Simple Summer Sangria

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I love everything about summer, especially getting together with friends and family at outdoor parties and barbeques. I mean, who can resist good times, good friends, good food, and good drinks? There’s nothing better than an iced cold cocktail on a hot summer day. Am I right?

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When I am hosting a get-together at my home, or when I am invited to attend a barbeque or party, I love making my favorite (ridiculously simple) sangria recipe. It only requires four ingredients, so I can make it quickly before guests arrive or I can pack up all of the ingredients and easily transport them to prepare when I arrive. It’s honestly the easiest recipe ever and everyone loves it. My family and friends now request it at summer parties!

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This recipe is also one of the healthiest sangria recipes I have ever encountered. It calls for Barefoot Pinot Grigio and seltzer, so it’s light, refreshing, and relatively low in calories. It’s only sweetened with fresh berries and low-calorie grapefruit soda, so it’s not loaded with sugar and syrupy liquors like some sangria recipes. You can easily enjoy a glass (or two) without guilt!

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Simple Summer Sangria


  • 3 750 ml bottles of Barefoot Pinot Grigio
  • bottle of grapefruit soda, such as Fresca 1 2L 
  • seltzer water 1 2L  bottle
  • 1 3-pound bag of frozen mixed berries

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Quick tip: Chill wine, soda, and seltzer at least 24 hours before making the sangria, so everything is nice and cold!

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In a large container, combine wine, seltzer, and grapefruit soda.

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Then, pour in the entire bag of frozen berries. There’s no need for ice because the frozen berries will keep the sangria cold.

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Serve immediately or allow berries to pervade the sangria for a sweeter flavor.

This recipe makes approximately 16-20 servings””perfect for a summer get-together!

This post was sponsored by Barefoot Wines. The opinions expressed are all my own.



  1. Don’t you have colitis? Why do you keep drinking so much. Just as a friendly – although you probably heard it before – alcohol and colitis isn’t the smartest thing to mix

  2. Sangria is one of my favorites, but like your previous post about good and bad, I think this falls into that category. When it is done right, it’s incredible, but sometimes it’s sugary and the wine is hidden. As a wine love, I like to have that taste in there somewhere.

    The frozen berries is a good addition. I also love making it in a pitcher with a wooden spoon for a rustic look as well as picking out the marinated fruit chunks.

  3. I always use Barefoot wines for little “cocktails” like this because they’re so good and inexpensive!

  4. You know what, I make this a LOT at home and to take to the lake during the summer and it never ocurred to me that 1. it was considered Sangria and 2. to use berries ( I always just use limes!). Can’t wait to try it out with berries! mmm. It’s a good way to enjoy a cocktail without drinking too much alcohol too!

  5. Ahh, that truly does look so good, right about now! I’m a big fan of Barefoot wines, I think they are of such high quality, plus they are available in so many great flavors, like my favorite – Moscato!

  6. Totally unrelated, but have you ever heard of grass fed in JP? It’s amazing. Alcoholic milkshakes — need I say more? Sounds like a place you and Mal should check out sometime.

  7. the way I make mine is a bottle of red wine, I just ask the person at the liquor store for one used for sangria. 3 each lemon, limes and oranges, I juice half and slice the rest. a few shots of brandy about a cup of ginger ale, club soda, or lemon-lime soda, if you make it the night before the flavors mend and it taste like fruit punch I love it.

  8. I love sangria and this recipe is so much easier than what I’ve been doing! And I love that you used the word “pervade”!

  9. I bet you could use Polar pink grapefruit seltzer and save the calories and the sugar. It’s my favorite summer drink this year.

  10. This is almost exactly the sangria I have been making myself all summer except I don’t use the soda. I use a flavored seltzer water instead. Either mandarin orange or raspberry lime. Giant has a ton of flavored seltzer waters. I use barefoot or naked grape for wine. Both have good taste I think and very budget friendly. 🙂

  11. I made this recipe for a get together I had Saturday night, everyone loved it! Even my husband who usually only drinks beer gave it the thumbs up, thanks for the recipe 🙂

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