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Hi friends, it’s Fri-yay!

…which means it’s time for another round of The Friday 5! Today I’m sharing a couple of food favorites, the diffuser I use, a book recommendation, plus a fun show on Netflix – it’s quite the random mix up.

You can watch or read The Friday 5 below – have a fabulous weekend!

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1. Saje Diffuser

While I’m into some “hippy dippy” stuff, it’s taken me some time to get onboard with essential oils. I was blowing it off after reading people say that essential oils have cured their IBD, but I finally decided to get a diffuser (this one is Saje brand from Amazon). I’ve been diffusing relaxing essential oils in our bedroom before I go to bed at night. It makes the whole room smell like a spa – Mal likes it, too! Before bed, I sit next to the diffuser and do some deep breathing – I think it’s really been helping me fall asleep at night. You know I’m all about stress management. We’re thinking about getting a second diffuser for downstairs, as I know most conventional candles are filled with toxic fragrances that aren’t good for our health.

2. The Adrenal Thyroid Revolution

This is a really good book – I highly recommend! When I went through a stressful time earlier this year, I wasn’t sure if it was my thyroid, but the weight gain was the thing that really threw me off because I’ve been pretty much the same way for years. And when I went through that stressful phase (i.e. writing a book, coaching a ton of clients, doing FDN training, Orangetheory, etc.), I gain 10 pounds in two months. For me, that was a lot! I had my doctor test my thyroid and it was definitely out of whack. So, I grabbed this book – it’s very dense as far as information, but it’s totally manageable. If you’re going through any sort of thyroid issues, weight gain, etc. – this is a great resource!

3. Trader Joe’s Cashew Butter

Trader Joe’s cashew butter – I’m in love. Have you tried it? We have a whole cabinet of nut butters (almond, peanut, RXBar nut butter), and this is what I grab time after time. I often think I should switch things up for variety, but this is all I ever want – it’s so creamy and so good! It’s also affordable. A jar of cashew butter at Whole Foods might cost you $15, but I think this is $6.99 – not bad at all!

4. Trader Joe’s Brazilian Cheese Bread

I am so obsessed with Trader Joe’s Brazilian Cheese Bread that I had to check the status at my local TJ’s when it would be back in stock. The ingredient list is actually pretty simple, too, which is always a plus. You can put them in an air fryer or microwave, but I actually prefer the microwave. They’re soft and delicious and go really well with a glass of wine!

5. Speed Cubers

This is so random, but it’s so fun! This documentary on Netflix is all about Rubik’s Cube champions; the show follows these two guys to the World Championship, and it shares their sweet story. They are friends, but they’re also competitive with each other. One of the boys has autism and he’s used cubing to help develop his hand motor skills and brain function. Quinn watched this with us, and now is super intrigued by Rubik’s cubes – Mal & Quinn are making progress with the different patterns and algorithms. This is a great, family-friend show!



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