The Friday 5

And just like that, it’s February 1st!

Holy cow, was January the craziest month ever or what? I thought the holiday season was nuts, but January totally blew it out of the water. But, this year, unlike previous years, I was happy and not insanely stressed about it. Ok, sure, I felt overwhelmed at times, especially working at odd hours of the day (4:00 AM is honestly a nice time to work if you can get to bed at a reasonable hour), but running my own nutrition business is much more enjoyable this time around – and the hard work is finally starting to pay off! 🙂

In December and January, CNC Macro Plans + Coaching grew by 151 new clients and 21 affiliates. Incredible, right? I also hired a new coach (we’re now a team of 4) and added a few new nutrition offerings (with more to come). Needless to say, I was BUSY, but I’m so excited to continue the momentum throughout 2019 (and beyond)!

Anyway, since it’s Friday and all, I wanted to share my top 5 favorites from the week, so let’s get right to it!

Today is a good day of life – Quinn said this quote on New Year’s Day morning while eating a croissant. It made me so happy about the year ahead that I had it framed (via Etsy). It now hangs on the wall in my home office as a reminder that everyday is a good day.

Knit Lululemon Wunder Under High-Rise Tights – So, I’m a super creep and saw a woman at Goldfish wearing these tights as I watched Quinn’s swim lesson. They looked warm and cozy and like a hybrid leggings+pants that I’d wear a ton. The woman had a Lululemon bag hanging on the stroller that she was pushing, so I Googled “Lululemon knit leggings” on my phone and immediately found this pair. Success! I sent the link to Mal as an idea for Valentine’s Day, but he ended up surprising me with them over the weekend. (He was probably just excited that I cared enough about fashion to send him a link!) The tights are a little long, so I went to have them hemmed at Lululemon yesterday. I cannot wait to get them back and wear them!!

Thrive Market Organic Chicken Box – We eat a lot of chicken in our house, so I’m loving the Organic Chicken Box from Thrive Box lately. The quality is great, and it’s priced right at just $3.19/serving. Awesome, right? I also love having a stash of chicken in the freezer for whenever we need it. Did you know you can throw frozen chicken right into your instant pot?

Brandless diapers – Quinn’s been out of diapers for awhile now, but I love that Brandless is now selling them. They’re super affordable, hypoallergenic, fragrance free, certified organic, and delivered right to your house. I wish we had this option when we were in the diaper phase! We’ve placed 3 orders with Brandless now, and we’re definitely fans! The microwave steel cut oats, organic Vermont maple BBQ sauce, and salt & vinegar kettle chips are some of my favorites! 🙂

Super Bowl Macro “Game Plan” – I recently posted this image in the CNC Nutrition & Accountability group and thought it might be helpful to share it here too. I often receive questions from nutrition clients about how to track macros when you have a special occasion on your calendar. Since the Super Bowl (GO PATS!) is just days away, I wanted to share my macro “game plan” for the day.

Question of the Day

Who do you want to win the Super Bowl? 

P.S. Here’s a bonus favorite from the week: How to Overcome Mom Guilt as an Entrepreneur Parent.


  1. LOVE and need those Lulu pants! Quick Q.. are they the heathered black or luon variegated knit heathered black?? The latter looks darker on Lulu website.

    Love the frames Quinn quote as well!!

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