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Alternate post title: “Secret Physique Hingham, Murphy Likes Cupcakes & My WODs Are In A CrossFit Magazine,” but I thought it was ridiculously too long.

After breakfast yesterday morning, I headed to Secret Physique in Hingham to take my friend Chrissy’s class. She texted me on Tuesday night to see if I wanted to go since her husband was also taking the class. We’ve been trying to get together for a few weeks now, so it was the perfect opportunity to catch up and get my sweat on at the same time.

Secret Physique Hingham

I took my first Secret Physique class back in May at the Pembroke location, but since then Secret Physique has opened a closer location for me in Hingham, so I was excited to check it out. FYI: There’s childcare in the mornings at the Hingham location for the moms out there!

Secret Physique Hingham Lobby

The studio was beautiful!

Secret Physique Hingham 1

Secret Physique Hingham Studio

The class I took was called “Barre Works 3,” which is a more intense cardio version of the Barre Works classes. It combines cardio (lots of plyometrics) and barre work, so it was like a barre bootcamp, which was right up my alley. I was huffing and puffing, my quads and butt burned, and I was a sweaty mess by the end””all the makings of an awesome fitness class! Thanks for the invite, Chrissy!

Secret Physique Hingham Chrissy and Tina


After class, I hit up Whole Foods for a few groceries and then stopped by the salad/hot bar for lunch.


While I was eating my lunch, a very special package arrived for Murphy. It was his (smaller) therapy dog vest!


And it fit! Hooray!


Murphy keeps his business cards and chapstick in the small pocket.


He’s so damn cute.


Our visit to the senior home yesterday went really well. Murphy is definitely starting to get it and runs right up to people and lets them pat him. He’s like the pug mayor.

During one of our visits, Murphy had a little bit of cupcake. An elderly woman, who was in the middle of eating a bright pink Valentine’s Day cupcake when we arrived, was so excited to see Murphy, she didn’t wipe off her hands when she went to pat him. Murphy, being the food whore that he is, took full advantage of this and quickly licked the crumbs and frosting off of her fingers. Of course, I immediately had a heart attack (bad behavior + the possibility of him biting her) and quickly pulled him away, but the woman absolutely loved it! She started laughing and using baby talk to speak to Murphy while she continued to pet him. Having Murphy lick her fingers made her so happy, and it was really sweet. Murphy kept licking his lips and being all pug-goofy, so, thankfully, we all had a good laugh about it.


After our visit, I came home and mashed up a couple of avocados to make some guacamole. (I added garlic, garlic powder, lime juice, salt, and pepper.) I ate the quac with wasabi rice crackers from Whole Foods, which are the bomb. I’ve been buying these for a few weeks now and, as soon as I open a package, they’re gone in just a few days. (Mal loves them too!) They’re awesome with guacamole or hummus.



When Mal got home from school, I was still wearing my workout gear from the morning (I know, I’m gross), so I joined him for CrossFit. The WOD was Thrusters and (Chest-to-Bar) pull-ups, so I really wanted to go.

3 – 6 – 9 – …
C2B Pull-ups

*continue adding 3 reps after each round of thrusters and pull-ups until time runs out.
Rx: (100, 65)
*Choose a weight for your thrusters that you can easily do 10 reps with
*Scale pull-ups based on ability: pull-ups, band pull-ups, etc.

Score = total number of REPS. So let’s say you get up to round 15, and you do all 15 thrusters and then 8 pull-ups, your score will be 83.

Here’s how:
3 Thrusters + 3 Pull-ups = 6 reps
6 Thrusters + 6 Pull-ups = 12 reps
9 Thrusters + 9 Pull-ups = 18 reps
12 Thrusters + 12 Pull-ups = 24 reps
15 Thrusters + 8 Pull-ups = 23 reps


Ascending Fran ladder? Yes, I’m crazy and wanted to do it. Fran is one of my big fitness goals for 2013, so I wanted to see how I’d do.

I picked 55 pounds for the weight for the Thrusters (same as my last Fran), but I wanted to do all of the pull-ups without a band. (I did kipping pull-ups instead of Chest-to-Bar pull-ups.) It was brutal, but I ended up completing 100 reps, which is Fran + 10 reps. Of course, it’s not in the 21-15-9 rep scheme, but it definitely gave me some confidence for the next time Fran comes up at our box.

After class, I picked up an issue of SWEAT RX that was on the table in the lobby of our box.


While flipping through the magazine, I chatted with Mal and one of our coaches. I wasn’t really paying attention to the magazine until the words “Marathon Monday” caught my eye. (It is my favorite day of the year after all.)


