The Donuts I Wouldn’t Get on National Donut Day

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Good morning and happy National Donut Day!

Are you celebrating today? I sure hope so. It’s quite the delicious day!


When Mal woke up this morning, the first words out of his mouth were: “NATIONAL DONUT DAY!!!” And then, “Let’s get free donuts!” He was absolutely pumped and immediately jumped out of bed like a freak. In fact, he was so excited, he got Murphy all riled up, thinking he was coming along for the ride too. (We actually ended up leaving the pug at home because he gets SO EXCITED and barks non-stop when we order coffee at the drive-up window because he thinks he is getting a treat. A pug never forgets.)

photo 3 (900x900)

Anyway, Mal and I drove to the Dunkin’ Donuts on route 18 in Weymouth to get iced coffees and free donuts. FYI for the locals: This location actually makes all of their donuts in-house, so they’re the freshest and best-tasting around. Other Dunkin Donuts get their donuts shipped in from the Brockton location, so they’re not nearly as amazing in my opinion.

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On the drive to Dunkin’ Donuts, Mal and I started talking about what donuts we were going to get to celebrate National Donut Day. He knew immediately what he wanted (chocolate frosted), but it took me a little while to decide. I started listing off some top contenders, which Mal thought was kind of funny because, apparently, according to him, I like “old people” donut flavors, like Old Fashioned and Butternut. I felt like a boring, ol’ fuddy-duddy, so I eventually went with a chocolate frosted donut with rainbow sprinkles, which was an excellent choice and awesome way to celebrate the day.

As far as what donut I would NOT get to celebrate National Donut Day (Mal and I talked about that too), the Peep donut definitely topped my list. It was a glazed donut with magenta frosting and a Peep in the middle. It just didn’t look appetizing. Actually, pretty much any donut with bright pink or purple frosting didn’t look good to me. I’d also probably pass on the jelly- or cream-filled donuts. Obviously, I love sugar, but it’s almost like too much sugar in each bite, ya know?

photo 2 (900x900)

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Question of the Day

Did you celebrate National Donut Day today? What flavor did you pick? 

What type of donut would you NOT get?

What are your favorite Instagram accounts for workout motivation?

P.S. Just in case you don’t have a Dunkin’ Donuts near you: 6 Free Donut Deals for National Donut Day!



  1. I got the vanilla frosting with rainbow sprinkles! I was so happy I knew about it because of your 30summerdays photo challenge. I had to purchase a Box of Joe for my co-worker’s bridal shower this morning and Dunkin Donuts gave me 10 free donuts (since the box was 10 cups). I made a lot of teachers happy this morning!

  2. I celebrated. 36 weeks pregnant and haven’t had a donut in years. When it comes to flavors of anything like cakes, cookies, or ice cream, I usually don’t have a favorite. I like variety. I was feeling the chocolate frosted so I got that.

  3. I’m so bummed I missed out on National Donut Day! I laughed out loud about the “old people” flavors, bahaha 🙂 The cream filled ones are actually my favorite! Chocolate glazed with cream on the inside”¦ I haven’t had one in years, but there’s no way I would pass it up if it were free!

  4. I grabbed an iced coffee and a jelly donut for my husband 🙂 It was slim pickings by the time I made it to DD! I’m with you on the classics though, I love blueberry cake donuts! Perhaps the blueberry makes it healthier??

  5. So I had no idea is was National Donut Day and I pull into my local DD that knows me all to well ( it’s embarrassing) order my normal ice hazelnut with milk and 1 splenda and the cashier asks me what donut and I go on about not ordering one and he then tells me its free for National Donut Day. I landed up getting a Boston Crème!

  6. I feel you on the “old man” donuts! They’re just such a great accompaniment to coffee – too much sugar gets in the way. Plus Peeps gross me out 😡

  7. I’m totally an old lady because I LOVE butternut… and blueberry cake! But, I am a sucker for Boston Cream! I don’t normally eat donuts and my friend and I were talking about that today on our walk. We’d both missed out on the holiday and opted not to get a donut – we agreed that if we did partake, we would have gone to Verna’s in Cambridge. So good! They’re actually the only ones I’ll eat – I can’t remember the last time I had one from DD! I guess I’m a snob. 🙂

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