What Quinn’s Loving Lately

Happy Halloween, friends!

The Hauperts are so excited for today! Quinn went to school dressed as Gekko (from PJ Masks), and we’re having friends over to our house tonight for a little pre-game party before heading out to trick-or-treat around the neighborhood. Mal and I are joining Quinn with the PJ Masks theme (yes, we’re totally that family), so we’ll be Catboy and Owlette. I seriously can’t wait for a fun-filled evening with family and friends! What do you guys have planned for tonight?

Monday’s Quinn and Mumma day was busy, and I don’t think we stopped moving the entire day. By the time Mal got home, Quinn and I were exhausted! Haha!

We started our day with the usual trip to the gym – I worked out while Quinn played with the kids in the childcare room.

After CrossFit, I snacked on a pumpkin spice RXBAR (sooooo good). It was the perfect combo of protein + carbs for after a workout! 🙂

Then, we headed straight to Goldfish for their open swim. The pool is 90 (!!) degrees, so it was quite lovely swimming around and playing together. Quinn and I stay right up until the end of open swim, quickly rinsed off, and then took a few minutes to blow dry our hair. Quinn really loves the hairdryers and totally looks forward to it after swimming!

Open swim ended at 11:00 AM, so we still had some time to kill before lunch and nap time, so I asked Quinn what he wanted to do. His (enthusiastic) response: ARCADE!! So that’s what we did! 🙂

After a busy morning, we came home from lunch. I whipped up a broccoli and cheese spaghetti squash bake (similar to this recipe, but made without salad and with broccoli).

While Quinn and I ate lunch together, he told me that he really liked swimming with me and going to the arcade. He also added that he “loves going to Target,” which made me laugh out loud. I mean, don’t we ALL love going to Target? After his comment about Target, I asked him what else he loves to do. His answers were so cute, I just had to share them!

What Quinn’s loving lately (in this order):

And “that’s it.”

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Question of the Day

What’s your/your kids costume for Halloween?


  1. His headrest needs to come up. His straps should be coming from above his shoulders and he should have at least one inch of the headrest above his head.

  2. Really love to see these blogs lately with you and your sweet boy! They’re so relaxed and fun 🙂 It used to be exhausting to read what you did in a day running all your businesses; can’t imagine what it was like for you trying to do it all. Cheers for finding a bit of balance. <3

  3. Happy Halloween! Have a fun night!

    I love reading these posts about you & Quinn…. reminds me of when my kids were that age. Enjoy this special time 🙂

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