Snapshots {Friday}

pug in bed


dumbbells for fitnessglo workout

extra long pug walk

marylou's iced coffee white chocolate chip

pug playtime

granola and pineapple Chobani

depressed pug

IMG_0711 (450x600)

IMG_0712 (450x600)

IMG_0714 (450x600)

P.S. This Memorial Day weekend, Nikki’s Coconut Butter is offering 15% off all orders with the coupon code ‘sexyback‘ (in honor of Chris Kresser’s Sexy Back Summit) at checkout, including their amazing coconut butter sampler!


  1. I wish sooo very much that we had a Marylou’s in Texas! It seems like from your posts that there are lots of different local-type coffee shops in Boston. Unfortunately all we have is Starbucks!

  2. awww, love the 1st picture! My Shih Tzu sleeps in our bed too. I work close to home and am able to stop home on my break to take him out. When I get home everyday, Bosco is always STILL in bed, and always right in front of my pillow. 🙂 

  3. Would love to order nikkis coconut butter but live in Canada…..but I do have a u.s. Shipping address if anyone could help me out !!!!

  4. I love it when I see photos from my home town pop up in your blog! The Snug was a favorite place for sunday brunch when I was growing up in Hingham.

    well played with the skull :))

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