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I’m the owner of Carrots ‘N’ Cake as well as a Certified Nutrition Coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P). I use macros and functional nutrition to help women find balance within their diets while achieving their body composition goals.


An in-depth, 4-week reverse dieting course for women who feel like their metabolism has slowed down, think they might have hormonal imbalance and can’t lose weight no matter what they do.

Good morning!

I am so, so, so excited to partner with thredUP on this blog post! thredUP is a service that we’ve used non-stop for years now to both buy and sell women’s and kids’ secondhand clothing. thredUP is basically a well-organized online consignment store with all sorts of top brands– from J.Crew to Splendid to Vineyard Vines– at up to 90% off the original retail price. We seriously LOVE IT and rave about it all the time to family, friends, and, of course, you guys on CNC so many times over the years.


thredUP finds pictured above: Sweatshirt – Crewcuts //pants – The Gap //shoes – Crocs 

What I love most about thredUP, especially for a toddler who outgrows clothes so quickly, is that it makes shopping for high-quality brands totally affordable. I actually find that thredUP is more affordable than a number of cheaper brands that I occasionally shop. And thredUP is always offering special discount codes (sent weekly right to your phone) and sales to save even more money. In fact, first time shoppers can save get 40% off their entire order with code CNC40 (discount up to $50)! The code expires on 6/30/16, so be sure to hop on it. Just click here for details!


thredUP finds pictured above: Polo – Crewcuts // pants – Gymboree 

thredUP is also great for once-a-year or specialty items, like winter gear, bathing suits, or holiday-inspired apparel. I recently stumbled upon the t-shirt below and just had to buy it for Quinn.


His Papi is a proud Harvard alumni, so we thought he’d get a kicked out of the shirt. We actually turned the photo below into a birthday present for him. Thanks, thredUP, for the inspiration! 🙂


thredUP finds pictured above: Shorts – Gymboree // shoes – Crocs

We also love thredUP for its convenience. They have a ton of merchandise, but it’s so easy to find what you’re looking for with their helpful filters (i.e. size, sleeve length, brand, color). It’s so much easier than digging through racks at a resale shop or bargain chain. And your items are delivered right to your front door, which is way less stressful than shopping with an active/maniac toddler.

When you place an order with thredUP, you’ll receive an adorable polka dot box on your door stop.


After that, you’ll get to experience the “unboxing,” which is actually a lot of fun.


Inside, your finds will be hand-folded with cute thredUP tags, wrapped in nice tissue paper, and all held together with a cute sticker.


Clearly, everyone was excited to see what was inside the polka dot box! (Murphy thinks everything is for him.)


The majority of shopping that I do on thredUP is clothing for Quinn.


But I’ll sometimes buy a couple of wardrobe staples for myself. This order included a few new summer essentials: cotton t-shirts, shorts, white jeans, and a couple of workout tops (because I just can’t help myself).


Quinn really liked the white v-neck that I picked out from J.Crew.


And he wanted me to try it on immediately.


But then he thought it looked better on Murphy.


I ended up keeping the white v-neck as well as a pair of navy shorts from J.Crew and a workout top from Sweaty Betty that was 77% off retail price (originally $125) and practically new!


The return process at thredUP is also super easy and convenient. You just go online to your account, select which items you want to return, and thredUP provides a (free) shipping label for you. Then, just pack up what you don’t want in the polka dot box that you originally received and leave it on your front door step. Simple as that!


And, finally, you can SELL clothing on thredUP. And I swear they couldn’t make it any easier. Simply order a thredUP Clean Out Bag, fill it with the items you no longer want (consult the website to see what brands they take), and then place the bag on front of your front door for pick-up. It literally could not be easier to get rid of the things you no longer want in a responsible way.


As you know, buying secondhand is better for the planet. By the end of 2015, thredUP had already “up-cycled” 14,009,055 items. And every Clean Out Bag sent to thredUP keeps 206lbs of CO2 from entering the atmosphere, saves 17,916 gallons of water, and keeps 24 items out of landfills. Very cool.

Question of the Day

Have you ever used thredUP? How often do you buy/sell secondhand items? 




  1. I think you have convinced me to try thredUP! I have heard a lot of people talk about it but I was a bit nervous to try. I wasn’t sure about the quality of the products. But it seems like they carry great brands. Also I love how Quinn wanted you to try on that T shirt then decided it suited Murphy better. Pretty cute.

  2. I love love love thredup! I am actually wearing a “new” dress from them today. Their returns are super easy.

  3. I love the idea of second hand shopping, especially for my 2 year, but I really don’t think the kids clothes are priced all that well on Thread Up! They are about the same price as anything I can get new from Old Navy or Gap Kids and WAY more than a consignment store. I was bummed because it’s such a great idea!

    I have also sent in a bag of my clothes as well and was disappointed. They accepted one shirt for .70! Oh well! At least I got rid of the stuff! Anyone want the .70 in my account?

    1. Really? A lot of their shirts are less than $5 and shorts/pants are less than $10 and the really nice name brand stuff (J.Crew, Tea, etc.) is WAY cheaper. I got Quinn some brand new UGG boots last winter for like $20. Plus, thredUP offers frequent coupon codes and free shipping. I dunno, I think it’s an awesome service/deal and SO MUCH easier than trying to shop with a (maniac) toddler! Haha!