It turns out that a bunch of my travel WODs were printed in the magazine! Pretty cool, right? I’m not psyched that the publication didn’t ask my permission or credit me, but it’s still awesome to see my WODs published in a CrossFit magazine. Hey, I guess I’m pretty good at creating travel WODs!



After CrossFit, Mal and I came home, showered, and then tried to convince the other person to cook dinner. Since I almost always cook dinner, Mal offered his services and cooked up some ground turkey with frozen veggies mixed in. I was starving and ate two servings.


After dinner, we shared a bar of Raaka dark chocolate with sea salt. Holy crap, it was awesome””one of the best dark chocolates I’ve ever tasted.


The Raaka chocolate was part of a gift basket that my friends at Whole Foods sent me to celebrate their upcoming Chocolate Fest.

Whole Foods Chocolatefest

Local folks: the Hingham Whole Foods is hosting their Chocolate Fest from 4:00 – 6:00 PM on Monday, February 11. I’m going to try to stop by!


Question of the Day

What’s your favorite kind of chocolate?

Mine is dark chocolate with sea salt or dark chocolate truffles with chocolate filling.

P.S. FlipBelt decided to extend their free shipping””just use code CNC303!


  1. Very cool that your WOD’s made it into a magazine, but so UNcool that they didn’t credit you. Just curious, are you going to contact them about it? I would be so annoyed by that. Also, the Pure Barre studio is gorgeous!

      1. @Tina:
        I would be interested to hear what they say back to you. How crappy that they have an employee who is just copying someone else’s awesome ideas!

      2. @Tina:

        That is plagiarism on their part and a BIG no no! They are obligated to print a correction and are actually lucky that you are not pursing it further.

        To bad they did not just ask you, as I am sure you would have said yes and they could have avoided this all together.

        1. @Cortney: Yes, it seems really weird for them to not contact you! It would have been a win/win–they would avoid plagiarizing, and your readers might have been more inclined to check out their magazine. I hope you get an apology. It’s especially weird they even left your workout names, which make less sense without contect. I agree they should print a correction with proper attribution.

          1. @Lauren @ Lettuce Eat Cake:

            That is an excellent point. CNC readers might have be inclined to check out the magazine, as you stated but now they have done the opposite and alienated them. I wonder if the editor of the magazine is aware that the author stole that content without crediting it? It also makes me wonder where the other WODs came from and who else has not been credited!

            And I also wonder WHY people do this sort of thing. With the accesablity that the internet provides it is so EASY to prove this sort of things. Why do people need to lie, like that.

            *steps off soapbox* sorry–I had to deal with someone lying at work this week (pretty much the same thing–taking credit for something they did not do) so the topic is on my mind

  2. hahahahah you are in good company (wearing workout gear all day). I’ve been super guilty of going to crossfit early on a Saturday morning and still haven’t showered or removed the clothes by evening……….hubby gets mad at me..and tells me i’m gross.. HAHAHHAHA

  3. I would email the director of that magazine and send them the link to your post on CNC and tell them they need to do a correction next issue and credit you!!!! that is so WRONG!

  4. Congrats on your workouts making it into the magazine. I can’t believe they didn’t credit you though – that’s insane now’a days. They should make it up to you with a writing gig. 🙂

  5. Oh geez. Please tell me they put your name somewhere?! If not, no bueno! I like that tank you’re wearing. PS – As someone who loves all the workout gear you wear, I’d love to hear where they’re from (but that’s just me)! Still jonesing over those urban gym capris you got from Moving Comfort a while back.

  6. Wow that’s so exciting that your WOD made it in! Huge accomplishment in my book! I’ve been to a barre class before and I really enjoyed it. I want to go back again when I’m home for summer break! It’s such a good toning workout.

  7. Have you tried/seen the Trader Joe’s sea salt and cracked pepper (yes!) dark chocolate? It’s kind of like the Taza stone ground chocolate but less dense and more chocoatey. I’m kind of obsessed with the whole “salt/chocolate” combo. Amazing!

  8. Way to go as you work closer to Fran! You’re my hero with your unassisted pullups. It’s funny that you mentioned pullups on the blog today because I was actually talking about this blog and all of your unassisted pullups to one of my friends at crossfit today. We’re still hoping to do a few with the lighter bands (I use the think blue or black for most of my workous now). You defintiely have inspired us!

