The Most Stressful Part of Murphy’s Day

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So, this is actually the second time I am writing this blog post since the first one got eaten up by the WordPress app on my phone/it doesn’t agree with the server at Dreamhost. I don’t know what happened exactly, but I finished this post at 3:45 AM this morning and when I went to publish it this morning, it reverted to the old version. *Sigh* It was super annoying. Anyway…

On Monday, I ended up having a super active day! Q and I ran 2.5 miles at Southfield and then we went for a 45-minute walk with Murphy (it was such a beautiful day) and then I went to CrossFit that evening. Holy activity, right? And, of course, I stopped for an iced coffee on the way home. Local readers: The White Chocolate Chip (milk, one sugar) at 1st Stop Coffee on route 18 is the BOMB! I think it’s even better than Marylou’s!

photo 1 (800x800) (2)

After a super active Monday, I decided to take it easy on Tuesday, so I took a leisurely 2-mile stroll with Q and Murphy at the dog park. I listened to podcasts and enjoyed the morning. It was quite a lovely way to start the day!

photo 2 (9) (800x600)

Murphy and me at the park  (800x400)

photo (9) (800x800)
(He’s looking for treats.)

On the way home from the park, I grabbed an iced coffee and then spent the rest of morning hanging out with my favorite little dude, who turned 3 months old yesterday.

photo 3 (3) (800x800)

Unfortunately, the afternoon actually ended up being kind of stressful for us since Q had a meltdown (thank goodness for strollers and nice weather!)…


And Murphy had to deal with the mailman and the FedEx guy. I know, I know… his life is so hard.

photo 1 (8) (800x800)

Mail deliveries to our house are quite stressful for the pug.

photo 5 (2) (600x800)

When Murphy hears the FedEx/UPS truck coming, he immediately runs to the door and starts barking like a freak. Mal and I have tried so many times to correct his bad behavior, but it hasn’t really worked. Murphy just gets SO EXCITED and won’t listen. The mailman actually seems to like Murphy and sometimes gives him a Milk Bone, but the poor FedEx and UPS guys… I feel so embarrassed every time they come to the house and Murphy spazzes out. So, yea, that was the most stressful part of Murphy’s day.

photo 4 (3) (800x800) photo 3 (2) (800x800)
photo 1 (3) (800x800) photo 2 (7) (800x800)
Please note the bottom two photos. Murphy is STILL barking at the FedEx guy even as he drives away. What a freak.

Questions of the Day

What’s the most ‘stressful’ part of your pet’s day?

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  1. At first, it was the mail man, now have a basket and table in front of the slot (they would make mail confetti — so un-fun), but now, its when we return from a trip. They both get SOOO excited someone ends up scratched, clothes torn, or piddled on. All with love of course.

  2. Haha my pug at my mama’s house is the same way! She’s a whopping 11 (12 in December!) and she will still bark at the FedEx/UPS guys and don’t even get me started about the Schwan’s guy since he stands there and talks to my mama to get the bi-weekly order. She blows little snot bubbles and she barks and sends out the occasional howl. As for my dog, it’s about 5:40 in the evening. Between 5:40 and 5:45PM two of my neighbors get home then my boyfriend gets home. Like clockwork, she hears the condo building door opens and for a full 5 minutes she spazzes out. And the days the boyfriend runs late? Ooooh man. You’d think she’d burn a hole into our carpet from pacing.

  3. My dog is stressed every day from 4pm – 5pm….5pm is dinner time and I think he thinks we will forget lol. He just paces back and forth in the kitchen until we feed him. Crazy how they can kind of tell time!

  4. My Staffordshire/fox terrier/red heeler mongrel DOES NOT BARK. Ever. It’s uncanny. She does often do this growl-murmur thing when we pass a dog that is smaller than her, but I can’t tell if it’s a stress reaction. I try not to anthropomorphize, but it looks a lot like contempt…

  5. Q is so cute!
    My puggle has an issue with deliveries too – it can be rather annoying, but we haven’t figured out anything that works. She also has issues with a pack of 3 huge black dogs that get walked a couple of times a day – I can calm her when she barks at other dogs walking…but those three are her archenemies and she goes bonkers.

  6. HAHA I love hearing about Murphy’s silly antics 🙂 When you have a super busy day exercise-wise, do you worry you’ll burn yourself out later on in the week? Lately there have been a ton of fitness activities/events/meetups on my calendar I want to attend, but I know exercising 6 times a week (or more) is just too much for my body (this is just for me, I know everyone’s different). I know you took a rest day, but I always worry I’ll burn myself out/get injured and regret it later if I overdo things. I’d love to hear how you handle opportunities where you WANT to exercise a lot, but learn to tone it down.

  7. the most stressful part of my dog Millie’s day is waiting the approximate 2 minutes between when we get out of bed and when she is fed breakfast…the way she howls and barks and whines every morning….it’s as if she’s never been fed before.

  8. My dogs freak out when the mail man comes too! It’s really embarassing! The only thing worse than the mailman, is when the garbage man comes once a week. Poor girl can’t relax all day because the sound of the truck freaks her out so much!

  9. Our dog Pearl is most stressed when the pack of stray dogs runs by our house. This happens multiple times a day(&night). She will run from window to window, trying to get the best view, all the while, making a ton of noise when she smacks the blinds open! Normally she doesn’t bark, but the other morning she did and she made our baby cry 🙁 Luckily he was calmed down when he went back to eating.

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