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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Good morning! Happy Friday!

Last night’s New York City adventures started with appetizers and drinks at The Long Room. Strike a pose, Theodora!

011 (480x640)

Theodora and I met a bunch of her friends there before the concert. Everyone ordered wine (I stuck with water) and then we shared a few appetizers among the table.

012 (640x480)

I ate a couple of sliders (minus the bun) and some raw veggies. I sort of wanted to order more food, but we didn’t have time. We had places to be!

014 (640x480)

We needed to get ourselves to Yankee Stadium for MADONNA!!!

016 (640x480)

Once we found our seats inside, our next order of business was drinks.

020 (480x640)

Yay, water!

019 (480x640)

It was my very first time at Yankee Stadium! Cool!

021 (640x480)

And I didn’t burst into flames when I walked through the door! (I’m a Red Sox fan.) Haha! 

022 (640x480)

Two sliders + some raw veggies wasn’t going to cut it for dinner, so I shared some French fries with Theodora before the concert.

023 (640x480)

A little after 10:00 PM, the show started. Ahhhh, MADONNA!!!

025 (640x480)

Here’s the full setlist from last night (via Mission Madonna):

  • Act of Contrition
  • Girl Gone Wild (meets Material Girl)
  • Revolver
  • Gang Bang
  • Papa Don’t Preach (edit)
  • Hung Up (MDNA remix)
  • I Don’t Give A (rock remix)
  • Best Friend/Heartbeat (interlude)
  • Express Yourself (meets Born This Way)
  • Turn Up the Radio
  • Give Me All Your Luvin’ (Just Blaze remix)
  • Open Your Heart (meets Sagarra Jo by Kalakan)
  • Masterpiece (featuring Kalakan)
  • Justify My Love (William Orbit remix””interlude)
  • Vogue
  • Candy Shop
  • Human Nature
  • Like a Virgin
  • Nobody Knows Me (interlude)
  • I’m Addicted
  • I’m a Sinner (meets Cyberraga)
  • Like a Prayer
  • Celebration

027 (640x480)

The beginning of the show was really dark””lots of gunshots and bloody images. Obviously, Madonna was trying to tell a story (Girl Gone Wild -> Revolver -> Gang Bang -> Papa Don’t Preach), which was neat to see, but I’m honestly not sure how I felt about it.

028 (640x480)

I guess I didn’t like it. It was a bit too gruesome for me and, of course, it was tough to dance to the sound of gunshots.

029 (640x480)

But, things turned around with Papa Don’t Preach””flames and fire, no blood. It was awesome, obviously.

031 (640x480)

I really love old school Madonna, but, sadly, she didn’t play a ton of her classic hits.

033 (480x640)

Most of her show was new music, but from her older stuff, she played Express Yourself. Check out those bananas!

038 (640x480)

Open Your Heart, which was a weird acoustic-reggae mix.

039 (640x480)

VOGUE!!!!! Madonna wore a cone bra and everything! Ahhh, loved it!

040 (640x480)

Like a Virgin was kind of a letdown. Instead of the original, Madonna sung a slow, serious, and semi-depressing version. It was still great to hear, but not what I was hoping for.

045 (640x480)

The second-to-last song of the night was Like a Prayer and, hands down, it was my favorite of the entire show””full choir and everything!

048 (640x480)

Like a Prayer had the whole stadium on their feet and clapping along!

050 (640x480)

The final song of the evening was a remix of Celebration. It was a fun way to end the night!

054 (640x480)

All in all, seeing Madonna in concert was an awesome experience, and I’m so glad I was able to cross-off #53 from my Life’s To Do List!


This morning, I woke up bright and early to catch the Bolt Bus back to Boston. On my walk to the bus station, I stopped by Stumptown Coffee Roasters for an iced decaf Americano. It was amazing””just how I remembered Stumptown””but I’m still feeling things out with espresso, so I drank half of it and ditched the rest before I got on the bus. 

056 (640x480)

I knew I wouldn’t have much time for breakfast this morning, so I bought some food at Whole Foods yesterday afternoon to take with me on the bus today.

001 (640x480)

What I wanted to buy:

003 (640x480)

What I actually bought:

005 (480x640)

Inside the box was jerk chicken and grilled plantains with walnuts and raisins from the hot bar. This photo sort of looks gross, but, I assure you, this meal was not at all disgusting. It was actually really delicious and super satisfying. Win-win.

008 (640x480)

I cut up the chicken and transferred it to my Tupperware container from home for easy transportability.

010 (640x480)

I also brought a packet of almond butter from home to eat with my apple on the bus ride. I plan to dig into that mid-morning.

Question of the Day

What’s your favorite Madonna song?



  1. Im a Madonna fan, but mostly with her earlier music. Sounds like it was an eclectic mix of her work. I think I would be gutted if the show wasn’t stacked with all the old classics. But I guess Madonna would get bored singing in the oldies all of the time. Beat the stage performance was awesome though! (ok Im a cloest Kylie Minogue Fan too – of the old stuff though…hmm, maybe I’ve said to much)

  2. The beginning of the concert sounds a bit odd… I don’t know if I’d like it either! But at least it got better after that. It sounds like it was an awesome experience. 😀 My favourite Madonna song is Like a Prayer – it always gets me dancing!

  3. Like a Prayer is my absolute, all-time, favorite song ever. I can guarantee that if I’d been at this show, I would have been bawling my eyes out while Like a Prayer was happening. I fell in love with the video while watching MTV as a kid & I’ve adored it ever since. Although any song with choir music mixed in is a favorite in my book. 🙂

  4. I like Madonna’s 80s hits the best. I don’t have a favorite, I like them equally. How cool to attend her concert though! We were just in NYC the day before. I’ve never been to Yankee stadium, and I’m a life-long fan and New Yorker. It’s on my list. 🙂

  5. I would love to see Madonna in concert! When I was in grade school, I had a mixed tape of Madonna songs that I listened to constantly. Choosing one favorite is hard, so a few are “Like a Prayer,” “Open Your Heart,” and “Human Nature.” Also, I think Stumptown is the most amazing coffee ever! My friend who lives in Portland has brought me beans a few times when visiting, but I haven’t been lucky enough to try it “fresh” yet.

  6. I love old skool Madonna (ie Immaculate collection) and I’m happy to hear she played some of her classics. You got some awesome pictures. They remind me of the HBO concert I recorded some 15 years ago when she was ALL about the cone bra : ) Glad you had a fun weekend in NY!

  7. I know what you mean on the “remix” songs sometimes being disappointing, I guess the artist is trying to make it fresh~ but so many of us remember and love it the CLASSIC way (and that’s what we pay to see)! My fave Madonna: Material Girl. Hands down…or should I say, DIAMONDS down?

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