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Yesterday, I attended the ZQUICK Launch Event at the Classic Car Club Manhattan in New York City. I was invited on behalf of Reebok and Fitfluential, who covered the cost of my travel to and from the event.

IMG_6837 (700x525)

Before the event started, we had about an hour to mix and mingle and enjoy some snacks and fresh juice. And, of course, I was all about the juice!

IMG_6832 (700x525)

Around 10:00, everyone gathered to learn all about ZQUICK and its unique technology.

IMG_6844 (700x525)

ZQUICK features technology inspired by high-performance, Z-rated tires. I didn’t know this until yesterday, but tires have speed ratings, which are rated from A-Z with Z being the highest performance.

IMG_6834 (700x516)

Here’s Reebok‘s Head of Advanced Innovation (and former NASA engineer), Bill McInnis, talking more about the inspiration for the ZQUICK technology:

Cool, right? These shoes will make you UNNATURALLY QUICK!

IMG_6835 (700x525)

After that, we watched Johny Hendricks, MMA top welterweight contender, Aly Raisman, gold medal-winning gymnast, and Jamie Chung, action star, test out the ZQUICK on a number of different obstacles.

IMG_6847 (700x525)

IMG_6882 (700x525)

The obstacle course activities tested things like raw speed, turning on a dime, agility, and street handling on a surface that was purposely a little slick.

IMG_6877 (525x700)

IMG_6854 (700x525)

IMG_6858 (700x525)

IMG_6859 (700x525)

IMG_6865 (700x525)

And then it was time for each of us to put the shoes to the test!

IMG_6889 (700x525)

Go, pregnant lady, go!

IMG_6873 (700x525)

I really enjoyed getting a feel for the ZQUICK and trying it out in so many different facets. They definitely move well, and I could see them becoming my go-to shoe for when I travel. I never know what shoe to pack with me, so this one would be perfect as an all-around sneaker. Obviously, I could wear them for running, but they’d also be great for walking, hiking, or even a CrossFit-style workout. Additionally, the ZQUICK is super comfy. I wore them home from the event last night, so I did a good amount of walking in them, and I really liked how they felt on my feet””stable, especially in the heel, but light and flexible.

IMG_6874 (700x525)

During the event, Julie actually had the chance to race Aly. How cool is that?! It’s not like you have the opportunity to compete against an Olympic champion everyday!

IMG_6880 (700x525)

As you can see, Aly is wicked fast. But, Julie did come in second place!

IMG_6881 (700x525)

Speaking of Aly, I had the opportunity to chat with her for quite awhile after the event. If you don’t know who she is, she was captain of the gold medal-winning US women’s gymnastics team at the Olympics in the summer of 2012. She also individually won a gold medal on the floor and a bronze medal on the balance beam. And Aly appeared on Dancing with the Stars last year!


Here are some fun tidbits that I learned about Aly yesterday:

  • Her workout regimen: Most days of the week, she trains twice a day (8:30 – 11:00 am + 5:00 – 9:00 pm). Her morning workout is usually more focused on cardio-endurance with tumbling and CrossFit-style exercises, like plyometrics and box jumps. In the evening, she typically works more on skills and specific events. (Beam and floor are her favorites.) On Sundays, Aly likes to run, which she says helps her relax.
  • Her diet: Aly said she eats “really healthy,” and her meals are a balance of protein, vegetables, and fruit. She also loves dessert and will typically have a couple of bites of dark chocolate or froyo on occasion.
  • Her experience on Dancing With the Stars: She said Dancing With the Stars was a ton of fun, but a lot of hard work. They’d practice for 7-10 hours each day!
  • Her free time: Aly doesn’t have much free time nowadays. She’s taking classes at Babson, so when she’s not working out, she’s in class or doing homework.

Before I knew it, the event was over. Everyone was saying goodbye and packing up for the day. The ZQUICK launch event was a ton of fun and totally flew by. I’m so glad that I had the opportunity to attend. Thank you, Reebok and Fitfluential!

IMG_6871 (548x700)

The ZQUICK are awesome, and I would love for you to try them for yourself, so here’s your chance to win a pair! One lucky reader will win a pair in the color of their choice!


To enter: Click over to Reebok, check out the ZQUICK, and leave a comment on this post about why you’d love to try out these sneakers. I’ll randomly pick a winner on Monday.

Good luck!



  1. Reebok has been stepping up their shoe game lately. I wear the Nano 3.0’s for Crossfit, but this looks like an incredible shoe for running and wearing out & about. They look super stylish and the technology sounds top notch.

  2. I WOULD LOVE A PAIR! I do Crossfit WOD’s and then my own regimen daily! My free runs have a hole in the toe 🙁 aspiring fitness trainer studying with NASM right now! Also, my cutting season started yesterday, so my cardio is being bumped up! LOVE the new commercial.

  3. I’d like to try the ZQUICK shoes because of both what you and the website say about it being stable while allowing for quick moves- that sounds great because I need to work on my balance, so these can help in the mean time.

  4. I’ve been looking for a new shoe or shoes so that I can complete different activities, the versatility of these looks like I will only need one!

  5. These shoes look very similar to my beloved Nike Free 2s… I’d love to try out the Reebok version! As well as how they are good for everything from WODs to running to walking around!

  6. I love reeboks real flex sneakers and would love to give these a shot for my cross training and strength training workouts.

  7. I would love to try a pair. I am in desperate need of a new pair of shoes and have recently started doing more cross training vs. just running!

  8. I love trying new shoes & the new Zquick sound like they would be awesome for speed work days. And they look super cool too!

  9. I’ve never bought a real pair of running shoes because I didn’t think they were worth it…I’m pretty sure I couldn’t be more wrong. I’d love to have a pair of these and support my feet properly!

  10. I would love a new pair of shoes to train in! Especially for a upcoming trek up mt. Kilimanjaro! Extra motivation!

  11. Well the sole of my last pair of sneakers actually wore off, so I’d love a new pair of good sneakers! The extra traction would be great for Crossfit workouts – we usually run around the block at our gym, and it’s not a smooth surface, so I think the traction would be really helpful!

  12. I would love to try the new Reeboks. I have had more trouble finding good comfortable shoes every since I injured myself a few years ago. I had surgery for a torn tendon, and now most shoes just aren’t comfortable. These look flexible and cushy.

  13. I’ve never tried a Reebok shoe, but I’ve been dying to! This shoe seems like a great fit as well because I do all types of working out – running, weights, cross, etc.

  14. I’ve worn Brooks running shoes for awhile now…I’m really interested in trying out a pair of the lighter weight/less structured shoes!

  15. My brother and I are training for the Warrior Dash in here southern Maryland in May and I want to run my first 10K in April so I’m looking to change up my workouts and do some speed work outside, and these shoes look like they’d really help with that.

  16. I’d love to try a pair of these sneakers, especially for my step classes and for walking our new puppy! Thanks.

  17. This came at JUST the right time! My shoes are totally on their way out, and I was looking for something that would be good for a variety of workouts. Also love the orange/coral color!

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