The Difference Between Dog Cookies & Toddler Cookies

Happy (belated) birthday to Murphy! Our little puglet turned 7 years old the other day and, of course, we needed to celebrate.

murphy birthday

Before he even knew the plan, Murphy was already super pumped for a “ride in the car.”


We picked up Quinn early from daycare and then drove to Hingham.


We met Dada there and then walked over to Maggie’s Dog House for Murphy’s birthday surprise.

downtown hingham main street

Remember Murphy’s Subaru adventure that was filmed at Maggie’s? If you haven’t watched this video yet, definitely check it out. It’s one of my favorite CNC projects to date. And, fun fact, Quinn was there for it too! I was nearly 3 months pregnant with him when it was filmed.

maggie's dog house

Back to our pug birthday adventures…

Q-Man was immediately drawn to the dog cookies at Maggie’s. They were so adorable and delicious-looking… even I wanted one!


I explained to Quinn that the cookies were dog cookies for Murphy, but I’m not sure he completely understood. Even still, he enjoyed selecting which cookies to buy. Donut cookie? Obviously.


Meanwhile, Murphy scoped out the other snack options in the store. Typical pug.


Once we purchased Murphy’s birthday treats, we headed home to give them to him.


At first, Quinn really liked telling Murphy to “sit” before giving him a cookie.


But when we went to feed Murphy a second cookie, Quinn really wanted to eat it himself. I tried to explain the difference between dog cookies and kid cookies, but he just didn’t get it and broke down crying huge alligator tears. Poor sweet boy. I felt so bad.


Thankfully, Grandma had given Quinn a couple of similar-looking owl sugar cookies for his pizza- and bird-themed party, so I gave him part of one to stop his tears.


All better. Grandma’s cookies save the day!


Happy birthday, Murphy!

Question of the Day

Do you celebrate your pet’s birthday? 

P.S. There’s still time to enter to win an awesome barkTHINS prize pack! I will pick a winner tomorrow, so be sure to leave a comment!


  1. Happy birthday, Murphy! Yes, I absolutely celebrate my dog’s birthday. We had a party for his first, but now we stick to special outings and cookie.

  2. Awwww life as a toddler is hard! That’s so cute! We don’t have any traditions for my pup yet she is 1.5 years now. For her first birthday I made her homemade cookies, Quinn could have eaten those but they might not have tasted very good!

  3. My cat, Janie, just turned 9 on Monday. We didn’t do a party or anything, but there was lots of cuddles and shouts of “Happy Birthday!” which kind of freaked her out. lol

    Happy Birthday, Murphy!

  4. Yes I absolutely celebrate my dog’s birthday. She is nearly 14 now and I am so happy she is still around. Usually I take her for a walk and bake her dog treats. It’s really just an excuse to spoil her as much as humanly possible and I love every minute of it.

  5. Aw poor kid! Always have extra cookies for times like these. 🙂 We didn’t celebrate our dog’s birthday, but not for lack of wanting to. Her birthday was 2 days after my husband started a new job and things were just a bit nutty. But she did get lots of extra hugs. And telling her happy birthday which I’m sure she totally understood.

  6. Happy Birthday Murphy! I love celebrating doggy birthdays! We celebrate our Pups birthday as well. One year I made dog friendly “pupcakes” and handed them out to our neighbor dogs (we lived in a condo at that time). Another year I made him a dog friendly cake and he loved that! These past two years, with a child, I haven’t been as creative and so we’ve been buying him special treats on his birthday. That dog bakery is adorable! I’d wan to eat the cookies too!

  7. My pup just turned 5 back in April and every year we celebrate with her wearing a birthday hat or crown and a birthday pup cookie or cake. This year we went to the dog park so she can run around and wear her out.
    Happy Birthday Murph!

  8. Oh my, if I was to give some sugar coated cookies to my 2 years old to give to our dog, it certainly would not get to the dog!!

    All things related, I removed all the dog toys from the house a long time ago… before my son was born, to avoid any confusion. Good thing is my dog is an old lady (she is 13 now) and she don’t care about toys anymore. I can only imagine having a puppy and a baby and the confusion that would ensue!…

  9. You’re even more out of touch than I realized! Taking your 2 year old son to a special cookie store for your dogs birthday cookies? OBVIOUSLY he doesn’t know the difference. It’s just mean. This blog is just washed up!

    1. We actually took Quinn to the (human) bakery/cafe next door to get him his own cookie, but he wasn’t interested. He was much more interested in exploring/running around the downtown area, but then changed his mind when we got home (like toddlers do)!

    2. Layla you are mean and a bully. Unfollow instead of spewing hate. Tina I hope you blicked this troll.

      1. Layla you are mean and a bully. Unfollow instead of spewing hate. Tina I hope you blockedthis troll.

  10. Poor Quinn 🙁 My little girl wouldn’t have understood either. Some things are so hard to explain to 2 year olds. Thank goodness for Grandmas though. 🙂 I don’t have a pet, but if I did I would totally celebrate it’s birthday. 🙂

  11. Those cookies look amazing. And what a great way to teach your son about sharing and thinking of others. Of course kids will want the cookie for themselves, but I am sure watching him give it to Murphy was adorable and he understands a little more about what we do on other peoples birthdays (as well as the difference between people and dogs!)

  12. Do you plan to get another canine baby to keep Murphy company as he gets older? (Or another human baby to keep Q company ? )

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