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Yowsahs. It was a hot week of workouts. The temps were in the mid- to upper-90s all week long, so I was a sweaty, dipping mess for all of my workouts.

It’s truly incredible how much I sweat””Mal too. We always joke that we’re the King and Queen of Sweat at CrossFit because we’re always drenched at the end of a workout and so much more than anyone else. Doesn’t that just mean our bodies are really efficient with cooling us down? Something like that, right? Or maybe we’re just disgusting individuals? Ha! Anyway, here’s a recap of last week’s workouts!

Sunday: 6-mile run + Open Gym

I’m a dummy and decided to run 3 miles around my neighborhood and then 3 miles to our CrossFit box.

6 miles + 90+ degrees = stupid

Somehow, I survived the heat and made it to 781 in one piece. I wasn’t planning to workout when I arrived (I just wanted to take a shower since our bathroom was being re-grouted, and I hadn’t showered in almost 2 days), but Mal was teaching a bunch of people how to do Butterfly Pull-ups, so I decided to join in the fun. And once I started to get the hang of it, I just wanted to keep practicing. Butterfly Pull-ups are definitely a move that I’m strong enough to do, but I need to practice, practice, practice in order to get them down.

Monday: CrossFit

As I mentioned in a previous post, a few of my friends work out at Quincy City CrossFit now, so I did a drop-in on Monday night to catch up and WOD with them.

IMG_2376 (600x450)

The WOD was killer, especially for a hot, summer night. Check it out:

IMG_2378 (600x450)

Translation: 20 minutes of as many 200 meter sprints as possible with a 30-second rest between rounds. OMG. So hot, so sweaty. Even still, I managed to get 17 rounds in 20 minutes. Not too shabby!

I really liked working out at Quincy City and would definitely drop-in for another class. They have a nice space and everyone I met seemed really cool.

Tuesday: CrossFit

I planned to take a rest day on Tuesday, but then “Cindy” popped up in the 781 programming. I’ve actually never done “Cindy,” so I really didn’t want to miss it. Plus, Kerrie and I planned to WOD together, so I knew she’d push me in the workout.

For the most part, I kept up with Kerrie during “Cindy” (she still beat me by 10 reps), but I know I wouldn’t have gone as hard if she wasn’t right next to me busting her ass. My score was 16+7 Rx. And, hello, I was good and sore for two days after!

Cindy WOD CrossFit

Wednesday: 4-mile run

After “Cindy,” Wednesday was definitely going to be a rest day, but then the temperature dropped that evening. It was such a beautiful night, I just needed to take advantage of the “cool” weather and go for a run. Even just 10 degrees made a huge difference in my running, and I felt awesome, which was a first in awhile!

evening run_thumb

Thursday: Off

Friday: CrossFit

I felt great after a rest day, and Friday’s WOD was short and sweet, so I went to CrossFit yesterday morning. The Strength part of class was heavy, touch-and-go deadlifts. I partnered with a friend, and we worked our way up to 175 pounds.

Deadlift: 5RM (TnG)

The WOD was a quickie AMRAP, but it was so tough. Even though it was only 5 minutes, I still dropped the bar a bunch of times.

Hang Power Cleans #95 + kettlebell swings + 95-degree heat = BRUTAL

I managed to get 3+1 and then felt horrible after the WOD. The heat just kills me.


10 Hang Power Clean
10 KBS
Rx: (135, 95) (53, 35)

who made the rules Reebok tank

FYI: My tank is from Reebok, and it says “who made the rules.” It’s one of my favorites!

Saturday: CrossFit

Once again, Saturday was supposed to be a rest day, but then an expected package from my friends at Reebok arrived in the mail. Check out these beauties: CrossFit Nano Speed! I instantly fell in love. Reebok is so good to me.

Reebok Nano Speed

The Nano Speed is basically a lightweight running shoe for CrossFit. The toe-box is narrower and there’s more support and cushion compared the regular Nano.

IMG_2455 (600x450)

Long story short, when I saw today’s workout, which included running, I really wanted to try out my new kicks. A running WOD right after I get the Nano Speed? Hey, it was meant to be!


With a partner, for time, complete:

2 mile run, switching every 400 meters

100 Burpee Wallballs while partner holds a push-up plank
One person works while one rests during the run; one person holds plank until other completes a set of BWB, then switch.

IMG_2448 (450x600)

The Nano Speed was perfect for today’s workout. My partner and I split up the 2-mile run into alternating 400 meter sprints, so I had a good chance to test them out. They’re definitely lightweight, and I liked how flexible and cushion-y they felt, especially compared to the regular Nanos.

If you’re into CrossFit Endurance, take your running seriously, or just don’t like running in the regular Nanos, I’d definitely check out the Nano Speed. They’re a great mix of Nano and running shoe, and they’re perfect for WODs with running in them. They also have a number of awesome, CrossFit-specific features, like a “lateral rope guard,” which makes them durable against exercises like rope climbs and Burpees that tend to destroy shoes overtime.

I’m a big fan of the Nano Speed and can definitely see myself wearing them for a lot of workouts””both in and outside of CrossFit.

