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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Good morning! Happy Memorial Day!

So, the Hauperts have had quite the weekend with all sorts of highs and some serious lows. Let’s talk about the highs first since those are a lot more fun.

We celebrated Mal’s birthday!


Quinn and I woke up bright and early on Saturday morning and bought Dad all sorts of goodies to start his day off on the right foot.

IMG_2827 (800x600)

Including croissants, an iced coffee, a balloon, and presents, of course!


Mal loved his present from Quinn.



Calvin and Hobbes books! They were Mal’s favorite as a kid, so he was really happy to have some to read with Quinn.



Even though Quinn is still too young to understand them, he enjoys the pictures. And I know the two of them will have a lot of fun reading Calvin and Hobbes together over the years. Mal has such fond memories of those books.


And, of course, we made Dad his favorite kind of cake for his birthday: Funfetti!

FullSizeRender (800x800)

That night, Mal and I went to a friends’ wedding and had such a blast!

IMG_2842 (800x800)

We got all dressed up, ate some delicious food, enjoyed some drinks, and celebrated with our friends. It was a wonderful way to ring in year #33 with Mal.

IMG_2833 (600x800)

Wedding photo booth = THE BEST!

IMG_2851 (800x800)

Saturday was pretty epic, but Sunday was not. I woke up that morning to Murphy panting at the bottom of our bed. It wasn’t especially warm in our bedroom, so I was confused why he was suddenly panting. I sat up in bed to get a better look at him and, as soon as I saw his face, I could tell he was panicked and his eyes were darting back and forth. Something was definitely wrong. I woke up Mal and, shortly after that, Murphy awkwardly stumbled as he tried to jump off the bed. Once he was on the floor, he had a lot of trouble walking, so we decided to take him to the emergency room at the nearby animal hospital.

IMG_2852 (800x600)

Remember how Murphy was fighting that terrible ear infection? Well, when he went for a check-up the other day, the vet gave him a new medication that must have made things worse and/or messed up his inner ear because now he has vestibular disease. It’s kind of like vertigo for dogs. Poor pug. The vet told us it can last anywhere from 72 hours to several weeks.

IMG_2854 (600x800)

Murphy is having trouble walking and his head is tilted to the left, but he is mostly in good spirits. He still has his same healthy pug appetite and we went on a short walk yesterday afternoon (so he could do his business) and he did fairly well. This morning, he seems a bit better than yesterday, so, hopefully, he continues to improve.

IMG_2857 (800x600)

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Question of the Day

Share your highest high from the weekend! 



  1. My cat was quite elderly & had kidney disease when she had vestibular. She recovered just fine. Funny story: she always vomited in the car on the way to the vet, but never again after vestibular!

  2. Oh that poor baby πŸ™
    I hope it is only a few days and not a few weeks. I wonder if you could give him a pug massage to make sure his poor little neck doesn’t get stiff. I want to just snuggle him. At least he has super parents that immediately realized he wasn’t OK.

  3. OH no! Poor Murphy! I has a cat that was missing for several days and my dog started acting weird, then I realized he had spotted the cat in the woods behind the house. When I saw him stumbling and struggling so hard to get back home I burst into tears thinking he was going to die! Thank goodness it was just an inner ear disturbance. He got better in a few weeks, but always tilted his head to the side when you spoke to him forever after that. What a strong kitty! I am sure murphy will be better soon. Poor pug…

  4. I hope Murphy is feeling better this morning! My heart sank when I started to read it (I could only imagine how you felt seeing him like that!) but I’m glad they know the cause and he his on the mend.

    Highs this weekend were grilling (and eating!), spending time with friends and family, and working on the yard to make it look pretty. Low would be my son’s new 5:30am wake up time, we both look forward to a morning nap now!

  5. Poor Murphy! We’ve had the same issue with our pup, too. It’s so scary to see them like that!

  6. Poor Murphy πŸ™ I’m going to cry, it’s the worst when our furbabies are not feeling good. Hope he feels better asap!!

  7. My highest highs from the weekend include an epic barbecue at friends’ house, and completing Murph with a vest (I’ve never done it with a vest before)! I love/hate Murph, but do it with a smile because of what it stands for.

    I’m so sorry to hear about Murph! My first dog, Charlie, passed away recently and it was really scary and sad to see. I totally understand, I would have been panicked! Hopefully Murph’s ears get better and his poor little pug body isn’t all disoriented soon!

  8. Sorry about Murphy πŸ™
    May I ask an unrelated question about invisalign? You seem to be super social and do things like go out to eat, have drinks with friends, get iced coffees (!), etc. How do you find that affects your invisalign and how often you need to keep it in your mouth? I kind of feel like keeping them in for 22 hours is unrealistic. Even 20 hours when you have an event (like a wedding!) to go to seems like a stretch. Just curious how you balance being social and being able to eat/drink with the invisalign process because I am struggling with that right now 1 week into the trays. Thank you!

    1. I don’t wear the liners when I know I am going to be eating at a social event. It’s just awkward to remove them, ya know?

  9. Poor Murphy! I hope he’s feeling better soon. So scary when they get sick and can’t tell you what’s wrong. Same with babies!

  10. Oh no, poor Murphy! We had a trip to the doggy ER this weekend too — thankfully it was only a torn dew claw. Feel better, Murphy!

  11. my dog had the exact same thing happen to her and a trip to the chiropractor fixed her up good and better than new!!
    sounds crazy, but it 100000% works!

  12. Happy birthday, Mal! Are you and Mal the same age? Poor Murphy, I hope he feels better soon!

  13. I’m so sorry about Murphy! The same thing happened to our dog and he recovered in a few days. Our vet recommended something called bonine. You can get at Walgreens. It helped our dog. I hope Murphy is better soon!

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