    2. @Jessica: Same here – I’ve had some issues with ThredUP when trying to consign. Less than a dollar for Banana Republic and J Crew tops. I once sent in a brand new, never used $300 Kate Spade bag only to get $12 for it and had to work to get it adjusted. Plus, their shipping prices ($5.99) are on the high side and takes 7-10 days to get to you. It is such a cool concept and want to see it work for everyone!

  4. I guess I am super cheap- $10 is my absolute max on brand new pants/jeans, so ThreadUp is in my price range, but barely. And my guy is rough on clothes, so we go through a ton of tshirts, etc.

    And shoes are the one thing I can do 2nd hand…their little feet are still forming, so I worry about the shape of the prior wearer!

    But it sounds like it works for you!

  5. I use ThredUp often. I wish the discount could be used for repeat customers! :/

    I love how they donate clothes they don’t buy for you.

  6. I tried them out — and the prices they sometimes (in my experience) give when buying some items is super low (I’m talking less than $2.00). I could get way more money by selling it at a local consignment place. If they don’t want the items, they either then give it to a third party or recycle (not sure of details) so great that it isn’t going into landfill — but I don’t usually toss my clothes in trash unless stained etc. But some might just chuck it. Eeek.

    If you want the things back you have to pay them a flat rate to get it back — which I don’t do since I don’t want to spend money on things I want to gt rid of. (I could see this perhaps making sense if you have expensive items trying to sell, and you don’t want/or can’t go the other routes to sell).

    And personally, sometimes like to give to some of my fav charities some items that I’m not able to sell (or just want to donate), rather than having someone else donate it/recycle it, because I know the stuff I give to a local place is most likely going right to people that need it.

    I’m going to get just a few dollars or even pennies for an item, not sure if worth it.

    But I would say if someone doesn’t live near consignment shops and doesn’t want to try to sell the items themselves (at a garage sale, or online etc) they it could be super convenient. Or simply wants to clean out the closet pronto, then could be good. Plus, super easy — just mail the bag back.

    Perhaps better for kids clothes. Really cute clothes you got on your really cute kid. :

    1. @Betsy

      I should proofread …… what I meant to say (not sure if clear) is that when I sold things to them, I got so little for some items. Sometimes a few dollars or less. I know for some items I would have gotten much more at my local consign places. So, I probably won’t sell again to them but maybe for items that are lesser brand names than my local places will take.

      IMO, if I’m going to get just a few dollars for some items, I would just rather donate to a fav charity. And, then some items they weren’t interested in and you get nothing for, and they donate. Plus resources being used… shipping, packing, etc .. so I might want to stick to my local places. And, I have lots in my area to choose from. And, I could donate to places that mean something to me.

      If you have buckets of stuff, just want to get it out of house, and don’t want to/or have other options, could be worth it, but for selling, not a great fit for me.

  7. Ok, totally not trying to be a negative nelly here, but can I just say I really hate the new layout! lol So much so I find myself avoiding your blog even though it’s my favorite to read. I loved the layout of the old blog posts. This new way you have it is so reader Unfriendly!

    1. I’m so sorry you don’t like it. You’re actually the first person to say it’s not user-friendly. Most of the feedback has been really positive. What don’t you like about it?

      1. @Tina: I liked when I was able to come and just read the newest post right away instead of having to click on the pictures to read it. When I miss a couple days in a row I find it difficult for some reason to have to click in then back then into a new one etc. I’m sure it’s just a preference thing. I LOVE your content though and have followed you since I found you 2 years ago! <3

    2. @Becca:
      Unfortunately, I have to agree. The layout makes it difficult to find all the recent posts, I don’t like the popular asking me to sign up for email alerts and I REALLY miss the next post/previous post buttons at the bottom of posts. I’ll still read here, but it’s definitely not nearly as user friendly.

      1. The next and previous links are still at the bottom of the posts and the recent posts are in the same place too. I actually think they’re easier to find this way! 🙂

      2. I agree. Love your blog but I’m having such a problem with ad pop ups. Really makes it difficult to read.

  8. You bloggers make like look so pretty!!! I like the new layout but for some reason have had difficulty commenting. Pretty sure I am the only one though. I will see if this one goes through!

  9. I buy secondhand ALOT. I have used thredUP and still shop it occasionally, but I prefer my local thrift and consignment stores because I am able to try things on, I don’t have to pay for shipping, and my local consignment store takes and sells more of my things. The first time I sent a huge bag to thredUP for consignment, they accepted only a couple of items. I learned to go online and see what brands they actually accept, so I have had better luck in subsequent tries, but I still do better locally, and it’s more convenient for me.

  10. Can’t wait to try this out! I hate keeping clothes in my closet that I don’t just love. It seems selfish when someone else could be enjoying it, instead. Plus, I only have so much room in the closet. Priorities…

  11. This company is a TOTAL rip off in the consignment department. They pay pennies on the dollar for new designer clothing and shoes. I don’t know how they stay in business. I was issued a $20 payment and they will not pay me. Please do not get suckered in as I did. Will be contacting the BBB.

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