  9. I love that Murphy licked cupcakes off a stranger’s fingers 🙂 A few weeks ago, I left a cupcake on the counter at home for my husband and my dog found a way to get up there (without me hearing!) and eat the whole thing!! Oh dogs… 😉

  10. Sorry to hear about the plagiarism…I’m sure a real bummer. I don’t know if I would be handling it as well as you.

    Soooo excited to see a barre workout on here again. I’m obsessed, glad you liked it. 🙂

  11. Very cool that your WODs are in a magazine! And those barre classes are so intense! Totally different from what our bodies are used to if we’re just going heavy with lower reps.

  12. Agree with almost everyone above. Awesome getting your WODs published, but it made me so mad that they didn’t credit you since I use your travel WODs all the time!

    And awesome about the chocolate fest basket. I go to the Seattle Chocolate Festival with my sister-in-law every year and we always walk out jittery but so happy.

  13. I would be really frustrated to see something like this published in a magazine without credit. I hope that they email you back and credit your work. It’s even worse than another blogger stealing it or something. But congrats on being in the magazine! That’s fantastic!! And I want to try a barre class. They look like they’d be great to cross train!

  14. Wow, cannot believe they did not credit you! I’d be interested to see what they say back, if they respond at all. That chocolate sounds amazing. I really love the Endangered Species Chocolate, partially because it’s delicious and partially because I am an environmentalist. I’d love to attend a chocolate fest!!

  15. Cool and bummer all at once. Surprised they didn’t at least mention you. Need several of us to write into the “letters to the editor” and ask they correct that?? LoL. I just found out that recipes are totally fair game – anyone can take your ingredients and recreate your recipe. They just can’t use your pictures or your directions for the recipe. What can you do!

  16. i laughed when i read this because i stay in my gym clothes all the time! i always assume i’m the only gross person on the planet who does that, but i’m glad to know i’m not. 🙂

  17. Really disappointed to hear that someone thinks it’s all right to use your intellectual property without crediting you… Hopefully you get a response soon. Wasabi rice crackers sound amazing! I’m of the opinion that with wasabi, if it doesn’t burn, you’re not trying hard enough. Probably just as true for workouts, now that I think of it!

  18. Wow, let us know if they print a correction/retraction! One of my biggest pet peeves (and biggest issues with some blogs) is the constant re-printing of other people’s ideas without credit. Honestly, I think there is too much re-printing as is, even with credit given (why don’t people just link to the source? I guess because they wouldn’t have any content left….) But I agree, I’m more surprised to see it happening with a magazine!

  19. I am glad so many other readers are outraged by the lack of credit you got for the WODs in the magazine… especially after how much you endorse CrossFit (as a CrossFitter). It would actually serve them well to send people over to your blog because you do a great job talking about the sport/culture/etc. But… bottom line, you definitely deserve the citation and I hope they remedy the error!

  20. I went to Whole Foods during lunch & couldn’t find the Raaka chocolate bar you mentioned. Darn! But I did try the Chocolove Almonds & Sea Salt in Dark Chocolate (55%) and it was really good! I recommend it! (Even though the Cocoa Content is not super high, but that makes it a bit less bitter).

    I also bought the stuff I needed to make your Gluten-Free Apple Crisp with Vanilla Coconut Cream. Excited to try it. Thanks for sharing your recipe, as always 🙂

  21. I’ve always wanted to try barre but haven’t yet gotten around to going to a class. Sounds like you got a lot out of your class. My favorite type of chocolate (if it is a type) is European chocolate. I think it’s so much tastier than American chocolate.

  22. Murphy is so dang cute in that little vest!! How do you like the barre studio classes? That chocolate sounds pretty dang good! I just got a bad craving reading this post!

  23. Pretty disrespectful and down right disgusting an organization like Crossfit/Reebok would do that to someone giving them free advertising in their personal blog…beyond not cool…

  24. LOVE dark chocolate with sea salt. I enjoy Lindt Excellence A Touch of Sea Salt Dark Chocolate. After seeing that your Whole Foods is having a chocolate fest, I immediately went online to see if mine is (sadly, no). Oh well. And, I am so guilty of staying in my gym clothes long after I’ve worked out. 🙂

  25. I just love that you are taking Murphy to a senior home for the residents to enjoy. That is just such a nice thing to do. They get so lonely and I’m sure the time you take to do that is just making their day!
    Do you know when you start talking about your Cross-Fit workouts it’s like you are speaking a foreign language?? LOL!

  26. I’m going to answer all chocolate, because I honestly don’t favor one over the other. Cover it in peanut butter and that would be my favorite chocolate combo EVER. Stay warm during the snow storm. It’s definitely on its way.

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