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If you’ve read here for more than a second, you know that I love iced coffee, and I love STRONG iced coffee. So I was in heaven in Israel, where they’re definitely known for their coffee culture. I basically caffeinated my way through Tel Aviv. I actually tried to ordered decaf one time, but it was lost in translation, so I rationalized that I needed to caffeine to balance out my jet-lag. 🙂

One of the best things about blogging is the recommendations that I get from you guys, and I got a ton of tips of cafes I should visit from both readers and my new Israeli friends. All of these cafes were within walking distance of Rothschild 22, the hotel where I stayed in Tel Aviv. Here are five of my favorite cafes that I tried.


Aroma is like the Starbucks of Israel — there are tons of locations all over Tel Aviv and the other cities. I quickly learned that “iced coffee” is actually more like a Frappucino and “coffee with ice” typically has milk in it. A lot of cafes have cold brew, which is the same as it is in the US. I often ordered iced Americanos (espresso + water + ice) or espresso shots over ice with a splash of milk. Aroma was actually attached to Rothschild 22, so the hotel restaurant served its coffee. It was definitely a perk of our hotel accommodations!

Aroma Coffee Tel Aviv

Da Da & Da

This was my favorite of the cafes that I visited. The iced americano that I ordered was strong and smooth — just the way I like ’em — and the staff was really friendly and helpful, especially when it came to explaining the menu, which was all in Hebrew. (FYI: Just about everyone in Tel Aviv speaks English.) I also ordered lunch one day from Da Da & Da (pictured below) and everything was fresh, flavorful, and delicious.

Da Da & Da Cafe Tel Aviv

Mae Cafe

I loved this modern cafe, which was a short walk from the hotel. I ordered an iced Americano with milk. The espresso was made from Turkish beans, so it was especially intense and dark, but more bitter than some of the other ones I tried. Mal really likes this kind of coffee, so I actually purchased a bag to take home with me. We drank it over the weekend, and, my gosh, it was amazing!

Mae Coffee Tel Aviv

Espresso Bar

This cafe was located right on Rothschild, a short walk from the hotel. It has high windows that look out onto the street as well as French tables and straw chairs — it was super cute and felt very European. I ordered an iced Americano with milk and it was quite tasty.

Espresso Bar Israel

Cafelix (Jaffa)

Not technically in Tel Aviv, but located in nearby Jaffa – and worth the trek. We rode bikes and made a pit stop for coffee. The staff was really friendly and joked around with us about all of the photos that we took. #fitnessinfluencers. I ordered a double shot of espresso over ice and it was phenomenal. It was actually so intense, I ended up adding a small splash of water to it, which I never do with espresso shots back home.

Cafelix Jaffa

Question of the Day

What criteria make a cafe one that you will visit and/or recommend to someone else? (traveling or not)?




  1. I love traveling and exploring all of the food and drinks, then bringing some home! In Italy and Paris we loved trying various coffees and learning about their beans and brew process. My favorite is a coffee that’s unique in flavor.

  2. Cafes that use local ingredients, donate to the local community and offer specials/promotions make me more likely to visit them and more likely to recommend them to others.

  3. I want ALL the coffee! I mostly drink black coffee so for me, I need some place where the black coffee can stand on its own. It’s nice to add a little non-dairy milk (for this lactose intolerant girl) as a treat, but at the end of the day, the coffee needs to stand up for itself. Then if there’s a nice atmosphere to the cafe, even better!

  4. I am ignoring the comment prompt, I just wanted to thank you for sharing about Bamba the other day! I brought them home from the Indianapolis Trader Joe’s yesterday and my two toddlers and I devoured them. It is so wonderful to have such a great sugar free snack in the rotation!

  5. That is a tough question! My husband and I used to live near Seattle for years, so there’s a Starbucks on literally every corner. But there were a ton of other great coffee places in every town we lived or visited! I’d say my main criteria is that there has to be variety. If a cafe only serves daily brew and one or two espresso drinks, it’s not worth the visit unless the coffee is AMAZING.

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