The Friday 5 – March 19th


It’s time for another round of The Friday 5! FYI: Video below in case you missed it on Instagram

Today I’m sharing my favorite new hoodie, the best concealer, two healthy food finds, and a fun, lighthearted TV show – enjoy!

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1. Doublju Basic Lightweight Hoodie

I’ve been needing to get rid of some grubby stuff that I’ve been wearing around the house this past year (hello, quarantine fashion). Mal is always so fashionable and stylish, so he kindly mentioned that I should upgrade some of my WFH outfits. I was wearing old ratty clothes and slippers – it was time to upgrade a few items! This sweatshirt is not only so cozy with the fleece inside, but it’s only $25 from Amazon and comes in a ton of different colors. I like the cute details, too. Having a little something nicer to wear (even a new sweatshirt) can boost your your attitude and focus – at least it does for me! 


2. Beautycounter Skin Twin Creamy Concealer

While I really liked Beautycounter‘s previous concealer, their new formula is incredible. I am obsessed with it, and will be purchasing many more tubes of it. It works so well to cover zits and dark circles under your eyes. It goes on super smooth, the coverage is fantastic, and it even helps moisturize the skin. I’m currently wearing the shade Medium 1, but I actually think I’m more of a Medium 2 for reference. Of course, if you order from Beautycounter and it’s the wrong shade, you can swap it out, no problem! 

3. 88 Acres Seed Granola

This granola is absolutely delicious! 88 Acres sent me a few bags to try, and they were demolished in no time. The cinnamon flavor is my favorite. I’ve been mixing it with kefir for an afternoon snack – so tasty! If you’re into seed cycling for hormones, this is a great way to get in seeds. Their seed granolas are nut and gluten-free, and are chockfull of wholesome ingredients. 

4. Vital Proteins Beef Gelatin

I’ve been making healthier “jello” at home – really! I’ve been using Vital Proteins Beef Collagen to make my own gelatin snack with frozen fruit, honey, and water. It couldn’t be easier. I’ve now made a peach, blueberry and cranberry. It’s a delicious little snack after a workout, and a great way to get in protein and gut-healthy collagen.


5. Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

Mal and I have been watching this TV show at night – it’s just a fun, lighthearted, easy to watch show. Jerry Seinfeld is the host; he picks up a guest, and they and they go somewhere and get coffee and talk. The show inspired us, the Hauperts, to take our own coffee-in-cars adventures, so we’ve been getting coffee at different coffee shops in the area on the weekends as a family – it’s been so fun!

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