Questions of the Day

Do you ever have trouble incorporating rest days into your workout schedule?

Why is CrossFit so fun?

Are you a sweaty beast?

P.S. Tomorrow and Monday are 100% rest days for me. My body is tired!



  1. That definitely happens to me where on rest days the conditions are just to perfect to actually rest but there are other weeks when I’m busy and have to take 2-3 days off so I don’t mind that it varies as long as I do end up getting some rest in eventually!

  2. I take the same rest day every week and I have to work so I have no choice really…though sometimes I end up going for a short (15 minute!) morning swim 🙂 Love the Nanos! Are the shorts lululemon??

  3. At the moment I’m struggling to take rest days as I’m on holidays and all my friends are away so I am bored!! I’m forcing myself to take 2 though: I am increasing my running distance so my legs need the rest and I find I can only cope with 2 body pumps a week so my workouts have been 3x running, 2x body pump, 2 rest days and one long walk thrown in on one of the 2.

    haha that made me laugh as I am also a sweaty beast, in my pump class I am defo the only girl who has to bury her face in the towl after each song! Although, that being said, none of the other girls seem to lift heavyish weights

  4. It has been SO HOT here in Boston! I’ve been getting up early in the morning to get my “run” in…which is big for me because I LOVE to sleep. 🙂 Thursday when I got back, husband took one look at me and said “You’reeee sweatyyyy”. He was right.

  5. I struggle with incorporating rest days b/c I have so many fun classes available to me. I’ve got a CF membership, yoga (hello liquid flow level 2!), and aerial circus studio membership. On Wednesdays especially, I hit up 1.5hrs of sweaty aerial power yoga level 2 followed 45min later by crossfit. It’s physically challenging, but too fun to miss out on.

    We did a partner WOD today too (21-18-15-12-9-6-3) of wall balls and bag slams while partner does OH lunges for 50 meters. It was killer. Our warm-up was the best part though: do a burpee every time “thunder” is said in “Thunderstruck” by ACDC. I’m a big ACDC fan and have never had so much fun doing burpees. 🙂 That’s why CF is so fun <3

  6. Nice week of workouts! I totally relate to the struggle to take a rest day … I love working out and love the way it makes me feel, so it feels like a bummer when I “have to” take a rest day! But I know my body needs it sometimes 🙂

  7. I’m pretty good with scheduled rest days, but then stupid rain comes (which we desperately need here in Texas, but still), and I have to unexpectedly rest. That sucks to me and sort of throws me off my groove. I’ll get back into tonight, though.
    As for being a sweaty beast…oh man. I’m insane! I used to be so self conscious about it in high school (I was on the dance team and all the other girls could just brush their hair out and blot their faces. Not me.), but I totally embrace it now, haha.

  8. I am SUCH a sweaty beast. It’s really kind of gross, especially since after a killer workout I get home and am too lazy to get myself off the couch for at least an hour. Oops, did I really just admit that on the internet?

  9. Love this post!! I was forced to take 2 months off CrossFit due to a head injury and am just getting back into it. Last week I went two days in a row and was sore for the rest of the week! This week I tried to have a rest day twice but ended up going to CrossFit for my favorite workouts. I missed it so much!!!! The partner WODs are particularly fun (and challenging)!!

  10. I’m not really a sweaty beast but now that my hair is so long I just realized how much I can’t stand having a ponytail touching my sweaty neck during workouts. it makes workouts so much hotter! Gotta rock the bun look now otherwise my ponytail will whip sweat on other people haha

  11. So sweaty at boxing class that I have to wear my hair in a tight bun because the ends of my hair swing around and stick to my face – it’s disgusting. Also, I’ve been ‘working on’ incorporating rest days into my life for as long as I can remember. I know how important it is to take a rest day, but, sometimes I just WANT a workout. (oh but it’s such a nice cool day for a run, oh i could really use a lift session, this will just be a quick 20 min workout). I am pretty good at taking either thursday or friday off, but, I have to seriously think about it and predict the benefit of the next workout to convince myself. I know, it’s odd.

  12. I need CrossFit in my life… the boxes here are so far from work/home. Ugh working on this! I am so antsy on rest days so I definitely feel ya on trying to take a rest day. In this weather I have been a sweaty beast… kinda felt great!

  13. Hello – been a reading for awhile now (on again/off again) but can I just say…I notice a huge difference after all this crossfit stuff…wow you look amazing!

  14. I used to feel really guilty about resting. It’s hard when you’re used to routine, and thrive on your workouts! But I just remind myself that fitness is a journey, and you can always ramp it up when you need to …and rev is down when you want to relax. It all comes in phases for me.

  15. I sweat all the time too. I’m not hardcore as all of you are with cross fit :). I am loving yoga, but sometimes I feel silly because I am sweating so terrible in the studio.

  16. Girl, you more than deserve a rest day!

    I’m always kind of bummed when I have a rest day. I’m the kind of person who needs to be moving and doing something. Rest days just seem so boooooring to me.

    I want to try cross fit so badly! It’s too expensive for me right now, but hopefully I can find a place I can afford.

    I sure was sweaty today after my 5K. This heat is no joke!

