his wife as “the bride.” Doesn’t that just melt your heart? So sweet.

IMG_3341 (640x480)

Love is… saying “all done” (in sign language), but grabbing a 4th (!!!) piece of pizza to go. Quinn is doing such a great job eating, we didn’t even care that he carried a slice of pizza around the house while he ate it.

IMG_3331 (640x640)Love is… waking up with your toddler at 4:45 AM on Valentine’s Day morning so your can husband sleep. (Mal bought me a gift card to my favorite nail place, so we’re all good.)

IMG_3353 (960x1280)

Love is… waking up Dada with Valentine’s Day cards.

IMG_3384 (1280x1280)

Love is… heart-shaped pancakes.

IMG_3395 (1280x1280)

Love is… pizza + wine, which is how we celebrated Valentine’s Day!


Questions of the Day

Your turn! Finish this sentence: Love is… 

Local readers: Do you know where I can find fun bird things to do with Quinn? 

We’re going to visit the New England Wildlife Center at some point. I also checked out the South Shore Science Center and Mass Audubon online, but neither had much for toddlers. I Googled aviaries in the area, but everything I found seemed kind of sketchy. Any other ideas? Quinn lovvveeesss birds!

P.S. Did you win my 8-year blog birthday giveaway?!? I’m still waiting to hear from two people!!

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