  17. There is nothing better than TRYING to take a rest day. So much better than those weeks where you take too many rest days! I am in need of some new shows – I might have to check out the nanos. Is there any other kind of shoe you use that you would recommend for weight training and light cardio (like running on the treadmill and doing elliptical)?

    1. I think any of the Nanos would be great for those types of workouts. You want a firm sole for weightlifting and they’d hold up well for cardio workouts.

  18. Hello! I just started reading your blog. I really really really wanna do crossfit, but I’m in the midst of a huge move since my husband is in the Navy. I currently do Stroller Strides 5 days a week, 2 a days on Tuesdays and Thursdays with Stroller Barre. I really want to lose weight but I think the stress of the move is not doing good things for me. Would you suggest doing onramp? How long did it take you to get used to crossfit?

    1. Yes, definitely! Most CrossFit boxes won’t let you start regular classes until you take the on-ramp classes. They teach you a lot, so you’re completely ready to join a class.

  19. You just amaze me. And I think you’ve positively inspired many other bloggers to enter into crossfit. Seems like many are jumping into that territory as of late.

    Also, I just sent you an email since you were kind enough to say I could. Its rather lengthy, I apologize, I know you are busy and have no time to respond or read all these things but I’d be extremely extremely grateful. Hope you get it and thank you.

  20. I always struggle with rest days! I’m convinced that my muscles will just turn to slop over night. Crazy thoughts, right? I wish I could try CrossFit! I have yet to find a local place that hosts it. Have a great weekend!

  21. I’m terrible at taking rest days, I’ll usually end up doing a long walk and/or yoga on a rest day because I get too twitchy being inactive. A lot of times I’ll tell myself that tomorrow will be a rest day and when tomorrow rolls around, there’ll be something I’m really jonesing to do and I end up talking myself out of it. You just get addicted to it!

  22. I usually get antsy if I don’t work out, but when I get an unintentional rest day in (busy schedule), it actually helps my performance. Rested legs= faster running!
    And yes, I am an incredibly sweaty beast!

  23. I usually take 2-3 rest days during the week and do something like a long walk instead of a full workout. I also sweat a ton! I read on the internet somewhere (which means it must be true! Ha) that people who are in good shape sweat a lot because their bodies are more efficient at responding to heat stress.

  24. Rest days are hard for me to take. Also I was happy to read I am not the only one who sweats a lot. 😉

  25. I am a sweaty beast as well! I think the ‘super efficient’ explanation is great. 😉 I also like to think it just means I am working THAT much harder than everyone else, even if I’m not as fast/strong…I am getting myself there.

    Since I’m on a marathon training schedule, it’s easy for me to take rest days…these legs need ’em! Otherwise I know it’s easy to get injured, and I really don’t want to get to the 18 mile run and then not be able to complete the full 26.2. 🙂

  26. Warm weather definitely makes the workouts more challenging. Temps in AZ are supposed to drop in the 90’s this week and I am excited for that!

  27. I totally know what you mean about the heat…it gases you.
    Taking rest days are hard, especially when working out is so fun, but I’m finally learning to listen to my body, it tells me when I need one, and then I just take it. I know it’s important for recovery.

  28. I always take a rest day on Sunday–which is super perfect b/c I do more at the beginning of the week–so it’s a great way for my body to rest & take time off. Which is obv important.

    Your workouts look fun!!

  29. haha, Cindy’s one of my favorites! It definitely leaves me nice and sore for a few days. Crossfit it so addictive and it’s fun because of the camaraderie. I love my box and the people who push me to be better every day. I’m moving next week and I’m going to miss them so much. Especially since it was my first box. I have to force myself to take rest days. It’s a good thing that they’re closed on Sunday’s haha. Have a great rest day and good weekend!

  30. Teach me your ways! This past week has been mostly rest days for me – I can’t handle the heat!! How did you manage 6 miles in 90 degree weather? Also, your blog has made me want to try Crossfit SO BADLY!

  31. My husband and I just started crossfit in August, and we’re addicted too! On rest days, we find ourselves talking about previous WODs, how we felt during a recent workout, and checking the website for upcoming WODs. It’s crazy, but awesome too!!! (And yes, I’ve been amazed at how much I sweat!)

  32. If you are ever in Boston and want to drop in a new Crossfit box, Reebok Crossfit Back Bay is great!

  33. I am such a sweater. And now that I do crossfit it’s even worse. Or better.
    And it is fun! I was so excited on Saturday because my jump roping has improved. And then I went to open gym on Sunday to work on my pull-ups and thrusters. Then I came home and biked to the beach to swim. Apparently I couldn’t get enough of the endorphins.

    Today is a scheduled rest day but I might do yoga at home.

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  35. Too funny – I’m the opposite. Not a sweater. It makes me second guess my work out – am I really working out hard enough?! But I know I am :-).

    I’m pretty good about getting my rest days in. I just have to be flexible with the weather, class schedules, etc. It all works out in the end!

  36. I love and hate rest days. Early morning workouts really get me fired up for the day and PM workouts can really help me relax and clear my mind. I have to remind myself that an extra rest day here and there is better than an injury and a forced hiatus from exercise.

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